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  1. woah....awesome. I always wondered this, why do they always start off with like a million lines mapping out the characters? I'm not an artist and really don't understand the process of it. Sorry if its a noobish question, but I always wondered that....And by the way thanks for that.
  2. Very nice review! And thanks for posting that website, I never heard of it before. It's about time someone saw how freaking great this game is!!
  3. I am going to have to try that on hard. That didn't happen to me at all on normal. Pretty awesome find though.
  4. Oh ok, thanks!!!!! I really apprecate the help!!!! Time to play some ghost recon!
  5. I believe that it's level 3 that I'm playing. It's where you need to take VIP 2 to the U.S safe place. I don't know how to spell it. The building blows up when you get there....that should help on what level im on. Anyway, am I suppost to start will a rocket launcher when the level starts? I know the rocket luncher is from the last level. I was suppost to get my old gun when I was done blowing up all the tanks? I didn't start playing level 3, so I don't know if you can get an assult rilfe back. I was just wondering, cuz when I walked out of the tank I saw I still had my rocket luncher. Any help I thank you for.
  6. Yea that would be awesome if you could make vids of the other missions. And very nice traing vid you have now, I can't wait til you release the mission vids.
  7. Basically what the topic says. I suck at ghost recon so yea....
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