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  1. I hope that ubisoft Shanghai NEVER MAKES ANOTHER GHOST RECON GAME AGAIN!! This is the worst waste of $50 i have ever spent....im gonna trade this peice of crap in while i can still get most of my money back. Whats the point of making a game on the last gen consoles if yoiur not gonna try hard on it? Only two multiplayer types? The manual names like 12 different types but theres only two.....I didnt think Tom Clancy would let his brand sink so low....but then again he probably doesnt have a say in how good the games are....o well. Guess im waiting for the PC version, hope fully thats better....if its not ill get a 360...once i get the money
  2. But still, it needs more than 2 multiplayer types, some people dont have enough money to buy a 360, and/or cant find one.
  3. I just bought GRAW for my xbox. I called 3 of my friends over to play some multiplayer, how come theres only Sharp Shooter and Last Man Standing? And you cant do 3 or 4 player co-op? you can on the 360. if you cant unlock more multiplayer types then once i beat single player im trading it in....im very dissapointed at this game.
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