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  1. Me too! I am really excited, becuase even though I own consoles, I play this type of game with keyboard and mouse. I wouldn't purchase it on the console for $1
  2. Great list! I am looking forward to the game on PC!
  3. Unbelievably, it has been moved up. The release is now set for 2/24 in North America. It was listed for 3/3 along with the PC version of Hawx. Now Hawx PC has been delayed a couple of weeks (3/17 now). That is probably better anyway as I was cringing at spending $100 on games oin the same day
  4. How do you install this? Just create a sub-folder in the mods directory and extract it there?
  5. FYI-The Rainbow 6 Vegas patch is available on 3dgamers.com
  6. Can anyone who has the full version and the PhysX card tell me how the game looks with it? Also, how do you access "Ageia Island"? Is it a seperate option off the main menu? Thanks! [Merged with existing thread - Please check before posting]
  7. I looked up the contact for the Ubisoft US office, and sent this e-mail: Hi Jamie, I am a forty year old man who has been a loyal Ubisoft supporter for many years. I have several gaming systems, and I have purchased (and registered) many Ubisoft products each year. I especially have liked the first-person shooters that you have put out. I am very excited about the upcoming release of GRAW2 for the PC. However, I am appalled to learn on the ghostrecon.net site that your company has cut-off communication between the Developer of GRAW2 (GRIN) and the fans. One of the best things about GRAW 1 and 2 was to see how the people at GRIN listened and provided feedback to the fans of the game. Maybe Ubisoft just doesn’t care about PC users anymore, but I tell you that I will never purchase a 1st person shooter for my other gaming systems (I rely on the mouse and keyboard). Hopefully someone at your company can reverse this unbelievably dumb (and pr nightmare) decision, or I will start having second thoughts about purchasing any future Ubisoft program. Thanks for your consideration.
  8. Planet Physx has some video of Ageia Island in action...it is amazing! http://www.planetphysx.com/weblog/ [Merged into the existing thread]
  9. GRAW is my favorite game, and the videos that came out last year comparing explosions with and without the Physx card really looked neat. When I found that the card was $300, there was no way I would spend the money. However, I found that the BFG card was down to $150 so I purchased one last week. I can say that it adds some neat effects to GRAW 1, and I am really looking forward to see it in action next week with GRAW 2.
  10. The UBI site for the UK has an available date of 6/28 Nice to see something official! http://shop.ubi.com/Prod_ExtDesc.asp?catalogid=561&id=21
  11. Quake Wars is out June 5.... I know it is a totally different kind of game than GRAW, but the destructible environment looks neat.
  12. EB Games moved the release date from June 5 to June 26th.... With the beta going on, I had hoped we were closer to June 5th..... Well, I guess I will pick-up Quake War on June 5th and play that until GRAW comes out.
  13. Pm zjj with all the info from your e-mail from ubi. She can give you access if it's legit. Thanks!
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