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  1. It's finaly working! lol dunno what happened
  2. try that URL... ← Nope The Text loads but not the thumbnails or the screenshots.... ← Try Internet Explorer, if that doesnot help you, something is wrong with your Router.... ← Tried IE too, same problem. I actualy managed to get one screenshot in 1 hour.. kept hitting F5
  3. try that URL... ← Nope The Text loads but not the thumbnails or the screenshots....
  4. Can somebody upload them somewhere? (can't acces the site, getting DNS error everytime ) Please
  5. http://www.clubic.com/lancer-le-telecharge...trailer-pc.html
  6. I'm responsible for all sound effects - and I must say it saddens me that almost no one seems to care for the sound. Isn't the sound half the experience? Doesn't the sound have the power to make or break your view of an entire game? Nooo, let's discuss gfx cards and detail settings! Yeah, let's do that! And let's just talk about the expectations regarding the game's visuals only, yeah that's interesting. Really, yeah. 'Cause that's the only area where things can be next-gen, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, did I ruin your gfx praise party with my... slight bitterness? ← X-Fi Ram support ?
  7. Nope thats medium detail. ← I dont get it, why wont/dont you post ALL pics at Highest setting. The way I see it; the prettier, the better! Why dont you use all the tricks and sparks when you got it? ← Beacuse the high setting requires some cards not available yet. ←
  8. Yepp seems nr 1 is from an earlier build. ← Bo, Please Oh Please! can you guys make the cars rims slightly smaller? It's looks like everybody's riding on 23's down in Mexico! lol
  9. what I described was standard. With AGEIA - it is crazy ← Can't wait to play this BTW...wht time is it in Sweden? 04:20 am ? Aren'tyou supposed to sleep a lil bit Bo ? lol
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