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  1. VGA Splitters on Pricewatch You can find a whole lot of them there. And for your "looks better" question, you'll never be able to go back.
  2. It's because of the restrictions VGA puts on resolutions. The highest resolution the Xbox VGA cable is capable of supporting comes in the form of SXGA, which is what you're seeing. SXGA has a maximum resolution of 1280x1024, and you're getting 1280x968 which is standard (4:3) aspect ratio. 1280x1024 actually has the aspect ratio of 5:4, which usually is only seen on computer monitors, so 1280x968 is much more common among TVs.
  3. My monitor doesn't ahve vga slots on it rather it has a cord permanantly attached to it. Which is its vga. This then connects into the hardrive. does this mean i need a new monito or can i hook my 360 into the second vga slot on the hard drive? ← If your monitor has its cord permanently connected, you'll need to invest in a VGA splitter or a new monitor. Sorry man.
  4. The screens from this are amazing. Hopefully the game-play is as good as the visuals. And on a side note, the aiming sounds a lot like what Ubi is doing with Red Steel, doesn't it?
  5. My thoughts, feelings, and arguments exactly.
  6. Actually, that isn't a preview. It's just a little movie they made for the Director's Edition. I can't wait for this, though. The PC version was awesome, even on my crap PC with everything super-low. (Well, compared to some machines these days, anyways.)
  7. Haha. This looks like so much fun. I can't wait to blow some Zombie brains out. ... There better be lots of ammo for the shotgun lying around.
  8. I'll have to download this when I get home.
  9. I'm not aloud to say what, but new things will be happening with the HDD soon. I'll leave it up to your imagination. (Oh, and before this issue comes up, the reason that there is only 13gb free on the HD is because 5gb is used for game caching, and the other 2gb is pre-loaded content. The whole premise of the HD was to improve game performance, which is does quite dandily.)
  10. Actually, the difference between resolutions is: 640x480 - Standard TV Resolution 1280x1024 - Resolution Attainable by Using VGA Cables with Monitor Like somebody said on Xboxyde, "If you aren't playing the Xbox 360 in HD, you have no right to say anything about the graphics."
  11. This is the first week EVER that content has been released on the marketplace every single day. And not just some picture packs or themes, either. This stuff is huge. We've got something like two new demos, three new auto-updates, a huge content pack, and tons of trailers. I don't know about anybody else, but isn't that Datel XB360-PC transfer kit lookin' reeaaal sweet right about now?
  12. Awesome, and yet so true. I am, once again, with Sup on this. Once you learn the controller, you never forget it, and it is forever more your baby.
  13. Well, it isn't exactly legal, and I know that we aren't supposed to be talking about ROMs on the forums... Yeah, it exists. If you want to learn how to prevent the use of these horrible copyright infringements, just send me a PM, and I'd gladly point you in the right direction.
  14. Wow. A great discussion. I've got some catching up to do. ----- Awesome, Suli, that's a great write-up. ----- Everybody's version of perfect is different. Something as little as a gun animation not functioning in the way that the player thinks it should, may ruin it for that particular player. For example, I'm into consistency. I don't know how many of saw the Fantastic 4, but the only part I remember from the whole movie was the part that ruined it for me. There was a big fight with a dude at the end of the movie, and everyone was involved, and it showed a close-up of Jessica Alba's face. She had a cut above one of her eyes, and blood was streaking down her face. It went away from her for maybe five seconds, and then went back. And... huh? There was no cut, and no blood. That ruined the whole movie for me, and I walked out right then. So, theoretically, a perfect game for me would be one with absolute consistency. Everything is cohesive; there are no holes in the way the game world is put together. Some games come close to this, but the fact of the matter is, there will probably NEVER be a day when a game meets that criteria. A very puzzling issue, indeed. ----- And I'm with Sup on this one, guys. Our studio goes through a long, and quite tedious, process to sort out ideas. We start with the idea bank, which is as several people have already stated; the huge pile of every idea imaginable. And then we whittle it down. We start with the things that just don't make sense. Like, for example, putting a gun in (this is just for example, I'm not allowed to actually talk about what I'm working on) that with a single shot killed every single enemy in the whole level, while healing all of your allies to 1000% health and spawning a purple hippo with laser beams and an invincible sports car with the power to open wormholes and suck enemies into oblivion (heh). Although this may sound super-cool and badass on paper, in a gaming sense, it completely breaks all of the play mechanics and after a while it would just get boring. From there, we take the ideas that sound really cool, and we know wouldn't break the game, or, if an idea is so good and ingenious, take it and build a whole new play-mechanic around that idea, and set those aside for ones that we would like to see come to fruition. After we've got all of the really cool ideas together, we start to put the ones we think will be the most fun and work the best together. As more and more ideas see the light of day in a playable form, things start to become clearer as to what's possible and what just won't work. I've had ideas that I thought would be the best thing in the world, and when you put them into motion in an actual scenario, it just isn't fun, or it doesn't make any sense at all. Sure, it sucks, but not everything is going to work together. People should think about these kinds of things before shooting down developers because their idea didn't come to light. They should also think about this before they submit "OGMGFDG CRAZY AWSUM?!" ideas that they think would make the greatest game on the face of the planet. It just doesn't happen. And to be honest, I don't think it ever will. While games get better all of the time, they will continue to do just that, get better. They'll get better until games are no longer of interest, or the game industry crashes, but they will NEVER be perfect. ----- In closing, and getting back on topic, I'm going to be writing up a whole big article just for you guys that answers the questions asked by Colin in the first place. Well, at least from my standpoint. Cheers! - Drew
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