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  1. A blast in the game, although Barrett attaches a premium for their name on the reciever and it's nearly impossible to get ammo in 6.8 SPC without owning a press. No thanks, I'll stick to my 5.56
  2. Too many plot holes in the campaign if you think about it. I know it's all for gameplay variety, but what nation in its right mind sends a single soldier to save the world? Th single player campaign is scripted heavily, but it's a fun ride a couple times through (which is more than I can say for a lot of console games out there). I've never played CS so I can't compare. The multiplayer is great fun with your friends. Cheaper than a night at the bar and you don't have to find a driver home (or pay legal fees for shooting up the town). It would've been nice to play the single player campaign with friends in multiplayer like [GR] and GR2. The multiplayer campaign is great, though it lacks mission quantity. That and having to haphazardly toss grenades to blow up weapons caches. The PvP stuff is about the same as every other PvP game I've played. A whole bunch of kill or be killed, lather, rinse, repeat. I say more co-op campaign goodness will keep this disc in my 360. As is, it's like playing cards with your friends. You know all 52 cards and all the games, but you play it anyway because it's fun.
  3. I think the class modifiers are a great idea. The whole shooting while moving thing needs to be equal for all classes though. I was recently in a co-op campaign game where I was a rifleman with an MP5, and as the last surviving member of the team I "ramboed" the rest of the map until I was killed. It was amazing how much I was able to kill in that amount of time. However, the modifiers for the other classes seem pretty fair. I've never felt at a disadvantage against riflemen since the bad ones run and gun and make easy targets in the open and the good ones tend to outflank or pick me off. Then again I don't play much PvP. That's just what I think of it though. It'd be nice if under server settings we could turn off specific bonuses to classes, such as the move and shoot/standing modifier. Give the riflemen something else that defines them as riflemen (although the wide variety of weapons should be enough IMO).
  4. Name: Mike Date of Birth: 6/26/80 Location: Georgia Occupation: Violin Teacher/Student Romance Status: Married Image: not lately Favorite Aspect of GR: All the toys without having to buy ammo or clean weapons Least Favorite Aspect of GR: easy access to online gaming for the masses Favorite GR Mod: so many . . . fogless makes me happy Favorite Ghost: The older soldier, major somethingorother. Haven't played classic GR in a while Favorite Kit: ol' plane jane M16 or the AK47 Favorite Aspect of GR.net: good info Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: bad info When did you first visit GR.net: about a year after the first GR was released. Other computer console games played: MOO, Civilization, Crusader No Remorse/Regret, the WC series, the Sierra quest series, Wasteland Clan membership: no thank you Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: Xbox 360, Xbox, mac mini, an outdated gaming rig. Current/Former/Future Military: Army a while back, AF reserve lately If yes, what job: Prev. Med Tech, Health Physics Tech, Bioenvironmental Engineer Tech Miscellaneous: A Pos, NKA
  5. I did manage to pick him off the last time. He shows up a little after you start engaging enemies in the building where the football is up on the roof. No boom the last time I took him. Maybe I'll just sit tight and see if it just happens next time.
  6. Second that on a second look. The horizon is a place to be looking. I do that when I'm out running. Keeps me from getting motion sick.
  7. I'd like to have the 1911 as an option. That and the Mk 23 (although you need to have big hands to operate that ######). While we're at it, how 'bout some extra weapons in general for all classes? There are plenty of weapon variants that would be a welcome addition . . . but the gunner is limited (Mk 46 please) to 3 weapons and the grenadiers are red dot handicapped in some of the more flexible weapons like the SCAR variants. But if I had to choose between more weapons and more missions, I'd go with more missions. That and maybe a way to blow up weapons caches with C4 instead of haphazardly chunking hand grenades at them.
  8. I use the cross com to figure out the depth of enemy soldiers when sending the drone out. It's hard to tell what the enemy is behind in the primary viewing area. It's neat to have the extra info.
  9. Eyes up when moving. If moving with others, cover where they aren't covering. 4 sets of eyes makes for an ideal group, but two sets is what I've ended up with on most occassions during online play.
  10. Welcome to the community! Keep your head down and don't charge into the fray like you've got an energy shield and you'll get better!
  11. I had the pleasure of engaging in team elimination with Moetzer today. Though I'm not a big fan of pvp combat, it was nice to play with someone off the forum. Some observations: Charging out to get kills first will get you killed. I followed one of these kill groups out. They didn't slow down to scan or take cover. They simply streamed across the map towards the enemy spawn area, where we were promptly cut down one by one from several directions. Moving and shooting are not your friends at long distances. There was one instance where a gunner from the opposing team was strafing across the top of a hill standing straight up buzzing away with his autorifle. He clipped me with one round but I plugged him several times. That's not to say moving and shooting aren't your friend. In more than one instance, one of our riflemen was able to kill the opposing team as the sole survivor on our team. He just kept moving around cover and kept popping the enemy. Moving is your friend. If you've been spotted, you've got better chances if you keep moving until you've found solid cover or your teammates pop the agressor. High ground is a sniper's friend. On one map, we were dominated by one or two snipers that found good high ground to camp out on. Good sniping if you ask me. Team tactics work. Bounding with individuals covering moving teammates worked very well. In more than one map, we were still alive when the last enemy was killed or time ran out. Thanks again to Moetzer for the experience!
  12. Though I'm not a fan of pvp gameplay, I thought the nation specific ranks for individuals was pretty cool. It would be nice to see other camo patterns out there.
  13. Doesn't always apply, but there are a lot of good online etiquette guidelines there. Thanks for the info!
  14. Seems a little pro-wrestler to me. I'd opt for native camoflage patterns or flags on uniforms. Then again, the ghosts are supposed to be American.
  15. I had a similar experience. I was looking at the map behind cover trying to figure out how to assault the building, and pop Carlos dies. I think my AI rocketman took him out, but who knows for sure.
  16. Sounds like you found another exciting bug! Glad you got through.
  17. Stopping power is an arbitrary term. Yeah there's a difference in velocity because of the way that the suppressor vents the gases, but that takes away from your range more than it does "stopping power." If you hit someone in an area that incapacitates them by cutting off their nervous system or making them have a massive hemmorage (center mass - think aorta, brain stem, heart, pulmonary arteries, vena cavae . . . the big vessels or by causing a wound so big that the body simply cannot compensate . . . remember that relatively small caliber rounds like 10mm can leave an exit wound that you can toss a kitten through), you've essentially stopped them. This can be achieved with any caliber round. Yes, there's definitely a typo on the M468. Minor qc issue unless they meant silenced M4. The 28 round mags support the 6.8 SPC idea. Now if you want to compare suppressed 6.8 vs 5.56 . . . well let's look at the data. First off, the 6.8 clocks in about twice the weight of the 5.56 (I think . . . dang now I have to look it up). So you're looking at a 120ish grain bullet vs. a 62 grain round. That means it's got more mass. Then you have to look at the velocities that the rounds are traveling at. Again, I can't think of how fast they're going for subsonic function, but probably proportionally slower than their non-suppressed counterparts. mass x velocity = force. I do believe the 6.8 will hit with more force, but again I don't have all the data in front of me. I cannot stress more than anything else that equipment is secondary to skill. A well trained individual with a .22 lr is a lot more deadly than some gun junkie with a 6.5 Grendel, despite the obvious balistic advantages of the latter round. Train with what you've got, and since you've got a great selection of firearms in GRAW, train with what you enjoy using!
  18. Though the question wasn't posed to me, I've got some knowledge on the subject. 7.62x51 is an evolution of the .30-06. The bullet weight varies, but most NATO rounds are at around 150 grains and match grade rounds tend to be near 168 grains. Recoil is massive compared to 5.56, 6.8, and 6.5. The trajectory is much flatter than 5.56, and reports on steel with an authoratative thump. In my experience anything under 500 meters is a target with this round and possible hits on target further out in dead calm. The 5.56x45 comes in all kinds of weights, but commonly at 55 gr (earliest NATO round), 62 gr (current mass produced for NATO), and 77 gr (for match grade rifles). The rounds are lighter, the recoil is not as great, and the trajectory isn't quite as flat as the 7.62x51. That being said, it's fairly flat out to 200 meters and soldiers train (at least when I was in) to hit targets at out to 300 meters. It's soft on the shoulder and fun to shoot, not to mention cheaper than a lot of its heavier caliber cousins. 6.8 was developed about the same time 6.5 was developed, although for different purposes. The 6.8 is built for close in fighting where a bigger wound channel is at premium. The barrett M468 (named after the M4 and the 6.8mm round . . . a bit of trivia) is the current forerunner for military contracts in this round (unless something changed recently, haven't been keeping up). Trajectory will be somewhere between the 7.62x51 and the 5.56x45 as well as recoil. It is close to impossible to get factory loaded rounds for this ammunition, and the ammo you can get is quite expensive. With infinite resources, I would go with this round for mid-close range engagements. In reality, as a private citizen, it is both cheaper and more practical to go with 5.56x45. Though you didn't ask about 6.5, you should at least know about it (and maybe wonder why it wasn't implemented). The 6.5 Grendel is a round that is often the nemesis of the 6.8 in flame wars about which round is better. This round has a very flat trajectory and is able to hit targets at longer distances with less drift and drop than its heavier cousins. There's a ton of info on it if you google it, so I'll save the space here. Enough technobabble about the rounds. It's been my experience that training trumps any type of trajectory/bullet weight/stopping power equation. I've been able to take on M4s decked out with ACOGs and light handloads with a bone stock M14 in competition because I practiced a whole lot more than folks that try to buy their speed. Shot placement > stopping power of a round. In the game I apply the same principle. Go in there with what you prefer and have fun with it. I also look forward to Serellan's response.
  19. You can direct AIs to heal each other. Just put the reticle on the wounded member and push up on the d-pad. VIPs are stupid. Thankfully the enemy AI tends to ignore the VIPs and shoot at you or your team. Just stay behind cover and pick them off slowly but surely. Keep your AI team on non-aggressive. That'll let'em live a little longer. Good luck!
  20. They've left SP cheats in for the last two games (and expansions). Maybe they're in there for GR:AW. That being said, move slow and be aware of your surroundings and you'll survive.
  21. I hear Black has some really nice weapon models I've never managed to keep my weapon up unless I was looking down the sights and that makes your arms tired. It makes CPT Mitchell's arms tired too. That's probably why you don't see his weapon
  22. I've got so far along the roof, then the tanks turn left away from the rooftop after the roadblock and I can't get any further. if you go along the rooftop further, it says you're heading away from the combat zone?? ← There's a little bridge across the buildings to the second roadblock, but I can't remember if there's a ramp off the building or if you get picked up off the roof. I'll need to load that mission up again and take a look.
  23. My brother and I have played co-op together. I've yet to experience the online community as I'm wary of another gr2/halo2 community experience. I'm not online to "kill them bitches." Maybe I'll join in with some of you folks on gr.net. I like the music for the most part. I've also been streaming off my iPod since I found out there's support for it. No iTunes songs suck, but I've got an extensive CD rip collection to balance it out. Haven't tried turning it off. The AI in single player is pretty bad. It's not quite as bad once you realize the limitations of the enemy and friendly AI. For the most part the friendly AI is helpful as long as they stay behind cover . . . which is easier typed than done. I've been meaning to try smoke in multi but tend to get distracted selecting my primary weapon. The frag grenades have been quite useful though. Less misthrows than in both previous GRs from my standpoint. (yeah I know I'm out of order by now) I like OTS because it gives a little peripheral vision. That and it shows off the nice models and fancy hats you've selected. First time we tried playing online, we had a helluva time trying to get connected. Been problem free since then. I've always been a grenadier, so I stick with that or rifleman. The MR-C is great because of the high mag capacity (for territories on infinite respawn). Otherwise I prefer the M468 and the M16 grenadier versions respectively. There could be charts and graphs and data all about stopping power, but if you shoot someone enough times they'll go down. Shoot them in the head and there's no question. Things I'd like to see are a faster way to switch rates of fire (or at least set your default preference), leave that last round in the chamber during a reload (for magazine fed weapons), bring in the wall stick/cover dynamic from the single player campaign or leaning from gr2 (trees are much more useful with leaning), and bring back the wound dynamics from [GR]. Nothing is more interesting than the gameplay dynamic resulting from a teammate with a leg wound (should we just shoot him? leave him behind?). btw, anyone that needs a grenadier for co-op mayhem you'll find me as kuosher.
  24. I'd be all for turning off autoaim if we could just hook a mouse and keyboard up to the 360.
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