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  1. Great work from all of you........but the only thing i see missing is a winter guillie suit hehe
  2. Good job Preacher, I went through a simular situation about 9 months ago. I am a medic for a local ambulance company and saw a man beating a woman in a parking lot one night, i called my dispatch to sent the police and then stopped and got out and yelled at the man to stop, well he did and thought he was gonna come and try to beat on me instead, well i'm 6'3 and about 250lbs and he was nowhere near that. After slamming him to the ground and holding him for the cops, I got chewed out and reprimanded for getting involved and told never to do it again. I told them i guess were just supposed to let someone get the crap beat out of them and then do our job and fix em up afterwards. Well I was brought up with better morals and have dedicated my life to helping others and will be dammed if I will stand there and let things like that happen to people. I told my bosses that if I ever saw it happenning again I would do the same thing and they could just fire me. In my line of work I get to see all the terrible things that people do to each other, and its pitiful. We need more people to stand up and stop the violence
  3. I also use KIS and that windows update causes a conflict and has to be deleted. After deleting mine graw ran great
  5. ya i DL it and have been having a pretty good time with it. not too bad a game, but ya it has a lot of bugs to work out. hefty DL at 1.16 gb but lucky i have a good connection and only took 35 min hehe
  6. i had the same problems after installing the new drivers for my 7900's. i uninstalled the drivers and GRAW then reinstalled the new drivers and then GRAW and the patches and everything worked great after that
  7. For any of my new settings to improve my FPS i had to install my new drivers before i reinstalled GRAW and the patches. Maybe it will help you to do that first and then install the game
  8. sry about that, resolution is at 1280x1024 all settings on high.
  9. After updating my nvidia drivers and doing a fresh install of GRAW and patches i am running 80-100 FPS and have had no crashes (YET). Am looking forward to seeing what GRIN has to offer to the game in the future dual core 4200+ 7900gt x2 2 gigs ram western dig HD 250gig x2 600 watt PS A8N32-sli MB
  11. Our clan is still playing GR1 and have a dedi server up 24/7. We still host and play our sniper wars and have quite a few peeps online playing in our server. the addy is and he also have an open TS just add :8767 to the server addy. All are welcome.
  12. I think this is a pretty cool system. It was developed by the Isralies and can be used in many configurations from pistols to m-16s to GLs. Anytime I dont have to stick my head around a corner to see what is there is a good day for me.
  13. Looking good PAPA, looking forward to trying it out soon when i get a chance. Stop on by our server or TS sometime for a chat. Keep it up bro.
  14. Ya been having the same problem here, everything is updated even after disabling the sli it still does it. Not real happy with these cards. ASUS A8N32-sli 7900GT x2 2 gb ram 250gb HD
  15. i have almost the same setup and am having the same prob. anyone got a solution
  16. i've looked and have not seen anything posted. a friend of mine uses a tracball mouse and with that he cant change weapons since he cant scroll. is there anyway to get around this problem. thanks
  17. i dont have any probs with setting something up. the company that hosts our dedi servers are having the prob. they actually bought a copy of GRAW so they could host from their dedicated servers. and they do have compatable video cards also
  18. our clans server company bought a copy of GRAW but can't seem to get it to run. when they try to fire it up they get a message saying something about the render not being set. does anyone know what might have to be done to fix this and get it running. if you can run it from home they should be able to run it from their servers. TIA
  19. i got my copy today at best buy and they had to go and get it from the back.....man it took them forever lol. and i would be there when the store opens as my store here only had 4 COPIES....well they only have three now hehe.
  20. it says the 5th on the website but i called my local store and they said they were gonna have it on the shelf on wed the 3rd
  21. I was a fence hanger until i started reading what GRIN was commenting and leaving us teasers about. It was their comments that pushed me back over to the GRAW side of the force. I WILL be getting GRAW as soon as it hits the shelves. And i will patiently wait for whatever they give us........and i dont think it will be to long b4 that happens. Thanks GRIN for sticking by
  22. alot of the guys in my clan play bf2 and we still use teamspeak, dont need all the crap of the ingame comms
  23. GRIN i hope you guys are having a well deserved rest while in MEXICO. Now after you all sober up start scouting locations for the expansions. Have a great time and cya soon
  24. I could be wrong but i thought i read with the ATI cards you can have both AA and HDR but with the NVIDIA cards you can"t
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