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  1. Where's the 87.xx drivers located at? I only see 84.43 on www.nzone.com.
  2. I paid overnight shipping but it got sent me to 2-day Fedex. ######
  3. I've already been charged or I'd cancel my preorder. I got the game because I was under the assumption that the mod tools would be coming out after the release of the game.
  4. Maybe I had the wrong impression about one thing but I thought that it was possible to be behind a car/wall and lift your gun above your head and shoot for cover fire? Last nigth in the demo, I go caught in a big firefight and I got pinned behind a car. Because the guy shooting me was on a mounted gun, he had an endless supply of ammo. I couldn't lift my head to get a good shot and my team was pinned down also.
  5. Did anybody confirm that the demo has a LAN Co-Op feature? 4 players?
  6. I figured out the Demo link on 3d gamers. GRAW Demo
  7. If you want some good suppresive fire, log into Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Your screen blurs when somebody uses suppresive fire on you. You'll duck because you can't see what's going on.
  8. I preordered through UBI with next day shipping.
  9. Give me a good SP game with 4 player Co-Op for now and I'll be happy to wait for the patch to let us have more than 4 player Co-Op and other modes of MP.
  10. Congrats GRIN! I'm looking forward to the game's release.
  11. I've got the game preordered already so any demo before the release would be grateful.
  12. My friends and I have preordered from UBISoft with their free 2 day shipping. I'm hoping that they'll change it to overnight to free. Some companies will because you preordered.
  13. My friends and I will setup a small LAN at somebody's house and play GRAW. We did the same thing with GR1 all the time.
  14. I'm not 100% on the HUD but I just wanted to make the comment that I hope that it's mod-able and if we were lucky, it could be changed using XML like a lot of MMOs are these days.
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