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  1. OK so I bought a 23" samsung hdtv with the PC hookups. My concern is the resolution which is 1366 x 768. This seems pretty poor compared to other monitors. I'm building a PC to play graw and i dont want to be surprised by the crappy resolution of the game because of my tv. Is this tv gonna cut it or should i get something like a viewsonic widescreen monitor?
  2. I bought the 360 because of GRAW. I have come to realize that no console game will ever have the depth PC games do. It makes sense from the marketing point of view. Console games have to be easy to play and have to put you in the middle of the action. They have to be arcady basically. I'm using the money I got for the 360 to build a system and play the PC version of GRAW. Does ayone else feels this way?
  3. I'm sad to admit that im bored of it myself. I bought the 360 just to play this but now i'm selling it all to get a pc to play the pc version. I shouldve known better. Not enough maps. Not enough players per game. Games don't last very long. People boosting their ranks. 3rd person view looking around corners. Running and gunning. Too many immature teens. MP doesn't look as good as SP. It feels a lot like GR2 and SS which are arcade games for teens who dont want to spend 15-30 minutes moving up a much larger map with more players, being stealthy and using cover. I love GR1, I waited years to play this game and it didn't live up to my expectations. I know the PC version will.
  4. but i still think you need to install their software which i dont think you could do on the 360
  5. straight fro the site "Set yourself free of wires and view amazing 3D gaming action through our wireless 3D glasses. Any existing game on any PC comes to life when you slip on our wireless 3D glasses. Now supporting both CRT and LCD monitors!"
  6. i have an lcd hdtv and from what i read it says you need to install certain software
  7. saw these for the PC http://www.edimensional.com/product_info.p...ate_banner_id=1 Does anyone know of any for the 360?
  8. yeah, im sticking to the scar sd. Interesting stuff regardless
  9. i remember in the old GR you always used the silenced M4 with single shot.
  10. does the fact that its supressed take away stopping power making it equal to a unsupressed 5.56?
  11. I've heard people say that they can't find certain servers on the ranked search. Does it only show you ranked rooms that are within your "TRUEskill" only?
  12. Based on your knowledge of both real life and the game, what are the tradeoffs between these 3 weapons and/or their rounds on both real life and the game? Awesome game by the way.
  13. I've had no problems filling up my room for both ranked and unranked games. Took a minute to fill it up with 16 people. Today, I haven't been able to get more than 10 after 30 minutes of waiting. Whats happening?
  14. I found this on the gamespot forums. Don't know if it's true but something is fishy about this guy being waaaaaaay ahead of everyone else. I know the Guy who is ranked first! Scruffylookin2k Mar 10, 2006, 3:19 am Bot NsANE I played with him on PD0 all the time. Anyways, I have reason to believe that he cheated to get to first. While we are friendly torwards eachother, I don't want to stand by if he is cheating. He has multiple GTs and he has been playing in locked servers with just the other gamertags. Can I contact UBisoft about this. Is boosting like that going to be considered a violation of anything. Can anything be done. I am not trying to cause problems here but I dont want to be cheated so I ask here.
  15. Can you tell me would a group of friend "hyperinflate" their rank? You could have ranked games with your friends in GR2 and SS
  16. If you check the leaderboards the guy in first place is 10 ranks above the second guy. How is he going up so fast? I rarely see anyone more than 2 levels higher than me.
  17. Wing I got your message. I also have a question for everyone. Do you guys know if theres a way to keep the ranked room open after the game instead of having to relaunch it?
  18. I'm trying to create a server where you guys can become regulars. I used to be part of XRW for those who have been playing for a long time and we had a really nice group of people. Fell free to add me to your friends list on XBL name is Moezter. I usually host at night which works best for most of the adults. I also am looking to eventually start a clan but one thing I learned from XRW is that personality and chemistry with the team is more important than actual skill.
  19. Does the trigger feel laggy to you? How is this part of the realism?
  20. I've been playing with FPV all day. Can you peek around corners and see over rocks in MP?
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