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  1. ill try the reboot when i get home to check
  2. the eye isnt supporting graw at this time. i downloaded it earlier and nothing
  3. are you supposed to restart the computer after you UNBLOCKED a program in the firewall for it to work? using the windows xp firewall
  4. is there a special way to open the remote ones? I keep getting this: http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/23/gamespygraw7pk.jpg
  5. i already added all of those to my firewall exceptions and nothing. THis is what im getting http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/23/gamespygraw7pk.jpg
  7. I even turned off my firewall and antivirus and nothing
  8. i did open them. WinXp Should ask you if you wanbt to block the path anyways
  9. im having issues also connecting to gamespy what am i supposed to do with those port numbers?
  10. Where is GRIN when you need it? I think we would like to get some answers form them. It bothers me that they never said anything about crappy FPS
  11. I got soundblaster live 24bit. Updated the drivers. Set up the setting to the kind of speakers I got an it still gets messed up. I play with it off but everytime i play i have to turn it off again because it doesn't save the settings.
  12. theres a "benchmark" button on the overclocking tab
  13. I just benchmarked my card again 3 times for reliability at 585 and 609 and got this: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y42/morey...markResults.jpg It jumped 400
  14. so in short, ram will stabilize my FPS
  15. Do I need another gig? The game runs about 37 FPS but sometimes it chockes at 27 for a couple of seconds while playing every now and then and when it saves during the game. 3.0 p4 1 gig ram and x850xt
  16. what!? Is GRIN or UBI gonna do anything to improve framerates?
  17. What do you guys think? I have a single x850xt but its not enough for this. I also have 1 gig of ram. What do you recommend?
  18. i just realized that me getting between 30 and 39 fps is pretty good with my overclocked x850xt at 585 core 609 memory 1280 x 768 res.The x1800xt isn't getting that many more FPS
  19. ok so the extra gig of ram will giveme more FPA then? You know, open the bottle neck?
  20. i thought x850xt was gonna be ok. The card is brand new. I should've gotten a x1000 gen card with 512mb. 300 is too much right now
  21. should i add another gig of ram? i have a p4 3.0 and 1 gig of ram
  22. what the hell is xml? And how do you know this will fix the problem?
  23. so my overclocking will show in the actual game then? By the way, is my overclock any good?
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