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  1. what are you talking about and what does this fix?
  2. sounds like a 9800 SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST
  3. i agree with the big mistake using GAMESPY. Quick last minute fix
  4. the lastest drivers for my soundblaster live are dated march 05. Game doesn't detect it. I hear static sometimes.
  5. stupid comment about porting the 360 version. GRIN would've never been needed if that was the intention. UBI sent them for us. I will get bored when i finish SP and theres no way for me to play MP unles theres another way to connect that is not through GAMESPY'S awful ports
  6. 420w PSU 3.0 P4 sata HD 1 gig single stick ram x850xt Soundblaster Live 24 was thinking about: extra 1 gig stick ram enable dual channel 500w psu x1800xt is my processor slow? i thought 3.0 was descent
  7. Found it here: http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewtopic.php?p=968001
  8. this started happening to me after messing with the ingame settings too much and playing with the video card overclock program. I uninstalled and reinstalled GRAW and video card application and it took care of it.
  9. this is what the network guy wrote on the report: it looks like his PC is set up ok (firewall settings, etc.). I also see his IP address making a successful connection to the GameSpy server. Note: there are reports of server unavailability on the Ubisoft message boards. If the game will not connect due to a port being blocked, we will not be able to open the port. However, most GameSpy users on campus are able to connect ok, as the application normally will try a number of ports if it can't find an initial opening. Will keep this request open a few days to see if someone posts a workaround.
  10. hey, i just talked to the network admin and he enabled the ports for me but it still doesn't work. I looked at command prompt and it does connect with gamespy but then i get disconnected for some reason and I keep getting the firewall error message. He couldn't figure out what the problem was. He said only one of the ports listed on the readme file was blocked for security reasons. But he said gamespy should have a dynamic " " that would connect to another port. So what now?
  11. Unless I move out of college and get my own internet service. Gamespy needs a bunch of ports to be opened and my school won't open them ofcourse since they breach security all over campus. I had a 360 and I played XBOX LIVE without any issues. Microsoft did their homework and figured out the the most accessible way to connect to their server. I don't know if GRIN is responsible of this or not, maybe it UBI's fault but unless they come up with a different way to connect to the servers i'm not gonna be able to play on MP. What happened to the old way of connecting to the server through direct ips? I've waited 5 years for this
  12. how do I disable share priviledges?
  13. if it was done through the all seeing eye would it work or does it still go through gamespy?
  14. Are you directly connected with internet? Or through some kind of schoolcampus (Not sure if its called like that over there) network, or anything else.. If it's not your router or firewall.. and you're directly connected with internet .. then i have no idea what could be wrong, perhaps you should try the helpdesk or support forum @ Ubi ← im on the school's network. It still doesn't make sense because I used toplay on xbox live all the time. Unless gamespy or the game require more special ports whereas xbox live uses common ones
  15. That Doesn't Solve The Firewall Issue. I Have Tried Everything. Blocking, Unblocking Th Game, Opening And Closing Ports On Readme File. Shut Down Firewall And Antivirus. Nothing Nothing What Else Am I Supposed To Do??????? [Edited as your caps lock key seems to be stuck on]
  16. Still getting firewall problem
  17. i've been messing around with different settings for the game both low and high and my frame rates are pretty much the same they drop just as much and peak just as much. Does this mean the bottle neck is the ram?
  18. i just want to do it the regular way. I don't know what else to do
  19. turned antivirus off, firewall off and still nothing man
  20. No one seems to know how to fix the firewall issue. I already unblocked the game from my windows firewall, i also opened the ports in the read me file. WHAT ELSE WHAT ELSE???
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