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  1. I just bought FEAR since I finished GRAW SP and I can't play online because the firewall error. Well guess what, I CAN play FEAR on MP. I think they have the dedi files out with their patch and what not. Is anyone familiar with the way the mp is setup for that game? Does this mean I will finally be able to play GR after dedi files are released?

    by the way, the physics and dust look much better than graw and it doesnt even require ageia physx

    i like graw's gameplay better but fear's mp seems to be able to get the job done (meaning I can actually connect to the mp server). I think i read it can alternate the port needed to connect to the server.

  2. Can someone explain if the patch is gonna help me?, Can a GRIN dude explain?

    I still haven't been able to connect to MP. I have play Battlefield 2 through gamespy without issues. Why am I still getting the firewall error?

    Will the dedicated server solve this issue or are the ports are gonna remain the same regardless?

    [Merged into existing thread - for full problem history]

  3. Ok so I bought an x1800xt from newegg a couple of weeks ago. It displayed my motherboard logo in 16 colors and shows a grey screen with artifacts for a second right before launching windows.

    I called ati and they told me it was either:

    Bad videocard memory or needed to update motherboard.

    The motherboard came out when the x850xt was still new so I could understand why it would need to be updated. I sent the card back and got a new one from newegg again. I update dmy bios and it fixed the logo problem but not the corrupted screen right before launching windows.

    I've read some reviews and posts about this. Whats causing it?

    I have P4 3.0, 1 gig ram, 500watt psy. The card is connected directly to the psu and not through motherboard molex.

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