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  1. remember im saying there was an improvement when having a high end card
  2. i personally like the blood in game like condemned where it spplatters
  3. 3.0 p4 2 sticks of 1 gig in dual channel x1800xt autodetected to max everything and I only get very very sporadic slowdowns
  4. I can't connect to play MP. Firewall error still. I read that FEAR does some kind of dynamic port usage. I don't really understand how it works but please i need a fix for this
  5. I got a 5 dollar logitech black optical mouse with 3 buttons and a wheel. Its AMAZING i dont th ink the mouse matters unless it uses a ball still or it came from a cheapo company
  6. i assume UBI wont even try to set up a tunneling device for GRAW. THey went with the easy quick fix with stupid gamespy
  7. I've been to mexico city and the roads, building and sky are not yellow. Why is it on the game? Shouldn't the ghost be wearign urban cammo rather than sand camo?
  8. I just bought FEAR since I finished GRAW SP and I can't play online because the firewall error. Well guess what, I CAN play FEAR on MP. I think they have the dedi files out with their patch and what not. Is anyone familiar with the way the mp is setup for that game? Does this mean I will finally be able to play GR after dedi files are released? by the way, the physics and dust look much better than graw and it doesnt even require ageia physx i like graw's gameplay better but fear's mp seems to be able to get the job done (meaning I can actually connect to the mp server). I think i read it can alternate the port needed to connect to the server.
  9. ive tried to like the gun but i just can't it sounds horrible, its not very accurate, lacks punch meh
  10. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y42/moreyes/ghostscope.jpg
  11. it shouldnt matter because I can play other games online. My ISP is my campus network
  12. Can someone explain if the patch is gonna help me?, Can a GRIN dude explain? I still haven't been able to connect to MP. I have play Battlefield 2 through gamespy without issues. Why am I still getting the firewall error? Will the dedicated server solve this issue or are the ports are gonna remain the same regardless? [Merged into existing thread - for full problem history]
  13. no kidding dude, im thinking about moving towards battlefield 2 since i can at least play that online with no firewall error crap
  14. will the ports needed for connection change if we do direct ip?
  15. i don't know man, I still haven't been able to connect. I finished SP and if theres not fix for this im gonna end up moving on..oh well
  16. http://www.gamespot.com/pages/gamespace/do...730&mode=latest gamespot has it... and i still get the firewall error for MP with Gamespy. Maybe there will be a fix for this soon... or not
  17. On how many people can't connect to gamespy and what type of error message they get? Whether its firewall/antivirus, password, name, or any other
  18. wow very few people are playing this game online I wonder why??? Maybe the stupid gamespy mp cuts down everyone else who bought the game. I can play any game online except this one. Your poll needs PEOPLE WHO CANT CONNECT that should show something interesting
  19. thats what i thought chilly. When I used the drivers that came with the card it ran fine
  20. because its not my firewall. i can play battlefield on gamespy servers without a probloem
  21. aspire 500w 2.03 psu, no overclocking of any kind
  22. Will i be able to play online or am i still gonna get the firewall error message???
  23. Ok so I bought an x1800xt from newegg a couple of weeks ago. It displayed my motherboard logo in 16 colors and shows a grey screen with artifacts for a second right before launching windows. I called ati and they told me it was either: Bad videocard memory or needed to update motherboard. The motherboard came out when the x850xt was still new so I could understand why it would need to be updated. I sent the card back and got a new one from newegg again. I update dmy bios and it fixed the logo problem but not the corrupted screen right before launching windows. I've read some reviews and posts about this. Whats causing it? I have P4 3.0, 1 gig ram, 500watt psy. The card is connected directly to the psu and not through motherboard molex.
  24. i still haven't picked my favorite one. I miss the loud BANGS. It's really satisfying to me. MRC sounds like electric bb gun I like bringing the sniper rifle with the m8 compact.
  25. Mine was defective. Gives me weird colors on my bios theme picture when booting plus flickering and artifacts. Called ATI and the diagnostic was faulty video card memory. Newegg loves me so they are paying for all the expenses.
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