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  1. Rumble Ladder, those were the days, hey RangerX! Practicing for nights on end, bullying the squad so they all showed up, then a nasty frag mid game and boof! Fond memories.
  2. Thanks guys! I'm getting a warm fuzzy feeling. This forum is like an old sofa. Sniper tourney it says 'team' that means I gotta try and bully some of my GR mates to stop playing Wow.
  3. Last night I resigned as GM from my World of Warcraft guild. I guess I'm going cold turkey now, it's addictive, started surfing around for something else to get all excited about and a few familiar names cropped up which led me back here after all of this time. I guess all of our predictions about GRAW (slammed at the time for being negative) were true and our awful suspicions about the fate of the PC and kids with their consoles. Damn that's so depressing, the old timers still clutching onto their PC's, well they knew a thing or two about gaming. I see I'm still a blue and the amazing Rocky is still flying the flag, also I noticed that so many of the old crew keep logging on here each day which is great. 'A recent resurgence for Ghost Recon Original', why not?, it still hasn't been beaten, now let me dig to the back of my bookshelf and find the ol' CD. I can feel the modding adrenaline starting to pump again! I'll be back! Biffa Last logged Sep 25 2006, 10:16 PM
  4. Lol I just edited that pic to stop it from stretching the window! Too late! Btw, you can't recon on that mission because the jammer has brought your drone down!
  5. During the Guardrail IX mission I was caught by a couple of tangoes ran out of ammo so I dived behind a wall and stopped to reload, only to come face to face with another tangoe crouching in the shadows behind the same wall. He basically shot me to bits as my guy casually reloaded infront of him at point blank range. Now there's a bit in this mission set which is very long (take out the aerial tower) and I wasn't best happy at dying after so much work. For what it is worth I can reload one of these (French Indian wars style), with a ramrod not taploading, on the run, through a thick wood with heavily broken ground and I'm only a weekend soldier! Mind you I have a bayonet just incase I run into another crouching tangoe! P.S. Keep it polite guys!
  6. Ok, well then let's hope this makes the list of things to fix, I think enough of us feel the same about this. Being shot isn't suppose to be something that just happens... Oh dear I think I'm dead... GRIN when we die we want to feel it!
  7. Keep posting guys this is a good point, it's taking time for us to realise what makes GR so different and what heritage GRAW should maintain. Dying in GR always came as a shock, you kind of really felt it, I'm so busy sometimes looking at the eye candy that I forget that some of the subtle stuff like this is what made the original GR rock.
  8. Thorough review, but launching with Domination as the multiplayer with it's need for multi respawns means it will be compared with Cod and BF which is unfortunate. For most players I know GR is about realism and serious squad play. Hence the AI is more of an issue than the grinding. Get them to review it again after a couple more patches and imho we've gotta be pushing the very high 90s.
  9. It's impossible to stop cheaters. The only thing that works an honour system, i.e. Clan/Guild leaders take responsibility for their membership and sign a non-cheating charter. This worked well for about 50 of the biggest groups with about 800 members of the community with GR1. Nothing is ever fail safe but atleast you knew that the clans/guilds listed would do all in their power to keep on an eye on their membership and server guests, since an honour system works on the reputation of the team and the clan leader, it worked as well as anything else. You also knew that their servers would be a clean as they could possibly keep them. Anything else to stop cheating will eventually be compromised. This is the old site here. You'll see that the clan/guild charters of that most of the best clans in GR1 were listed, it may be time to dust it off and get it working for GRAW. What do you guys think?
  10. Yep, nice Psych, actually I guess I want more people to be able to afford to play the game so the code, texturing, mem leaks, processor efficiency needs to be fixed AND the fear factor, i.e One life, getting whacked and dying realisitically. The problem with using Dom as the gametype to kick off with is that it just sits GRAW in the Cod, BF2 area which is already full of plenty of games, let's get back to those GR roots and remind ourselves why so many of us waited years for this sequel. Maybe a lot of this can be fixed with the game types, I really hope so. Note:I absolutley love the focus back on to squads and your squad leader, which is great and what GR is about for so many of us, tactical points as well as kill pts is perfect.
  11. Jeez, WS-LTH, I started talking about processor figures and you start bringing age into it, I hope it's not because I'm also 40+ that I'm getting owned! Actually come to think of it a lot of our guys are quite 'Young' too. So the theory goes the higher your age the higher your spec has to be to allow for a certain level of senile slowness??
  12. Jyup! I'm quite familiar with coop missions Hope not ARDelta! This is one heck of a system jump!
  13. ######, now we're stuck again, we're suppose to protect VIP2 but it won't let us go anywhere near him. 'you're leaving mission area blah blah. ######. Now my team are by the monuments. Guess it's reload then like you said. LOl, now both multiplayer and single player are making me tear my hair out.
  14. It's still tough tho, you feel like everyone has the jump on you, I keep pressing esc with frustration and leaving the game, it gets tiresome after dying like 8 times in row with no kill. One option I was thinking was to stick with just being a coop clan since the lag isn't so bad or so important. But then I'm not sure they'd like that.
  15. Ah sorry didn't see that post. Actually I just sorted it by probing the area, if you turn left towards the embassy but stay out of cover, i.e. walk in the middle of the road like it's a picnic rather than a war, you will trigger the next event which is a BOOM! Event. Damn my guys are glad the US Embassy blew up instead of being stuck in the middle of a mission bored sensless. Thanks for the prompt reply. Ok who's got a fire extinguisher?
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