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  1. Here are some pics from our side of things at RSE. We were playing in the QA lab and yes that is an Elvis clock on the wall behind Patrick. Bray and Randy Patrick and Elvis Hats and Tats! Randy does not eat the pizza Clopper, Bray, and Randy Gary, Thad and Patrick Dont laugh that pink shirt is the latest in bulletproof fashion!
  2. Congrats guys, but you know what this means. The overall series is tied at 1-1 and we need a final match : ) I took some pics on this side but I have to get proper approval prior to posting. Look out for them later. I dont know if I want to recount our losses - it was painful.
  3. Look for Clopticon. Mention GR.net tho so I remember the connection!
  4. I am curious to see if they finally add ragdoll to their bots. I have always enjoyed playing the COD games developed my Infinity Ward. Implementing more physics would really do it for me.
  5. Yes Jungle Mines is amazing for this. Just wait till you blast a few opponents off of the mine structure with a grenade and watch them carom to the ground. We've been doing it for a while now and it never gets old!
  6. Thats cool that they sent him a new one. For a while there they were sending out refurbished replacement boxes that didnt have a lengthy survival rate.
  7. Yes we were a bit suprised after the first round - we didnt expect to have it handed to us like that...I would like to know from the GR guys what you guys did. To me, It seemed like you pushed up the middle of the map eliminating our guys on the flanks then cleaned up stragglers. I was one of the stragglers (Geridak - Jeff McGanns account) and I bought it on top of the temple structure nearest our base - without firing a shot - pretty humiliating In the second game Serellan broke us in to 2 groups - attackers and defenders. Gary went left and I went right. Old Town was a map I was pretty familiar with and I knew that the school yard area is a death trap for our team so I took the alleyways. As I got close to the school building I was concerned about the GR net drone so I tried to get a fix on it. About that time, one of the GR.net advance guys ran past me headed toward our base and I gunned him down. I felt sure that there were more so I went back towards their base. A grenade went off to my right and confirmed my suspicion. I also started taking fire from the back getting hit in the process but I managed to get lucky and reach the safety of the corner. I shot the next guy in the face as he came around the corner. The third guy I killed was also in the alley. Gary then killed a guy and we were 5 on 2. Pabes did give us trouble as we didnt have a coordinated attack on him and he got me and Bray. We knew where he was too so that made it frustrating. Finally, Serellan charged him and shot him with time winding down. The last match was one where we had GL's and that is my favorite weapon - I wanted to make sure that the A zone was either owned by us or neutral so that the GR team couldnt get 2 zones while we had 1. Our team did a really great job communicating and holding zones and we were able to stick to our gameplan and prevail. Bray also had a crazy amount of kills and Serellan was dialed in on the top of the A zone with GL fire. Gary cleared any threats to the base and B zone and the rest of the team was moving on C zone and backing us up. We will have to do it again some time. Thanks GR.net for being great fans and being great sportsmen - that was the most fun I have had playing GRAW since we had the in house tourny that Bray won.
  8. Have they published a min spec for dedicated servers?
  9. Cool job dude! Dont jeopardize it by posting NDA stuff on here though! If you run into Bob Settles, tell him Mike C from MOV said hello!
  10. I have some friends that work for EA and I think that the EA upper management has the idea ingrained into them that every game can be built like one of their sports games. So when they buy an independent, they strip it of its corporate culture by consolidating it into one of their mega studios and then ram an unrealistic production schedule down the throat of the production team. They also have a bad habit of upping the team size in the hopes that the project can be done faster. "If we have 50 programmers then 100 could do the work of 50 in half the time. Brilliant" This often results in groups working on the exact same issues multiple times. When large teams are working like this the communications and management has to increase to effectively task the teams to prevent overlap. This doesnt happen and you get games like Pacific Assault, Rising Sun, Catwoman, The Godfather etc...etc
  11. Earth gets overwhelmed by ice? I would have liked to see it go the other way with the earth getting really hot and most of the available water drying up. It would be way cool to fight on the former sea floor of the Atlantic Ocean that would be a vast desert.
  12. Im looking forward to Far Cry the most out of that group. I am glad they are continuing with the map editor too.
  13. Sony is famous for overhype though. Remember the "Emotion Engine" for the PS2! A funny op ed article on hype... http://www.1up.com/do/my1Up?publicUserId=5720822 quote=Avalon Drew,Mar 19 2006, 12:04 AM] Much bigger. After reading that, and after Sony making themselves look so stupid with all of this marketing hype bullcrap, and the over-promising and under-delivering of the PS2, it really makes one stop and think before really pledging your support towards Sony in this. I'm filing the Playstation 3 under the same category as BetaMax and BluRay (BetaRay, as I like to call it); dead. ←
  14. From all that I have read on it, Prey to me seems like it has the most potential. I would have to say that it for me is the most anticipated game for 06. I just hope the indian mysticism stuff doesnt get too hokey and has some basis in Cherokee culture. I like how they are handling the transitions of one playing surface to the next using ramps that the user navigates as seen in this clip - pretty slick and not jarring visually. http://xboxmovies.teamxbox.com/xbox-360-hi...ard-Definition/
  15. Yeah the Fast is pretty funny. I like the commercial with the fast and the police officer. The fast in the cop car with the shades on is awesome.
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