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  1. My vote is obviously for both. But... Given time and cost restrictions as stated above, adding weapons to the game is not the publishers job, but a modders job. Unless GRIN releases expansion packs for GRAW2, I forsee the weapons we get, will be from the modding community. I would much rather see GRIN working on GRAW 3 than on what we can do already as a community. It may be difficult at times but it is very doable. Also there is a huge difference between actual 'Real world' realism and the "realism" in games. There are so many factors that a game cannot take into account. Be it from a medical standpoint as with the less than desired human damage model or simple ballistics of a round of ammo. For example: Number 1, anyone who knows anything about a bullet hitting flesh knows that the bullet does not just enter the flesh and stop. It creates what is called cavitation, which is more simply put, a wave of tissue be it organ, connecitve, or other wise that moves through the body along the path of the bullet. This cavitation can cause major organs to become ruptured or damaged with out the round actually hitting it. (It all depends on the velocity of the round.) Never mind that when the bullet hits a rib or other bone and deflects throughout the abdomen or thorax, it could cause massive internal trauma. If you were to add in a percentile of internal injuries, a character when hit in the body would only have so much time before they bled out. The more rigorous the activity, the faster they lost blood. (This would make for crappy games though.) Number 2, If you take a rifle and fire a standard off the shelf factory round no matter what brand, and then fire a hand loaded round which has been designed for engaging a target at a certain distance. The results are, more than likely, far different. Same weapon, different ammo, each will shoot consistant, but will shoot differently. We all know which ammo the US govt. buys.... the cheap stuff. My point is that realism is all well and good, but we have to concede that a game engine cannot incorporate all variables of a real life situation. Realism is limited to what the engine will allow.
  2. I agree. If you have tried the original card with success, the problem is found. Get a new card. I know that the X800 AGP cards will run [GR] and GRAW 1 with no problems. [GR] can be run at all settings high on and your fps will be around your monitor's refresh rate. GRAW 1 is a little touchy but looks great. I have a spare 5200 that I use for back up on my AGP mobo based PC. (thats about all they are good for now a days any how. Back up.)
  3. Keep in mind, usually, using a game's "bug" on purpose, is still an exploit and can be considered cheating. Either way, if this is ruled a "bug" and not a deliberate cheat, using the bug to rack up kills is still cheating.
  4. I would'nt read into the game too much for information because it says that the Ghosts are 7th SFG when they are really the 5th SFG. So....
  5. I would find out what the other guy is shooting. Must be nice to to have an awesome weapon. Plus I have seen that people are hacking the game and joining servers with almost superhuman abilities and weapons that are on steroids. Now, I'm not saying that this is what is happening more and more as it seems, it is simply a possibility. Maybe changing the weapon systems is a little premature. Maybe we should wait until the full anit-cheat system is in place before changing the weapons and hit model around. As far as the differences between SP and Multiplayer go, I see none. The damage and hit model are a little funky for both.
  6. I agree. It seems that sometimes trying to kill a Panamanian Merc with an AR is like trying to kill Godzilla with a toothpick. It takes a lot of well placed toothpicks.
  7. Anyone going to record all the missions in Fraps and show us your "l33t sk1llz"???? Would make a nice walk-thru for the noobs.
  8. There are real world tactics and run and gun tactics. It all boils down how fast you move as a unit or single player. If you really slow down and choose your means of attack and positioning very carefully, you can do these missions with only your initial spawn. Its up to the team whether they want to do full out stealth and no respawns taking each corner like it could be your last. OR.... using a dynamic approach where you find what cover and concealment you can at the moment while engaging hostiles. Either way you can still use movement, cover and MOUT tactics to achieve objectives. The difference is the game doesnt care what you do, the enemy spot you from a mile away and shoot you from the hip on full auto (reminds me of another game I play [cough][GR][/cough]. Respawns are pretty much necessary to complete a mission in less than an about an hour.
  9. This is truly sad. The funniest part about this whole incident, is that it takes a tragedy (VA TECH) to open people's eyes and even then, AMERICANS get over-zealous and look for anything that can remotely be construed as terrorism. They look for any act or symbol of terrorism with their left hand and then complain about long lines at the airport security terminal and the US Government "taking away their freedoms" with their right hand. What's it going to be people??? You cant have it both ways. Either you let the government and our military protect you and you mind your own and keep your mouth shut OR you take it upon yourself to ruin lives of people who are minding their own business just because you think that maybe they might be planning an assault on a school or church or airplane. Even then, these uber-PC antagonists treat every one guilty until proven innocent. [sarcasm]How American of them.[/sarcasm] It truly is a shame that this post-9/11 world especially the United States just doesnt understand that bad things happen to good people enough on there own. Why do they go out of there way to perpetuate the cycle?? Some solutions: 1) Let our trained military do its job. To the victor go the spoils. Quit whining that soldiers are dying. They are serving and dying for you to say stupid crap about them and the rest of the country. 2) Let our goverment (local, state, and federal) investigate criminal activity. (Its not a school board's job or anyone else's job to investigate crimes or decide what is a crime or not. Educate the children with fact only, leave teaching what is 'right and wrong' to their parents and pastors.) 3) Let people live in peace until terrorism is afoot. And when it does arrive, face it head on and fight back with a ruthlessness never before been seen. 4) FACT: You cannot prevent terrorism. Terrorism is the result of violence. Its an emotion. The feeling that an action by a group or individual has scared you and has made you cautious of the world and the people around you. If you live in fear they have accomplished their mission. 5) Ignore the media and news. Yes, even FOX. They make money from scaring the crap out of you and your family. The media can also be called "The Terrorism Distribution Network." If they actually cared about the soldiers who died, they would list their names, ranks and where they are from, not just a daily number of casualties. They did this at the onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom but have since just listed a number. How disrespectful. 6) Take responsibility for yourself and your kids. Do not blame video games, TV, Movies and the news for your own actions. GOD gave you a brain to make decisions, start making better ones! When all the world sees is the cost of conflict, be it human soldier's lives, money or the combination of both and NOT the benefit or outcome in the end, people will never stop being afraid. The "War on Terrorism" starts at home on you own front door step. We each have a responsibility of our own to open our eyes and make decisions based on fact alone to win this so called war. But so far it seems to me that the so called "terrorists" are already winning.
  10. Nice one. Tanker's last words: "Everything is shiney Captain!"
  11. If the 4 man team cannot be "broken open," is there a possibility of another player being the drone or tank? Possibly having the cross com view being the main screen? My guess is no, but it begs to be asked.
  12. Looks like you found a bug in the actual game. I uninstalled the mod and loaded up a coop server. Selected the Mr-C set it to 3rb, fired a few, switched weapons, fired, went back to Mrc and it was still set to 3rb. Fired and it went on full auto. Same thing happens with the mp5. As for the suppressed sounds, my guess is that it has to do with the mod_id#s. I have noticed this as well. Thought I was going crazy though. Excellent work on the weapons mod Bret. Look forward too seeing more from you.
  13. I am able to set up a regular server and have people join, but when i set up a Campaign COOP server, noone can see it on the server list. The mission plays for me, but it does not show on the server list for people to join. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem SN6 P.S. This is PC version and NOT the console. [Merged with the other two threads on this Phenomenon/Bug] Thanks Pave!
  14. I guess its too late to change GRAW 2 and make it what we really want, save possibly for an editor to be released. But my question is... why dont devs and publishers truly listen to the communities that will buy and play these games? Is it too difficult to make games that can encompass multiple types of game play?? It must be because they simply dont do it. What the FPTS (First Person Tactical Shooter) communtiy truly needs is a game designed for coop and then throw in some CTF or HH for a little fun now and then. All we have seen so far is the exact reverse. Consoles are the end of coop gaming. Plain and simple. If graphics and sound were that big of a deal, [GR] would not have lasted as long as it did. Bring back COOP!
  15. Anyway to release a version that keeps the rets and friendly tagging intact? Maybe an update with the "know bugs" fixed as well? All the rest sound great. Looking forward to it. Good work, SN6
  16. Will changing these skins throw up a red flag for Punkbuster?? Can you use these skins in MP? If yes, are they sever sided or will the client need to DL the skin in order to play on that server?
  17. A hack I heard of for the personal weapons test, is hitting the alt and the F4 button will bring up a perfect score window. Just take a screen shot of it and BOOM! you win. Beware,this is a buggy hack and often, roughly 99 times out of 75 will crash to desktop (CTD). So keep trying it, and it will work. ...snickers...
  18. Hows this? Nice Work, I like the latter version too. This one looks like Whoopie Goldberg though.
  19. LightSpeed get monetary checks from Bohemia Interactive for posting stuff like this. No.... not really.
  20. @ ADMIN-- This post should be moved to a new thred in the troubleshooting section. I believe he will get help there.
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