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  1. Even on on a server with max 10 players ? This goes with any game out there of this style, but if you are looking for a specific kind of server, you will need to be really choosey and find servers that play the game the way you like it. The once you have compiled a list of servers that cater to your ideal gameplay, you need to figure out which ones have the best connection (and the least lag). Also, I have recently noticed that I play really well until someone with a high ping comes into the server. Keep this in mind when you keep getting owned by the same person during a session.
  2. The CoD 4 Radiant Tools are due either just before or Christmas or just after New Years or more likely... whenever they feel like releasing it. But the true goal is before Christmas. See HERE for a review of the Radiant Tools Beta testing release.
  3. LOL. Kills are nice. This is a much different game than [GR]. There is a greatly higher tendency to spray and pray than in [GR]. I think its mainly due to the smaller maps. Even the Bloc map has some open spaces but the outer areas and inside the buildings still create a CQB environment. Until maps that are open and cover a long range of distance are created, I fear we are stuck with the run and gun style for the time being.
  4. Aside from the issue with CoD4 that you mentioned above, I think two big problems that would help so many people are fixing the hanging up on walls, doorways and other objects while moving against them and the lag issues. The first is probably a surface merging issue that may or may not be fixable. But then again it may take some creative map making to fix it. The second is a core issue with the game and can probably only be fixed by IW by way of a patch. Not really modable issues per say, just main thoughts for the game it self. As far as mods go, myself and some of the guys at ~SPARTA~ havent been talking about making any new maps but tweaking the existing one to change them up a bit. This not only results in a different flow on the map but facilitates learning the CoD4 Radiant program. Once I am comfortable with the tools, I will begin designing a new map. Maybe remake some [GR] maps.
  5. I am just wondering if anyone else has been looking at the file structure in depth preparing to mod this great but kinda buggy game. Maybe Rocky can give us our own CoD4 modding section.
  6. +Medic+'s Red Dot Reticle Mod Ver 1.0 README Download Also visit The Lotus Vale for this and other CoD4 downloads. My personal site, no logins. Enjoy! Let me know what you think! +Medic+~SPARTA~
  7. I'm sorry Rocky, geez. When you keep calling those darn airstrikes right on top of me everytime.... I get a little crazy. LOL
  8. Nor do I see anything wrong with this SOP. Well done. However, the problem with all SOPs is inherent when people don't follow them. All admins walk a fine line and should tread carefully, no matter what server they admin or moderate.
  9. I think this thread would do much better if the accusers would step up and say their piece and provide evidence. Without the evidence to back up a claim like this, you might as well hang it up and not worry about it. No proof = not guilty. This game (GRAW2) has so many bugs and allows the player to do so much crap he/she shouldn't be able to do, that its truly ridiculous. For GRAW2 players, any of them, unless I see a video of this person using a hack, he aint guilty. No questions asked. GRAW2 is no where near perfect, If you dont like the game, dont play it.
  10. THings I looked for while playing the single player demo, especially on the run and gun aspect is that bunny hopping is as best a no go. You can jump multiple times, but as soon as you jump your weapon drops to ready postion and doesnt come up until your peaking at maximum height. Also you cannot use the weapon optic during a jump. While on the way down during a jump you can fire the weapon but it is wildly inaccurate and you probably wouldnt be able to shoot the ocean while standing on the bottom. All in all, this proves to me that the COD4 Devs have thought about the styles involved in both TvT and COOP gameplay. While the COD line has not been developed as a a modable franchise it has had many EXP Packs for each installment as well as major support. This title will be the next full version game on my HDD. It has the elements that I believe make a game worth while for the duration. PC gaming is an ever evolving process, and being so means that the gamers have to evolve along with it, like it or not. And looking at what were playing right now and the lack of support, enginne and entertainment wise, for said title, its no big secret why. Dont get me wrong. I love the R6 and GR series. With the intial releases, each title left me wanting more. More action, tactics, good old fashioned terrorist storyline and plot thickening herorism from each frame to the next. But with the dramatic decline in overall quality in game play in recent and subsequent releases, they have definitely left me wanting more, but in the worst possible way. I am afraid it is time to move on.
  11. I have made a NoIntroFix for GRAW2. Download it and check out the readme for the easy install directions. I have tested the Fix and it works great. GRAW2 NoIntroFix by +Medic+~SPARTA~ (62Mb) Rocky, could you add this to the DL section?? +Medic+~SPARTA~ aka SierraNovember6 http://www.legionofsparta.com TS:
  12. I have found that the game spawns you most of the time looking at the rock on the ledge. RUN EAST to the rock at the south east corner of the castle wall. There are two enemy that run up on you roughly as you get to the rock there at the corner. Shoot first, killing the two guys, pie the corner wide, and while crouching proceed north clearing as you go. Be careful to watch out for the sniper in the northwest to the right of the rock. From this point you can clear the perimeter and then clear inside the castle from the parapet and then breach and clear the houses. Take the same steps every time you die.... I mean... IF you die. Simple enough. Excellent mission for an all out firefight. Congrats Biro and RPGHARD at RPGHARD, can you create a coop mission similar to the COOP_timber mission with adats and tanks. then make it for each time of day instead of changing during one mission? This would be great for team play and for the coop community. Thanks SierraNovember6 aka +MEDIC+~SPARTA~ www.legionofsparta.com
  13. Sticky this guys. Please. Also, Its weird that GRiN did not include a command to reboot the dedi server. Anyone know anything about this? or maybe I am just missing it. Thanks
  14. Any time I see a copy of [GR] for sale, be it at a yard sale, used, or new, I pick it up. You can never have too many [GR] discs. I have given 4 or 5 away to get local friends into it. Its always a good buy to pick up ANY great game for little or no $$. Great investment.
  15. at one point there was a plan and a script for a Rainbow Six movie. see imdb here: http://imdb.com/title/tt0414429/ Not sure much about it. though AGR-S.com had this thread: http://www.agr-s.com/forums/index.php?s=&a...post&p=7066 and IGN posted this tidbit: http://movies.ign.com/articles/520/520933p1.html Now I understand that this is R6 and not GR, but it is a New TC movie, which in my opinion is well over due. Just found this: which is due in 2008. Without Remorse: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0499097/
  16. I think that GRAW1 really made a very bad impression on most people and those same people are the ones who refuse to buy AW2. Why shell out 50 bucks for the second iteration in a series you didnt like in the first place?
  17. Okay, if it is a game gltich, has this person figured out how to do on will, maybe a combo of keys while changing stance "enables" this glitch, however random it might be. The point is, that if someone has figured out how to do this on will.... it is still cheating. Using a flaw in the game on purpose is just as much cheating as running a trainer or other program. I believe we all helped coin the term "glitching" back in [GR]. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck... it must be a duck.
  18. No matter what they buy it better be American made.
  19. The GR Gods are shining their grace down on you Biro. Excellent work. Cant wait to see it in game!
  20. Rab... how much did they pay you??? Maybe I'll start giving GRiN flack as well... hmmm where to start?
  21. Great mission. Keep it up and GRiN might higher you.
  22. Excellent job so far. I very much look forward to killing some terrorists and mercenaries on this map.
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