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  1. Be careful adjusting the .cfg files. PB is kicking all kinds of things now.
  2. Excellent detective work. Attention to detail is what modern warfare is all about. With a huge increase over the past 5 years in IEDs and the like, trying to spot them in the field has become it's own art form. This is just one way A2D is very important. I am glad IW has brought to the PC in this game, even if it is just for the eye candy. On another note. [GR] had a lot of maps modeled directly from images of real life buildings. I think Red Square was the most impressive. I am sure Rocky knows where there is a thread that talks about this. Maybe a link to refresh our memories, if you can find it.
  3. No official COD4 modding tools have been released. It is rumored they will be released before Christmas or soon after the new year. I believe there is a thread about this already somewhere afoot. either here or on the Legion of Sparta Forums, I cant remember. However, I have amassed some tools that were used to make image files for CoD2. They were developed by modders back in the day most still work with the IWI image files, one that I can think of had to be modified to work with CoD4 but it does work now. The plugins for photoshop are there too. You can DL from TLV Downloads or go look for them on the web. They are out there. Speaking of downloads, Rocky are you planning to do a DL page for CoD4 or are DLs going to stay GR for now?
  4. Excellent. The Radiant Tools should make this way easier to create new .IWD files.
  5. Dont feel bad, I got the Phil Collins one but I didnt even know the name of the artist for the second one let alone the title of it.
  6. Zeno and I noticed that as well, that the defuse time wasn't high enough. I am glad it is set higher.
  7. We are running 1.3 patch on the servers. Make sure you have updated, so you can see our servers.
  8. The real leg work would be to make each camo a bright color(each different color) and go through the single player game and tell which camos are in each level. this way we would know where the models are used.
  9. Zeno~SPARTA~ and my self had a blast the other day, playing 1v1. Its tough. Almost a life or death 'hide and seek'.
  10. Cool video. But that was my least favorite mission to play.
  11. yeah CoDDump is an interesting work around for extracting .ff files. it actually reads the files and copies them to a new folder when you load a map. kinda cool. The tools should have a program or two program set that does this without loading the game. But Paulus' tool gives you time to see whats in the files and maybe start doing some leg work in modding.
  12. Is it feasible to start playing with the free tool and then transfer to full version if I can find a copy?
  13. Check out www.legionofsparta.com! We also have TS2 running @ See ya.
  14. Too cool. Thanks for the heads up on Maya.
  15. I dont even have maya. so i guess thats out for now.
  16. I think they are in the FF files as well. Do we know what program i.e. 3DStudioMax, they used to build the models?
  17. I dont mind the kill cam if it is on servers that have a ten second or more respawn count. It makes the time go by a little faster as the kill cam takes generally 6 to 8 seconds to view. If the server is set to insta-spawn (no spawn count), the kill cam will actually reduce the amount of time you spend playing as you need to let it end or end it manually to spawn. At least you can end it if you dont want to see it. This option also gives the player a few seconds if needed to catch their breath after a fire fight or whatever, instead of spawning right back into it to get destroyed again.
  18. So far to my knowledge, skins only show in single player. I may be wrong. start your iwd file with zz_file_name.iwd It should work then. Also IWD files are finicky. What I did was copy one of IW's IWD files and delete the contents and call it "emptyIWD.iwd" that way you always have a clean one ready to go. Just copy it, rename the new one and then using WinRAR add your mod files.
  19. Version 1.5 released. I added a new reticle. Check out The Lotus Vale for info and the DL.
  20. Looks too cool. I will give this one a go.
  21. I will post this request to our admins. +Medic+~SPARTA~
  22. You could say its causing you to have e.reticle disfunction.... How long have you been saving that one?
  23. Thanks m8. As soon as the 1.5 GRAW2 patch is released I will add it. Hopefully they will make it a 1.0 to 1.5 cumulative patch. I do have a good bit of stuff for GRAW2 and CoD4 but as far as GR goes Rocky is still and I think will always be THE MAN!! for GR downloads. Also the bad part of CoD4 1.3 patch is mods wont work with it. Such as my Reticle Mod.
  24. I just checked the mirror and it works for me, anyone else having trouble?
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