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  1. Thanks bro. Simple, elegant, deadly. Apache's have a whole lot of ass kicking going on.
  2. One thing that test doesnt mention... internet connection. For MP gameplay, due to the overwhelming amount of information needed for the game to play and the speed in which the server needs to transfer it, wouldnt it best if a player had a Cable connection or better? Ideas?
  3. CPU Minimum: Pentium 4/Athlon XP or better You Have: 2 processors running - Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.00GHz You Have: 3.0 GHz PASS System RAM Minimum: 512 MB You Have: 1023.5 MB PASS Operating System Minimum: Windows 2000/XP You Have: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) PASS Video Card Minimum: Video Card with Shader 2.0 with 128 MB of VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce FX+ /ATI Radeon 9500+) You Have: RADEON X850 Series (ATI RADEON X850 PRO AGP (0x4B4B)) PASS Video Card Features - Minimum attributes of your Video Card Video RAM: Required - 128 MB , You have - 256.0 MB Video Card 3D Acceleration: Required - Yes , You have - Yes Pixel Shader Ver.: Required - 2.0 , You have - 2.0 I should have no problem and will probably get better when I get a Ageia Physics card.
  4. Having now thought about it for a few minutes, I truly believe that playing against Bo and the "Boyz" at GRIN should be enough. How often does a chance like this come along? We shouldnt take their kindness for granted. If my name isnt in the manual or if I am not a beta tester so what, I got to play against the developers of a game series that I love to play. At the end of the day, we'll be able to say we had fun... win or lose. SN6
  5. Think back to your child hood and now adult hood.... when has it ever hurt to ask? Maybe they could be honorary devs or the first beta testers of an expansion. Hell, I would settle for my name being printed in the game manual as a supporter or whatever.
  6. If we sacrifice enough hours to Ghost Recon, the GR gods will reward us with more enemy to kill. Sit tight and watch your sights, the next wave will crest the hill soon. SN6 out.
  7. Who ever said that a SAW gunner had to be smart in the first place... the only thing they need to know is how to load the M249 and how to say, "I need a burst!"
  8. Suggestions: 1. After the official release (i.e. NOT the demo) give players the chance to atleast get decent enough at playing GR:AW. 2. Hold a SOLO player ladder style tourney hosted by GRnet and TE. This will weed out the cream of the crop from the just plain cream. This will be easy to organize and execute due to the fact we've all done them before. 3. The top 10 are team members and 11-15 are back up members, kinda like a second string... or whatever. Since GRNET senior members are going to reserve slots fill the remaining slots with the winners. 4. As far as a server is concerned shouldnt it be a public dedicated server owned by UBI, like UBI.com? Think publicity stunt. Much like the way MPlayer was when R6 first came out?? (We all remember those days... fraggin' noobs...anyways...) Giving a player a sum of 45 days or so to practice when the game comes out will not only give the players time to practice (I myself will lose many hours of sleep to practice), it will give time to set up a 14 day tourney and at the same time give time to find a neutral server to play on with good hardware and a good connection AND time to hash out the final rules list for the GRNET vs. GRIN match. Just some ideas, hope they help. SN6 P.S.> All this is to create fairness based on effort to practice and get good and actual skill. If the team goes into the server and gets spanked by GRIN, it will not only give GR.net, who are the reigning GR experts bad publicity, it will leave people to think, why did they even bother. I personally, would like to see GR.net give 100% to this and not just throw a team together of people who say they like to play GR1 and think they will be good at GR:AW. It will mean that much more if we do win and make losing that much easier to take with a handshake. SN6 out.
  9. I'm game too, look me up when its time to draw straws. No worries Bo, I always draw the short one anyway.
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