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  1. I saw the GR book at the local grocery. $9.99 for a paperback is way too much. I'll look for it used somewhere.
  2. At best, the majority of those developers are working for different companies by now. And on top of it, not to be negative, but we all know what comes of public demands/desires for new games, old games, and content. Nothing. This truly is wishful thinking. To be perfectly honest. I am happy that I have been a part, a small part, but a part of the great game we call [Ghost Recon]. I am grateful [GR] has lasted as long as it has. And while an [GR] Redux would be awesome, it is not only improbable, its is unrealistic. The only way that I would truly be happy with a new [GR] is if they got all of the main developers back together for a second go. This won't happen. It would be like two members of a 4 man band coming back and puting out a new album under the old band name. It just isn't the same.
  3. Founded =HRT= (Hostage Rescue Team) with my brother, during 1998 when R6 was first out. This was during high school for me and HRT was mainly comprised of local guys who loved the series. We actually earned permission from our principal to use the brand new LAN at our school to play games after school had ended. Good luck getting them to do that nowadays. After High School HRT came to an end, but I still go by +Medic+ and my brother still goes by 'JackAss'. Matter of fact, in 2001 I enlisted in the U.S. Army as a 91W, Combat Medic (Healthcare Specialist). I am out now due to injuries sustained, but how many of you can say you actually followed through in real life to a goal based from playing video games? In 2003, I joined =FC= (Fort Chaos) which is the sister clan of =SEALZ= shortly after, I joined Ghostrecon.net forums and the rest is history. I did have a short stint with Tactical-Elite, to which I owe a lot of credit to. I learned a ton from those guys. Team Remembrance (=REM=) as well. As far as Places I remember playing a ton of GR at, Alpha Squad with Cruusher and Robalo. These guys stand out with fond memories. Playing Rattenkrieg over and over, we finally relaized that EVERYONE should take AT, not just one or two, because you never knew who was gonna make it till the end to kill that last tank. Yeah... those were good times.
  4. Dai-San, you talk about how the map works. I would love to see a Google Earth style map feature added to the next true GR installment. A truly 3D map system with real-time information from troops on the ground, satellite imagery, and UAVs in the air. It would have to be real-time, and open/close just as fast as bullets travel. If it doesn't, then it's useless. On the part about the sounds and scenery. I love it all.
  5. I suppose we will have to wait and see. I am going to say what most everyone is thinking... I hope it resembles more of [GR] than that of GRAW and GRAW2.
  6. The message states something like "COD4 failed to shut down (or close) properly on the previous run... blah blah blah, would you like to run in safe mode? YES, NO, HELL NO... etc. etc. The thing with this is that, this only works if your system cant hack the graphics. If the error was a file error, then always choose NO. What this does is revert your graphics to mostly the lowest resolution and lowest texture settings, which you will have to manually change back to normal on the next run of the program. Its a waste to run the game in this so called "Safe Mode" because as far as I can tell, it only changes graphics settings to crap.
  7. its okay guys, thats the new Predator style camo. I can change based on temperature and lighting conditions. Frakin' Hacker should be banned.
  8. Thanks Walter for the truth about the situation. A lot of people were under the impression that this was an accidental leak, including myself. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Big oops here. Apparently they have disabled the DL. Luckily for you The Lotus Vale is hosting the download as well. http://www.tinarobertsstudios.com/thelotus.../downloads.html If there are any problems or you see something that might need updating or have something in mind that you would like me to host, email me at medic @ sierranovember6.com (Remove spaces)
  10. Sounds good. I have always liked nVidia over ATI anyway. I hope the TRM mod will work in 1.6.
  11. I wish us US guys could sign a petition for you. You Brits are our biggest and dare I say best, ally. I truly hope you get every bit of the hard fought and hard sacrificed honor and dignity you deserve. What does the Queen have to say for your sacrifice? I mean, your thing over there is God, Queen, and Country right? It should be: God, Queen, and Country, and SOLDIERS. HOOAH brothers.
  12. Yeah we at SPARTA have gotten a late start as well. Issues are issues. All members should have the Mission by today. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the low-down on the kit outs. I'll try them out to see which ones are my favorite and for which mission type. Also, will the weapons skin affect the enemy's ability to spot you. I know that this is a non issue for the core game, I am just checking to see if you have figured out how to make that happen. Again, thanks.
  14. Is there a ballistics comparison table available for cross referencing the rifles? Are these rifles true to RL or are they pretty well made up?
  15. Legion of Sparta, Reporting for duty. ~SPARTA~ Element Alpha A6: Medic~SPARTA~ A2: Punisher~SPARTA~
  16. There was one sequence I remember seeing a UH-60 or two. maybe the Dam bridge where the one gets shot down. I could be wrong. I hope not, this would be bad ass. Either way, all it would be is a black helo without any significant markings, used for BlackOps. Not too difficult. Also If you guys remember from the book Rainbow Six they used a BH with standard civilian numbers on it to kind of keep people guessing.
  17. I made this as an ad for ~SPARTA~ about a month or so ago. Just to give you a few thoughts about making a film et.
  18. i will see what I can do to get you that. peace.
  19. An easier way to do this is to break the ranks into three groups and then set up a server that allowed only a player of the specified rank group in. This may have to be moderated by an admin or server moderator, rather than being automated, but it is very doable.
  20. how about the blackhawk from R6 Vegas? I havent really looked at it, but it would be a nice cross over. Vegas skins and the helo. Would be sweet!
  21. Bog is a difficult map for spawn protection and subsequent raping. The side where the AA Gun is in the SP mode is fairly easy to take and advance upon due to the copious amount of cover. You can slowly come up on them and kill them and their spawn will move quite easily to the other side of the map. This is where it all goes to hell. Once they are at the other side of the map the only true cover a player really has is the metal fence on the one side and the tank. Maybe they could use a dumpster but you can be easily seen by those. Between those cover points is quite a good distance of space, much less than the opposite side of the map. It is far more difficult to safely enter the opposing spawn without taking a bullet yourself. Also factor in all of the kills from the last spawn move and you can add a couple airstrikes and maybe a helo. All this adds up to a devastating spawn rape. Whats the solution? Individual player based: Be conscious of the spawn. If you think you maybe be spawn killing retreat and let them regroup, more often than not they will all come running at LEROY! style, and if you shoot them then... it isnt spawn killing. Server moderator based: Reference another sport. Boxing. When one boxer creates a significant advantage over the other the ref pulls the boxers apart and sends them to their corners. Then he starts them again. This sometimes would be difficult at best, but those that see your message will follow suit. The stragglers should be picked off easily without the strength in numbers to protect them. The player based is far more important and easier implemented than the server based because its more of a conscious decision than a mandate. Honor code all the way. As far as people sitting in spawn shooting. IF YOU SHOOT OUT OF THE SPAWN... ITS FAIR GAME. They made the decision to add the spawn to the battlefield, not you. Yes, they are gonna ###### about it. Yes, they are wrong. My $0.02. +Medic+~SPARTA~
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