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  1. That's the one annoying thing about AA, the blood effects are client-side not server-side. If you're computer thinks you hit him and shows pink mist, that doesn't mean the server thinks you hit him, which means that doesn't mean you hit him.
  2. I personally don't mind the death notifications. In RL if you hit an enemy hard enough to make him fall down he's down for good. Also in RL, if a teammate takes a teammate down he will report it over the radio. This way you don't have to. As to the names, I like to know who I just pwned, it does not necessarily give me a strategic advantage, but it's still nice to know. At the same time, I could go without them. I just hope there's a quick way to say "Enemy Down!" like in AA.
  3. Maybe he was one of those hopeless optimists who thought that May 2006 meant May 1st 2006, as in as soon as May is here...
  4. Awesome screenshots! Thanks, Bo! *Cries about his 6800LE with only 128MB memory...*
  5. *Singing* I had an interesting question! I had an interesting question! I had an--Okay, I'll stop. Anyway, if I could get $200 for a card I'd find a way to get the other $100... geeze, don't you think it would be hard to get $299 dollars off the internet for nothing?
  6. I want a PhysX card! Anyone have $200 dollars I can... umm... have for when it comes out? While we're at it, I could use some money for a video card, I doubt my fully unlocked 6800LE will handle this game on the highest settings. Alas, I will probably have to get a job... Does this mean that having your card on the lower physics setting might give you an advantage because the smoke/objects clear faster? Example: You blow up a truck and to some guy with the card there is a big drive shaft flying by, but to you there is nothing so you shoot him and he accuses you of hacking...
  7. I did actually know that... Did you catch the clown smiley at the end of the post?
  8. He doesn't seem to be able to mention anything about a playable preview of the game. I don't understand why he can't talk about demolition, though, I can't wait till he can...
  9. Frankly artificial intelligence in all games could be 50 times better. The problem, however, lies in the fact that the government has placed restrictions on just how far game manufacturers can go. I know this sounds crazy. Back when Pacman was the biggest game around Namco decided to create a super artificial intelligence for the ghosts. Because technology was so primitive back then they had to make the thing extra big, and it took up a lot of extra power. The computer wasn't even all that fast by today's standards. At any rate, when they started releasing them to the general public the machines would build up an electrical charge and send out a huge electrical ball of death to the user through the screen. There were also rumors that the machines were plotting to take over the world. Authorities were contacted and the FBI got involved... after a legal battle the government decided not to ban video games from the market and instead keep large AI regulations in place. The sad thing is a few lines of code on Namco's part would have prevented the whole thing.
  10. Well, I now have an answer if anyone asks me if I've read any good books lately.
  11. I just want someone to take some kind of video of ti (gamecam/fraps maybe?) and post it here. We can get a taste of the fun even if we don't participate.
  12. Hey, this one is directed at Bo. (Go figure!) I know you stated you can't comment on MP features, but I'm not sure if this falls under that category. It is my understanding that because of my Netgear router I cannot play Rainbow Six Lockdown online. To me that is not a big deal . My big question is whether or not GRAW will have the same problems with getting lost in DMZ's as RS:Lockdown. If you can't talk about it now I would really appreciate it if you respond as soon as you can. I'd like to know if I have to get a different router. EDIT: This topic may be viewed as off topic. I don't happen to think so. Right now no one with a artificial DMZ (as far as I know) can play RS:Lockdown. It would be good to know if GRAW will be the same way. I do however, apologize if this is off topic.
  13. No problem... :'( I'll live. Seriously though, the game is going to pwn all when it comes out. The only thing you could tell me that would make me sad is that you have to stand on your head to play it. And even then I'd probably do it.
  14. IMHO, we should all post our 3dMark scores here. Then when the game comes out we post our settings and framerate. Then people can know what kind of performance to expect before buying the game... Although a demo would fix that problem, too. <--Demo-fever dance.
  15. Thanks for the response, Bo. I figured they were from only one or two levels. I didn't think the game could be so repetitive that that's all there is. I for one don't have a problem with the colors being changed slightly to add to the mood. I don't think it's linear at all. In real life when things start happening (from my very limited experience) and you have to "fight or flight" the way you perceive things changes slightly. You can't force this to happen to yourself so the next best thing is to change the way things are (rather than the way they are perceived). I think it will add to the game experience. <me> Hopes he gets the opportunity to blow up a VW Beetle... and take a video of it... and show it to his friends who went to Mexico... and then realize his friends think it's real 'cuz the graphics are so cool... then have them look at him in amazement... and then be elected president of the United States of America.... and then... </me> *Pop* Oh, whoa, was I day-dreaming again? Sorry, but I do want to blow up a VW bug and show it to my friends...
  16. Thanks for the welcome, and the info. It's funny how the devs come here instead of the official ubi forums. Actually, I've been over there, I don't blame them! Interesting thing about what there doing about smog down there. If your license plate starts with a certain letter you cannot drive on certain days, the police will pull you over if you do. Your fun Mexican fact of the day sponsored by Cookie! Tune in next week when we learn to say "Take cover!" in Spanish!
  17. Hey, guys! This looks like a great community here! I'd like to start off by apologizing if this is in the wrong spot. Really, I'm not that serious about it, I just know it would add a lot to the realism for me. I've been to Mexico City 3-4 times in my life (my most recent trip was last Summer) One of the biggest things I noticed was that (especially right out of the airport) there were a lot of umm... colorful cars. Kind of like the one in this picture right here. That color green seems to be very popular. I saw quite a few cars that were actually just that color, and maybe a white and black stripe. Additionally there were a lot of old VW bugs. Someone actually counted them and on a 10 minute trip there were 50 some from what I remember. It's actually kind of funny. Anyway, I don't know if it's too late or not, but I personally thing that the cars should be more colorful. Actually, I don't know much about the factory environments, but right out of the airport everything was very colorful. I don't know if we've only been seeing shots from one map, so it might already be right and I just haven't seen it yet. I wish I had some pictures to show you from my experience in Mexico City. There were orange cars, green cars, puke green cars, yellow cars... Anyway, this post is starting to read like a Dr. Seuss book so I'm going to stop talking now... feel free to give your thoughts!
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