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  1. TSO will do it... even if you're not on teamspeak. http://www.teamspeakoverlay.com/
  2. Hmm... I suppose the fact that GRAW is 32-bit would be the main problem. I was, BTW, refering to 64bit non dual core. I realize that I should get a better graphics card, but I just got this 6800LE recently... I won't be upgrading for another year, at least.
  3. Hello! I am the proud owner of an AMD 3000+. I also am the sad owner of Windows XP Home. My question goes out to anyone who has Windows XP Home and XP64 dual boot. Does the 64-bit make a difference? Does it run better? This game is very CPU dependant, does an OS optimized for it help? I know it would not make a big difference on overall framerates, but in a firefight, does your framerate go down at all?
  4. *tries to actually be a little helpful* Yeah, Turtle Beach is good for some things.. like music. But when it comes to gaming you really can't beat Creative. If you're looking for something cheap but REALLY nice. I'd reccomend you get an original Audigy (like an MP3, or a gamer) for $30 on Ebay, and softmod it to an Audigy 4. http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...ad.php?t=212093
  5. I'm sorry, but that's hysterical.
  6. That seems kind of silly. If you have your speakers/headphones plugged into that card and can hear, it's obviously using that card. Also, if your sound quality settings go to high, than you know it's figured out your card. If you used onboard it would only go to low/medium.
  7. Are you looking for something special? I used to have an Audigy SE, I got the same thing. I think the SE and the Value run on the same chipset...
  8. It's a BBQ I'm a bit inspired since it's time for my annual BBQ-LAN-party next month BBQ and LAN gaming... not much better than that. Oh, and GRIN, you don't have to worry about fixing this problem. I haven't even beaten mission one yet. The AI keeps out-smarting me. I"m almost tempted to go from Normal to Easy. Never give up! Never Surrender!
  9. I finally caved and bought a mouse to replace my "Marble Mouse" 2-button trackball. I got a Razer Diamondback on clearance locally. It pwnz. Though, I still miss my marble mouse.
  10. Yeah, that's not (as far as I know) an official list. IT probably should be edited as 5xxx series cards aren't supported.
  11. Not that I am aware. I use a trackball with no scroll wheel, too. I'm hoping when they release a patch they'll solve this silly issue. I'd love to be able to set each weapon to an individual key.
  12. Anyone know how to play this without a mouse wheel? <crying>I wanna blow stuff up!! </crying>
  13. One of the things you have to understand is that the screenshots do not do the lighting systems justice. The HDR lighting in this game is without a doubt the most impressive I have ever seen. As you walk around the reflection of the sun moves appropriately. Just about every (if not every) object in the game is mapped. Each object has it's own reflectability property. The road reflects light differently from the side-walk and so forth. It's incredible. It also makes every video card on the market gasp for air. This makes sense. The [Ghost Recon] is still being played, and while the graphics aren't the best ever, they still look decent (compare to the popular, America's Army, and others). This game was designed to last for a very long time. It might not play all that well right now. But next Summer it won't be obsolete. Next Summer we will still be realizing how incredible this game looks on our Nvidia 8600GT (or whatever). The game will last. I don't know if that's why GRiN did it, but it's a possible explanation...
  14. Kill every system process you can. You don't even need 20 of them. Just go through and kill as many as you can. Kill Explorer, even. Then use task manager with "New Task" to start GRAW, Teamspeak, and TSO if you need to. I'm running an AMD 3000+ with 1.5GB of RAM and (Single Player, anyway...) I don't have this problem. The only ones you don't want to kill are svchost, and the ones you can't kill. I made an image of what's needed to run your system. The items in black are items I did not kill (as I am not currently am not playing GRAW and like my music while working on things and posting..) but you should kill before playing. The items in red are ones the you SHOULD NOT (or cannot) kill. Feel free to experiment. There may be some things that you should not kill, the worst that can happen is you have to restart your computer. The best that can happen is TS works! EDIT: hmm... it could be soundcard related... I don't know. I have an AC'97, though, and I don't have any problems.
  15. Just picked up my copy at EB today. Pretty sweet... I need a mouse with a wheel now.
  16. Just d/l'd and watched. While it is cooler with the physics card, it is more realistic w/o, IMHO. The explosion from a frag grenade is NOT that big, IMHO. I don't think vehicle pieces would fly that far unless the thing were hit by a tactical nuke... or had a few hundred pounds of explosives in it. <me> thinks of mythbusters </me> The problem is that the thing the card can do the best is smoke effects and small particles. Watching the smoke/dust be kicked up and blown around as bullets fly through it. Smoke/dust is really the only thing they can't do because of MP, though. When you add more smoke or move it around it's different on everybody's computer, especially if you don't have the card. The PhysX card was thus limited to little pieces of metal and little leaves that disappear after 5 seconds anyway. Unfortunately, I don't see this catching on. I don't see myself spending even $150 on the card, at this point either.
  17. If they added the M4, they would have to add a jam/fixjam feature to make it realistic.
  18. Ah, so that would be called the frameratedropper-COMM? lol. Some of these have been mentioned, I'm restating them because I think they are important. 1. ROE 2. Moddig tools (obviously) 3. A patch that let's you use page up/down instead of a scroll wheel. 4. Improvements to the engine to maximise performance on slower computers. 5. (I don't know if this is in game or not) Some missions where the ghosts need to go inside and take a building. 6. Rolling while prone. (AA had this, it was a nice feature) 7. A P90? 8. Free donuts! 9. I'd love it if they could make you finish the first mission or something before you can go online. 10. An easier way to shut off the stupid car alarms!
  19. Wow, thanks for that. I think I'm just going to get an Audigy ZS 2, cuz you can mod it to an Audigy 4. It should be better than my on-board AC'97 ALC850, although, that one of the nicest on-board cards I've ever heard. Anyone want to write review comparing high and extreme? I'd do it, but right now I can only compare medium and low...
  20. This is just slightly off topic, but what is the best place to get a x-fi for the lowest price? Or maybe an equivalent, something else with EAX5? Anyone?
  21. It will get rid of some of that lag at first. As far as I know, though, RAM will not affect you're framerate much at higher resolutions unless it's video RAM. If you are capped at say 20 fps at both 1024x768 and 1280x1024, than yes, more RAM will help. From what I can see, though your bottle cap is your graphics card. A way to test whether more RAM would help is to lower the ammount of RAM you are using. Go into your task manager and kill all the processes you can (DO NOT KILL ANYTING NAMED svchost, System, or System Idle process) check your RAM usage, if you've lowered it by 50 MB than load up GRAW and see if you get an improvement. If you only get 1 fps, more RAM probably won't help, if you get an improvement of 4 or more, I'd give it a shot. Again, also test to see if 1280x1024 is the same as 1024x768, if it is than more RAM will definately help.
  22. Yeah, before playing a game like GRAW, you really should close all those things like AIM, Norton, MSN, etc. They take up a lot of RAM. When I play GRAW I kill as many processes as I can, I usually only have about 14... I think Windows Firewall is probably getting in your way. Turn that off.
  23. I kinda liked both... I have one question, does OFF give you higher fps?
  24. Better question, is there any kind of in game Konsole? (Linux users will understand the typo)
  25. Maybe the solution is to go to a higher resolution... This gives me an excuse to buy a bigger monitor!
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