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  1. Great googely moogely. That was pretty darn funny.
  2. I like my edges smoothed. Next year when I get a DX10 card, I can always turn it off and manually enable the AA.
  3. I might need a .... sandwich. Fell outa my seat laughing at that one.
  4. The renders look really good. And the press release is tasty too.
  5. I did notice that you mentioned a comedy short but I didn't realize that it was the same as the one on the website. (shrug) I don't have DirectTV. Anyways, I have not watched this weeks episode. .. but I have it on Tivo.
  6. I have been enjoying the show quite a bit myself. Did yall watch the special comedy short that they have on their website? Plenty of LOLs in there. http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/rescueme/
  7. Too bad they won't get a chance to fix everything in BF2 before the publisher abandons it... Hooray! The red teammate bug but this time it will be with a mech! um, whee.
  8. So far its been pretty good. I am almost finished with it. I have way more than 6 hours invested in it because I am looking for every dopefish and secret I can find. Only found two fish so far though. The gameplay is decent although the AI could learn a bit from F.E.A.R. but they can swarm ya and then it gets tough. The levels are very detailed and I like that. There is a bit of humor mixed in there in a few places. I love the grenade effects. It looks very incendiary. Overall I am very pleased with the 17.99 it cost me. Its good enough that I would pre-order the next episode if I could.
  9. I have been watching this project for a while. I have been a Ghost Rider fan since the old Johnny Blaze days. I enjoyed the Danny Ketch version in the ninties too, although the Vengeance days got a bit silly I thought. Anyways, when I first looked for info on the movie and I saw that Nick Cage was playing Johnny, of course the next thing that escaped my lips was "OH GOD, NO!". I think Nick has had some other decent flicks, but he was woefully mis-cast for this movie. He does not look at all like a stuntman at all. Plus, I don't think his acting style fits. Then I read things like this, "Nicolas Cage told SciFi.com this week that the film is now likely to be a PG-13 rather than the hard R that David Goyer's original script would have been. He says that he sees the world of comic books as "a fantasy place for children and younger people." ###### over? Did anyone even remotely involved in this movie ever actually read any of the Ghost Rider comics? It was not a childrens title, EVER! I can't believe, well actually I can, that Hollywierd is going to ruin yet another one. They might as well have given the whole thing to Uwe Boll. A fantasy place for children?!?! So I guess the "Penance Stare" will now be the "Penance Hug"?!?! ARGH! Ok, I feel better now that is off my chest. At least the effects look good...
  10. I just want a command line interface so that I can stop using Gamespy and start using Qtracker.
  11. Yeah, GTA:SA was one of the coolest games I never even got close to finishing. Might load it up again for this though.
  12. Its not even gonna be DX10 so whats the point. I wanna spend six bills for a card that I will want to replace in less than a year? I don't think so.
  13. I am crossing my fingers that they can/will add command line connections to the patch.
  14. Aye, I'm keeping it too. Its fun just watching my team move from point A to point B and then back to point A again.
  15. Grrrr! Thanks a lot. The clock I am staring at was already going slow, and now it is just creeeeeeeeping. Come on, I gotta get home to play!
  16. beastoftheast, I was referring to programs like Steam. It gives you plenty of time to pre-load stuff before the game comes out. Then on release day, you can just start playing. The first SiN episode will be ready to go as soon as I get home.
  17. Yeah, the co-op disconnect bug while painful, does not strike me as something that is very big. Prolly one line of code where the place its supposed to be looking for the key is wrong. It will get fixed. So far a benefit, (Yes, I was actually able to find a benefit to this bug) is that it causes you to play with a lot more people than you might have otherwise. When I play SWAT4 or the like, I usually play with less than ten people all night. When playing GRAW, I see two or three new people (silent_op in particular was one of them) every round.
  18. Its true its up to UBI, but if the sales are not there, they will abandon the product as would any other publisher. *coughTribesVengeanceCough
  19. I prefer digital distribution myself. No trips to the store, no swapping cds, etc. DD>DVD>CD
  20. Yeah, I can't think of anything else to add either. (shrug) If all the above is added, GRAW will be a contender for my new favorite game of all time.
  21. On a co-op server last night, after fast roping from the chopper, the helo itself bounced off the ground a few times before it left. It was like some giant invisible hand grabbed the chopper by the tail and hit it on the ground like a hammer. It was a LOL for sure. When the ropes drop off, they usually flip around like snakes for a bit too.
  22. Some GRAW notes from a Ghost Recon n00b. Thats right, I have never played a GR game before, unless you count the GRAW demo that is; so there will be no comparing GRAW to other GR titles from me. I played a bit of co-op as thats my favorite mode and I really liked it. Trying to type as opposed to using a comms rose was a bit of a pain, but with the other VOIP out there, it won't be that much of a loss to me. Overall I think a basic comm rose would be a really good thing to be added for pick-up games though, or even a few voice binds. I did not miss the lack of AA as bad as I thought I would, not that I wouldn't use it if it was available. I thought the player models that I could see when zoomed in was really good. Usually it seems that viewing others through a scope reduced them to only a few pixels. Taking down a bogie at range and being able to see them actually stumble and then fall was really nice. The guy that was hosting did not want to be teamleader but I guess that currently is not an option. Being able to designate someone else as the TL would be a good thing to implement. He said that he could not use waypoints and for us to just follow the other ones. As we proceeded to the first point, we eliminated a few enemies. I thought everything went smooth and I noticed no lag or warping or etc. We got to the APC and then the server running the game crashed. Rats. It was the only co-op server that was running at 0500. Rats again. I would have hosted but my cable is only 256K up. I was not sure if that was enough bandwidth for it. I searched on this site and see that 512 is listed as what is needed, but I was not sure if that was for co-op or the other modes or what. So I switched to the single player. I thought the tutorial was cool in that it told you what to do but unlike some other games, it did not hold things up if you didn't want to actually do everything the guy said. I was only able to meet up with the second ghost before I had to leave for work. So far its been a very enjoyable game.
  23. For once I am glad to see they are using GameSpy since they don't have the same problem with the "pr0n" part of my name that ubi does.
  24. Ok, with 4 cds I should be able go down to my "office" and "pay some bills" long enough to get it installed. I won't be able to play it tonite, but tomorrow morning before work I will get to play a bit. Anyone for some co-op at 0500 eastern? Fedex says mine was "Left at front door. Package delivered to recipient address - release authorized" Sweet. Bummer about the buttah fingers HACK. I think thats reason enough for any man to be allowed a single tear to run down his cheek. But only one!
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