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  1. Great googely moogely. That was pretty darn funny.
  2. I like my edges smoothed. Next year when I get a DX10 card, I can always turn it off and manually enable the AA.
  3. I might need a .... sandwich. Fell outa my seat laughing at that one.
  4. The renders look really good. And the press release is tasty too.
  5. I did notice that you mentioned a comedy short but I didn't realize that it was the same as the one on the website. (shrug) I don't have DirectTV. Anyways, I have not watched this weeks episode. .. but I have it on Tivo.
  6. I have been enjoying the show quite a bit myself. Did yall watch the special comedy short that they have on their website? Plenty of LOLs in there. http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/rescueme/
  7. Too bad they won't get a chance to fix everything in BF2 before the publisher abandons it... Hooray! The red teammate bug but this time it will be with a mech! um, whee.
  8. So far its been pretty good. I am almost finished with it. I have way more than 6 hours invested in it because I am looking for every dopefish and secret I can find. Only found two fish so far though. The gameplay is decent although the AI could learn a bit from F.E.A.R. but they can swarm ya and then it gets tough. The levels are very detailed and I like that. There is a bit of humor mixed in there in a few places. I love the grenade effects. It looks very incendiary. Overall I am very pleased with the 17.99 it cost me. Its good enough that I would pre-order the next episode if I could.
  9. I have been watching this project for a while. I have been a Ghost Rider fan since the old Johnny Blaze days. I enjoyed the Danny Ketch version in the ninties too, although the Vengeance days got a bit silly I thought. Anyways, when I first looked for info on the movie and I saw that Nick Cage was playing Johnny, of course the next thing that escaped my lips was "OH GOD, NO!". I think Nick has had some other decent flicks, but he was woefully mis-cast for this movie. He does not look at all like a stuntman at all. Plus, I don't think his acting style fits. Then I read things like this, "Nicolas Cage told SciFi.com this week that the film is now likely to be a PG-13 rather than the hard R that David Goyer's original script would have been. He says that he sees the world of comic books as "a fantasy place for children and younger people." ###### over? Did anyone even remotely involved in this movie ever actually read any of the Ghost Rider comics? It was not a childrens title, EVER! I can't believe, well actually I can, that Hollywierd is going to ruin yet another one. They might as well have given the whole thing to Uwe Boll. A fantasy place for children?!?! So I guess the "Penance Stare" will now be the "Penance Hug"?!?! ARGH! Ok, I feel better now that is off my chest. At least the effects look good...
  10. I just want a command line interface so that I can stop using Gamespy and start using Qtracker.
  11. Yeah, GTA:SA was one of the coolest games I never even got close to finishing. Might load it up again for this though.
  12. Its not even gonna be DX10 so whats the point. I wanna spend six bills for a card that I will want to replace in less than a year? I don't think so.
  13. I am crossing my fingers that they can/will add command line connections to the patch.
  14. Aye, I'm keeping it too. Its fun just watching my team move from point A to point B and then back to point A again.
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