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  1. How can it be sold out when a shipment never got here? I've called 3 different stores each day every day.
  2. Yeah I'm gonna order it from Amazon now (unless one of yall know a better place to order from). Still gonna take like another week till I finally get to play this game..... I was thinking about just waiting for Oblivion instead now, but who knows how freaking long that will take to get here after it is released....
  3. This is ###### me off so much! The damn game STILL is no where around here to buy. It is for the original Xbox, but that's it.... I'm thinking sooner or later I'm just gonna decide not to get this damn game.... WHY THE HELL DONT YOU GUYS SHIP THE GAME OUT TO EVERY TOWN IN THE USA?!?!?!? COMPLETE ###### HAVING TO WAIT OVER A EXTRA WEEK!!!!!!!!
  4. Well I did go to Gamespot.com and IGN.com looking for answers, but didn't find much details about what kind of gamemodes. Anyways from that vid at Gametrailers.com I am surely gonna get this game! OMG such a close one! I wasn't even considdering getting this game till last night when a couple friends kept talking about it and then I couldn't get it off my mind (still can't at the moment). I really almost missed out on some thing real great I believe and I'm happy I won't now. After watching that vid at Gametrailers.com I am so hyped up for it right now lol.
  5. No one has really given me a great deal of info on online multiplayer gamemodes.... The game so close to being released, or actually is now released and no one on the official GRAW forum can help me out? Maybe I just came to the forum at a bad time.....
  6. the game is very strategic with team using the uav's as spotters but sometimes it gets upclose and personal ← OK good. I was already pretty sure that is how it was, but can't be too sure I guess. So I'm guessing it is similare to SOCOM.... I'm not really a fan of 3rd person games so I maybe end up playing a bit in 1st if I get this game (I'm thinking I probably will). Probably switch a bit back and forth. Meh I don't know.... Does it also play well in 1st person? Seems like it is more ment to be played in 3rd.... Anyways more info on gamemodes would be appreciated. Thnx.
  7. I got another question... This is probably really dumb to ask as well as I think I already know the answer.... Just to make sure though since I haven't played a Ghost Recon game before.... Is this game really strategic? Like you gotta play smart, and play as a team to really do well? Or is it more of a run 'n' gun game and/or where you just do whatever you want and don't really play with real teamwork for the most part? I am a Call of Duty fan and love the original on PC and CoD2. Besides them having awsome single player, I really like the multiplayer since in it you gotta think about what you're doing and use a real strategy and be careful. You can't just run around in the open field and expect not to get sniped rather easily. Also it is a game that you really can benefit from by useing team work instead of every one doing whatever they want. Is GRAW the same as CoD in that same kind of way?
  8. Well that is good news no real lag issues. So if some one else could help me out more? Thnx.
  9. Yeah I've been thinking about weither or not to get the game. I originally wasn't going to, but after hearing my friends not being able to shut up about it, I'm thinking maybe I should get it. Well if I did it would be for the online multiplayer. So since I know nothing about the game really, what is the online multiplayer like? What gamemodes are there? I'm assuming there is a DM, TDM, and CTF type gamemodes, so besides that what is there? (and those are in it right?) Lastly can you please give me some info on these game modes like how they are played? Thnx a lot in advance.
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