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  1. Server Name - Beer Drinking Assassins (8/10) Connection Info, stable or iffy - Stable for the server. Gamespy workaround for multiplayer is buggy. Hosters Attitude towards fair play - Fairly high. There was some problem with a 'scope hack' or something, but that has since been resolved and they seem to dedicate themselves to being anti-cheat and serious tactical gamers, with an eye toward competitive play. Why its a good place to have a game - They try to get everyone on Teamspeak and communicating with each other. If they get enough people on their Teamspeak server, then they lock down the server with a password (available on TS) and play in semi-organized squads, as much as one can with pubbers. They are also composed of older players, with an age limit for entry into the clan, which goes a long way to limiting the smacks that you play with, though anyone is welcome to play on the server. The language on the TS server is what you'll find normally in a regular conversation with no excessive swearing, though it is present. They also do not seek to stack teams on the server, which can lead to one side totally dominating the other in some instances of public play. They also are against spawn camping. Ping - I usually get in the 80-100 range. Clan or Team address - www.beerdrinkingassassins.com Disclaimer - I am affiliated with Wolfgaming.com and play regularly on the BDA server, as I came to enjoy it immensely. People try to work as a team, or at least together in squads. I have since become a member and play regularly on the server. If this creates a conflict of interest, then just delete the post.
  2. Everytime a game ends that I host for Coop, I get this error where it says my cd-key was rejected. Anyone else getting this error? I am able to join and play normally with other servers. I only get this when I am hosting it.
  3. Thank God. That was the one thing that had me worried about this game. I'm definately gonna pick it up now if this is true.
  4. Out of those choices, woodlands is the better of the 4. It provides a good ambiance while also providing good cover and more chances at stealth. I personally prefer urban environments, with closed in alleys and multi-level buildings. Gives a nice suspenseful approach into a city.
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