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  1. im building a pc and need to know if these are minimum or recommended.
  2. if i buy ghost recon and expansions from steam would that have any special problems with mods or playing coop online with xfire? and whats a recent total conversion that i can get back into ghost recon with?
  3. homing bullets, i give up i tried to defend the cloaking thing but i don't even think halo has homing bullets. i saw the proof of this in a magazine scan. you will all see it soon enough. shoulda been set in nam shoulda been set in nam [Admin Edit: Merged with the existing OPM "First look" article (scans) discussion thread]
  4. it it true the ghost will battle enemies on the moon in 2030? did i hear halo music? should have been ghost recon nam i say.
  5. well then in that case ubi may very well crumble under your message board power of complaints. have mercy on them. maybe someone can make a nam mod?
  6. the cloaking thing is not just youtube. its on world news, discovery and military channel. how do you know its not being used today? how do you know whats realistic in 10 or 20 years from now? the game takes place in 2030 btw. just don't buy the game if you don't like it and stop acting like the folks who thought the world was flat or that we never landed on the moon. the problem is the year the game takes place not the tech. not using advanced tech in 20 years from now isn't realistic. i wouldn't be surprised if we made major advancements in body armor. in grfs it should take 10+ rounds on average to put someone down unless there is some super hot laser rifle in the works. i wouldn't be surprised if grfs had laser beams flying all around the maps. remote controlled armed bots will be in there for sure. thats why i say ghost recon 4 should have been nam.
  7. well grfs ghost recon 4 is set in 2030 and cloaking is being developed and tested today. i think most folks here would have rather a remake of the original or a ghost recon set in nam(1960s or 70s).
  8. how can they come out with graw and graw 2 so quickly and if i remember the time between ghost recon 2 and summit strike wasn't bad. i thought ubi was on the right track cause i wouldn't get totally tired of one ghost recon before the next one came out. but what happened with this future soldier?? graw 2 is long dead to me and we have another year or more with delays im sure. activision has their act together with call of duty, why can't ubi? they should have rotated between a new ghost recon one year then a new rainbow the next year. im guessing they pushed those two great franchises aside to make that jet and rts game. bad move.
  9. i fear gr4 could get canceled for pc like gr2 did. i fear gr4 may be a total console port like call of duty mw2 with no mods or private servers. well i guess it can't get worse than that?
  10. a while back i was thinking on buying a new pc and graw 2 on steam but it had connection issues. has that been fixed?
  11. or just the same stock coop maps with different objectives? also, im still in the process of getting a new pc and i want to buy the steam version of graw2 but didn't some folks have issues with graw2 and steam? are they solved?
  12. i agree with you. but i dont have this game yet.
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