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  1. When i joined these forums a couple of months ago everyone was waiting for GRAW to be released. First the demo came out and then some time after that the full release. I was very disapointed with the game. Performance was poor, graphics where poor, multiplayer was poor etc. I left the forums and the whole Ghost Recon community. Now months later i'm back. The Ghost Recon 2 demo was released last week and i though i'd give it a try on my new computer. I was right on months back when i didnt like the game, so now i have to be honest too. GRIN, you did an amazing job this time. The game has improved drastically. First off, you did something for those awfull jaggy's GRAW had. I don't know what you did, but i like it. Second, the multiplayer. This is real fun! The map is very good, weapons are balanced correctly and this time it keeps me interested. There is still some things that need to be fixed, but a good solid base is there! I'm really excited this time and i want to compliment you guys for doing an amazing job.
  2. Thanks for the replay! EAX is disabled already, and the speaking settings are set correctly.... It's your soundcard. It's treating 2d stereo sounds differently than other sounds, making the 1st person weapon (which is a stereo sound played in 2d) lower. We'll patch this for any soundcard that we are informed has this problem - although I suggest you get a better sound card because that would not only fix this issue but make the game sound a lot better overall. Ask anyone who has upgraded to an Creative X-Fi card. Thanks for the replay Desmond22. But i bought this soundcard for recording and propper ASIO support. Creative cards do alot less good IMO... I also have the intergrated soundcard in my computer. Maybe that will work better?
  3. Thanks for the replay! EAX is disabled already, and the speaking settings are set correctly....
  4. So i tried the GRAW2 demo yesterday. Everything seemed to be working good, except for the sound. I hear everything, except my own gun. How can i fix this? I didnt see anything about this issue on the "GR:AW 2 - Tech Support" forums. Specs: AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+ 3GB DDR2 ram ATI Radeon 1950pro 512mb PCI-E M-Audio Fast Track USB soundcard I don't think its a soundcard support issue because i can hear everything correct and in perfect 3d sound.
  5. I mailed you this morning cobrabase with some screen's. I got this 'anti spam bla bla bla' message from your mail account, so i dunno if they arived
  6. I totally agree. I see this happen all the time on servers with 'only' 3 respawns. As soon as players are really death, they leave the server. Deathcam would be a welcome addition. As for this topic, i partly agree. If a game doesn't have a solid Multiplayer option at launch, it will never have the popularity as other titles. This 1.16 patch was a hell of a disapointment for me. I feel that right now the game is still going downhill, BUT! i wont just abandon the ship yet. I'll wait for the other 2 patches to arrive and then i'll make my final decision. Only thing that really bothers me is that when the other 2 patches are finally out, GRAW will be in the "3 games for 20 bucks corner" while i paid 40 bucks for a not finished product.
  7. This is how "Anti Aliasing" looks guys: Images speak for words i think...
  8. Just installed it Nice that there is now 1 patch for both download and DVD/CD version. In the setup you choose what version you have -edit- They've got to be joking! Anti-Aliasing my @$$. When you go to settings you get the option "Smooth edges", when you do that, and go ingame it looks like my LCD is in the wrong resolution. Very blurry, and still jaggy as hell!
  9. Hahahahahahaha! The guy behind the horse!
  10. I've not been very possitve about GRAW in general lately, but the thing that the GRIN'ers are on these forums and communicate with the community is a
  11. Today is the day for the patch. Read this one: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...mp;#entry387672
  12. A thing thats been missing in multiplayer is the voice commands. I mean like in other games (RVS, BF2 etc) you have the "Roger that, defend!, cover me!" Right now when i'm playing in a team, it takes way to long to chat something. I think that this could be a good addition for GRAW to improve teamwork. What's your opinion about this? Damn, my english is getting worse everyday
  13. Take for example GRAW. The game mode is arcade (Domination), but at the same time, the movement options for your character are for tactical games (slow, like an old granny. No jumping etc.). Level design doesnt play a very high role in the "arcadiness" of a game. Another example, Raven-Shield. This is a game which i say is a perfect balance between game modus and movement. Altough some levels would be perfect for an arcade shooter, the combination of game mode and movement make it tactical. Its slow in movement, one shot one kill, if your death you stay death until the end of the round. That makes players think twice before rushing something. And it doesnt feel like your shooting someone while the next trooper is already on its way Another aspect of "Arcadiness" can be achived with weapons/vehicles. Drive over people, have a gattling cannon in your helo. Bassicly everything that speeds up the killing of players at the same time or shortly after eachoter can be experienced as arcade
  14. DM is a step in the right direction. It's way better than this arcade like Domination mode. Right now i feel like i'm trapped in a Battlefield 2 server, with the damn slow movement of AAO
  15. Correct, but your server needs at least a 9600pro GFX card to run the dedicated GRAW server because its a ingame server. If i'm not mistaken your from NL, grab your GRAW copy from Mediamarkt, only 38 euro's...
  16. Voila: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...13/m/4021083554
  17. Does anyone know how much those physics influence the performance? @Enos Pork: good thinking
  18. The Dutch graw site has some new screenshots of deathmatch mode: http://www.graw.nl/
  19. I expect to download the new patch at 18:00 today (or am i to optimistic then? )
  20. Will this patch do anything performance wise? I mean, AA is nice, but if i still have the feeling that my ass is tight to a bungiecord the game remains in the closet for me... And no i don't have a outdated machine!
  21. Thats just because they schrink down the images
  22. I have the same thing. It really looks like laser quest or something
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