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  1. I have read that the ATI x1900XTX has enough horsepower to run the physics like ageia but i am confused because I have a 1900xtx and am wondering if I can have the same explosions that are in that realtime example on ageia's website, eg: will graw pc only let me have those if it reads that i have a physX card, or can i choose in the menu what level of physics that I want. sorry if its been brought up before but it would help if this could be answered in anyway. thanks
  2. Oh yeah and the easter bunny was caught humpin a chipmunk. What official forums are you refferring to? Cause there's nothing official about anything anyone says around here. Man that's strange that we keepng hearing about all of these great things, but my harddrive tells me, "U's Get's Nothing!" Yeah, common sense would tell me, what's a few more days? Problem is, is that these days have turned to years. Runamuck I tell you! ← http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc...13/m/5001022724 wow man, just calm down, ######
  3. I wanted an x360 bad but i live in the middle of no where in ohio and the closest stores (circuit city, best buy) never have them in, or are always out of stock, so i bought myself 2 ati x1900XTX's in crossfire with an amd fx-60, i think its a bit better than the 360
  4. well thats great and all but u do realize that on the official forums ubirazz said "i just got my provisional planning from now untill release and there is alot of stuff to keep you guys entertained" i think a few realtime vid's and a nice lil demo will hold me over for another 4 weeks
  5. will it come out in pci-e versions in may? (ageia phsyX)
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