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  1. I'm shure thats a no no. Satisfying as it might be I'm sure theres no use of knives. Other than that I'm sure there will be plenty of sneaky sneaky. Remember the S's Shadow, Silhouette, Sound, Shine hmmm I thought there were 5 ← lol just the way you used the word satisfying...
  2. wow bo and bedhead are reading this, you'd think after the game went gold they'd take a break from gr.net, such a dedicated dev team ill tell you! wow grin, i wont be suprised if you dont replace EA as the top dog in the next few years
  3. well in firefox it just plays in the browser using quicktime (and wont even start), and in IE it says page not found...
  4. Mine has already been done today. ← Checked my bank online...nothing yet. But I'll guess that next week will be the time frame. But "earlier" wouldn't be bad. @ Grin as a whole, go ahead and rest. I'm sure you'll need the rest for the next expansion pack. ← pfft they took the money right out of my account the day i pre ordered it, and i didnt have the money in the bank that day and was charged 30 more bucks (ubi said they wouldnt charge my account untill the product was in stock... riiiight).. lol game better be worth it
  5. 2 bad u cant download it, but only stream it via quicktime
  6. i pre ordered soley for the reason that graw360 preorderers got theirs early and i was hoping to get graw earlier you should do the same
  7. *sigh* ive never seen this much complaining over a game before, wow just wow, this game is probably one of the best games ever, and everyones crying about it, gotta remember grin is the dev, and everyone trusts grin to get it done, right? right...
  8. i cant afford another gig of ram anymore m8 im flat broke after pre ordering that game and getting the card
  9. alright thank you, now for the sp questions
  10. well my res would be 1440x900 (widescreen)
  11. @ daztrek, in my other pc i have an ATI x700 pro, i pull off high texture settings @ 1024 768 w/ 2xAA/2xAF (BF2) yes its overclocked to 480/487 but its not overclocked much at all and still has stock cooling. dont know why an x800 wouldnt be able to do the same?
  12. hi all people that have tryed the graw pc singleplayer (also hi to bo, and any other devs that can answer these questions for me).. I like singleplayer, and co-op, im not a big fan of competition mp, and I really love military games with a strong sp, I really enjoyed COD2's sp but it seemed to only last about 8 hours of sp on regular mode, so my question is: will graw sp keep me entertained for more than say; 15 hours? ive heard the maps are 2 hours long, and that there are 11 of them, thats like 22+ hours of gameplay (probably more), but i just wanted to be sure it wasnt going to have a little sp game like cod2, where it seemed like it was over right after installation... i hope the sp part of graw pc is nice and takes alot of time to complete. well if anyone could answer this i'd be greatful. _____________________________________________________________________ also; I have a question (no its not a "will my pc run graw?" type, but similar) once i read that bo said the 1900 XTX (512) will run graw @ high settings, i saved money and got one, now my question is; does it run GRAW @ high settings with a decent framerate? (40+ prefered) or does it chug and lag with like 15 fps... again thanks if anyone can answer these, tom :g_cheers:
  13. wha? i hope that pre-orders dont come a week after the game hits the stores, if thats the case then god damn1t... i preordered because people who preordered graw360 got theirs a week before it officially came out
  14. now that its gold and alot of people have previewed it, is it okay for the grin members to give a bit of info on anything? (ie: mp, demo, etc.. )
  15. yar!, the only card (so far) that can pull off high settings are the x1900 (512 ver) and the 7900 gtx, i think.
  16. there are only 4 ghosts i have seen from every single screenshot/video released, i guarentee that even if one dies in a mission he will come back @ next level, brown, kirkland, allen, and you, scott mitchell are the only noticable ghost members in the pc version. (that I can tell from screenshots/videos) whats more realistic; a ghost dying then coming back next level, or a ghost dying then you resetting the level and playing again to keep him... pretty much same thing you just play the same level longer and in real life if som1 would die you wouldnt do the mission over again to get them back, lmfao
  17. that'd be nice, i want there to be at least one level where its dreary and rainy
  18. This is 2013, they are the Ghosts, they have cross com, what is reality in 2013? Only speculation, only a few played the game and I hear the word "shame" very often about such little things in the game (the XM8, the Abrams, the colors, the Aloe plant physics, ... ). We should wait until we get the game or the demo before complaining about things we only know from screens or videos. ← When it comes to the game you have to take the good with the bad as regards critiques. In 8 years you are just not going to see a change in a procedure that has been in place for over 60 years. It has not changed because it works. Also there is the fact you pattern a target when you drive a chute and run either a right hand or left hand pattern. Even civilian skydivers do this. The Jumpmaster moves to the rear first of all to give his commands. You are also getting physical indicators. We have com systems but when you are jumping from a high performance aircraft you do not rely on electronic communications that are taking place inside a flying magnetic field. You give hand and arm signals. Systems fail and men's lives are at risk. The Jumpmaster is also checks the area at the edge and side of the ramps to make sure there are no safety hazards. Accidents have happened because of an issue such as this before. At 12,500 feet where there is less room to recover from a small aircraft track error than at 25,000 feet in a HAHO jump, minute calculations matter. The Release Point is calculated and the Jumpmaster actually tells the pilot where the aircraft needs to fly in order to allow men to get out upwind and on track. Otherwise you are screwed. As the aircraft flies, the safety (another HALO jumpmaster) or the Jumpmaster are checking ground reference points by looking out the door or off the side of the ramp. They are making sure the aircraft is flying on track. Blind drops have been done before and they do not work. In 1985 I did one from a Combat Talon and we came down 8 klicks off of target. We have a saying, "The World is our Drop Zone." But that is because you have to come down sooner or later, it just may not be pleasant trying to dodge power lines and hit a small street when your Release Point is improper. As I said before, you jump together and group together in the air. You wave off and pull and then get in what we call a stack. Even at very low altitudes you line up with the lowest man up front. He sets the traffic pattern. This is just one reason why everyone on the Team has to be well briefed about the target. You can't always bet who the low man will be but we usually have a couple of guys that go into their pull sequence a few hundred feet later so they can set the pattern. Then you stack up and follow those guys down as they set a box pattern that looks like a square bottom letter 'J'. ← well who cares m8 not everyone buying the game is an army airborne vet like you are, and for this little tiny not noticable mistake to 98% of the poeple who will play it, there are thousands of good things that make up for it. grin has won me over, they are my fav. dev team nice intro to the game, that ###### was niiiice
  19. hah, sweet, somthing you can trust ubi on
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