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  1. Gee, thanks for your words of wisdom. I'll just go ahead and keep playing the game however -I- feel like playing it though, considering it'll be MY money I'm spending and not yours. There is a reason they allow you to play lone wolf in the game if you so choose. I'm going to assume that it's not a cleverly designed way to ensure that no one ever plays without a team. As for the score, I wonder if time to complete might have something to do with it. Not sure on that one, but that's the only way I can think that the game would give you an unsatisfactory score even though you've got high a
  2. Or maybe the website developer is wrong? No, I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the history of posts by Bo around here he stated that it was correctly written as GRIN. It'd take a solid amount of digging to find it though I'm sure. Alrighty, since I was bored I decided to dig for myself... Source
  3. I agree. But that's a different argument. As I said in an earlier post, creating a sequel is generally looked at from a different point of view than creating the original. [GR] was created with the mindset of, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we could do THIS (insert idea here)?" A sequel is generally created by looking at what worked and what didn't within the original, what the people liked and what they didn't and then basing the new game on that. It's a very different situation and experience tells us that as often as developers get it right, they sometimes get it wrong. I would argue
  4. My comment makes perfect sense if you know anything of game development. It is a far, far different field from creating custom applications for specific customers. They don't have the luxury of sitting down with one person or one group from your client's company to get exactly what they want. Instead, they sit down with one person or a group from a publisher who tells them what THEY want. Major corporations like Ubisoft have people that analyze customer feedback and they do base their ideas on what they think the bulk of their customers want. That of course doesn't mean they're particul
  5. I seriously wonder about you people sometimes. Show me where I said the customer shouldn't be listened to. What I SAID was: The customer is NOT always right. I don't understand why that's so difficult for people to comprehend. This is the third time someone has tried to insinuate that I said something other than what I did. Companies should listen to customers. Of course they should, to suggest otherwise would be idiotic. That doesn't mean that companies should agree with everything their customers say or that they should implement or accomodate every single request that is made. If
  6. Hey HEY! It's Teddy. Remember, I'm soft and cuddly. *edited for exact terms used*
  7. I do hate to repeat myself, but: Why is it when people can't dispute what I'm saying they always try to associate my argument with an illegal and immoral act. Rape? Seriously? That's the best that you've got? Hell, let's go all out and compare me to Hitler or Stalin. You might get a better emotional response if you can link my opinion to torturing babies or kicking puppies. If you have a counter to what I have said, let's hear it. I'd love to hear why everyone's opinion is "Right". Why a game would be better listening to Gamer A that wants slow moving tactical play and simu
  8. If you're going to argue with me, at least do me the courtesy of READING what I said. Find one place in there that I said GRAW was a better game than any of those you listed. Hmm... let me check it again... nope, not there. Not there either.... or there. Funny, I can't seem to find that anywhere. I CAN, however, find the place where I pointed out that folks at Valve stated that you CANNOT listen to and implement everything the hardcore fans want without ruining the game. People at id and and Epic have echoed that sentiment at one point or another. If I must, I'll hunt down those sources
  9. that explains so much on GRIN's behalf ... agreed. Please. This "Customer is always right" bull has no place outside service and sales positions. One of the FIRST things you are taught in any technical job is that the customer is almost never right. They make wild assumptions based upon their own ignorance of the technology or situation and consistantly insist that they are correct. There's a reason you're taught to ask direct, closed questions that the customer can only answer in one of two or three ways as a primary means of gathering information. The game industry is almost i
  10. Who said Ubisoft didn't know what their intentions were? Colin certainly didn't. He said WE don't know. Ubisoft is a major company and as such always has plans, but they also have a policy of pretty much never sharing those plans with the public. Chances are, we won't know if there will be a next patch until/if it's officially announced, and we won't know if there will be an expansion pack until/if it's officially announced. I suspect UBI will front the money for one last patch (or have already made that part of the contract) to stabilize things (read: bug fixing only), then be done wit
  11. Or use the start menu option that the beta patch installer creates. "Uninstall Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Patch". It works just fine. People just like to make things more difficult for themselves than necessary.
  12. That may be some people's way including yourself, but it's not everyone's way. It's certainly not mine. I'm not a fan of running to the authorities any time someone attacks me. I'm quite capable of fighting my own battles and winning my own arguments without appealing to admins to silence someone. Now of course there's a time when admins are necessary, but it certainly isn't necessary to bring them in the second someone offends someone else with a simple comment. As for the other point, he could have taken it up privately, but then ZA could have taken his direct beef with Bo up private
  13. You know the reason for that? Because basically if you look at the whole thread then his post is the most distrespectful of the lot. Up till that point a decent, flame free discussion was taking place. Then a CEO of a company steps in and starts throwing TROLL comments around because people are stating an opinion he doesn't like. On the other hand, of course, I'm sure if someone was calling -you- a liar, you wouldn't consider that post particularly disrespectful and you'd naturally respond with kindness and graciousness... If you're going to hate, at least don't let it be blind hate.
  14. No disrespect, Bo, but yes, you do and more importantly, you SHOULD. The whole xml tweak situation to allow more players was described as a simple fix, yet none of the modders who spent countless hours poring over the files found out how to do it. Evidently it's not as simple as you think it is, or it would have been sorted out by now. This is, after all your game engine and while you are not under any contractual obligation to help us, I personally consider it a moral obligation. If the fix is so simple, why has no one given details on how to do it? I can lay a lot of things at UBI's f
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