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  1. Played 1.14 yesterday at Northcon Lan. Haven't played DM, because I saw no need just to play the mode. We all know what DM is. Best thing I recognized was the ability to do a keybind now for each weapon or gadget, finally mousewheel time is gone Spent more time in talking and drinking beer with Marc and Jörg from Ubisoft
  2. I will be at the Northcon on Friday and hope I will see some good stuff for us Report will follow with pictures
  3. 580 MB, Ubi Marc answered me the question about the size
  4. Maybe at Gamespy is not all ready to play via Internet? Hamachi is easy to use to play with friends over the net a Lan game, so no problem for me that it is a Lan demo
  5. Amazing details with the nightvision, you shoot and the smoke from firing blocks your sight
  6. and mates it is not over they will show more
  7. now they play and they said the have sli inside the machine
  8. the trailer was for warmup, they will soon play the game ;-)
  9. How do I record streaming vid? Still 4 mins to go before the show starts. ← asf stream with windows media player
  10. 1 hour left till start mates I post it better if something went wrong with my time posted in first posting ^^ And remember: Show goes two hours and they will switch between the games they show today.
  11. Well 1800 GMT+1 is a good time to look around in different Ubi Forums to watch for new infos.
  12. Q WHAT MP MODES HAVE YOU INCLUDED IN GRAW PC? A Cooperative lets you play the campaign with up to three other ghost players. One assumes the role of the team leader and issues orders through the HUD and tactical map to his fellow players, which they see as waypoints on their interface. This is a real evolution compared to games where a microphone is needed to play in coop. You can really organize your team with the tools of the single player. Deathmatch is also on the way thanks to an upcoming update (more to come soon ïŠ ) but the MP mode we are the most proud about is the Domination o
  13. Can't find it here, hope it's not posted already Q&A with Bo at CVG
  14. maybe someone from Grin took a photo from the gold master? or is it top secret?
  15. That German site is driving me crazy. I just want to download the HD version of the trailer. silent_op ← it's protected against direct leeching
  16. yeah sorry speed seems to slowdown because so many are downloading. I got flatrate on the traffic there, but no high end network like 3dgamers or others
  17. maybe there is somehow a chance to get the game added to the game advisor? Rainbow Six: Lockdown is added too Game Advisor Works in Internet Explorer only
  18. yeah I read somewhere else someone wrote 7 new, but definately there are a lot more
  19. Have fun guys 2nd Trailer PC 2nd Trailer in HD 67 MB Mirror HD Trailer THX to pangbang Mirror HD Trailer at 3dgamers and new screenshots are online too new Screenshots
  20. Tomorrow they will preview GRAW at Giga Games. Giga is a german show and if I should compare it, I will say it's like 1up It starts at 2200 GMT+1 and they have an internet stream Here are the exact times of the show your you all: For you Europeans it starts at 22.00 GMT+1 For East Coast it is 4 PM For West Coast it is 1 PM Replay starts: Europeans 01.00 GMT+1 on Thursday East Coast 7PM on Wednesday West Coast 4PM on Wednesday A normal show looks like this: They talk about one game and show a bit of it, then they switch to the next main game for the evening and so on re
  21. Strong with the Force you are......... Fresh ← I don't think so. In France they show GRAW to some dedicated fans on 21st. That doesn't makes sense if we get a demo already today
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