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  1. I agree to a point...while I am not anywhere near bored with it yet...I can see that it won't hold me for more than a couple weeks in its current state. We will be chomping at the bit for the MP additions...so I hope they get them out ASAP!
  2. I looked on both .com and here...but I don't see any posts about this. When I go into a Domination server, usually one with many people in it, I notice all kinds of objects bouncing around, especially where explosions have occurred. Everything from crates to tires to debris. It just bounces around in place, floating off the ground, etc. I will try to get a video of it next time with Fraps if nobody else has seen this. I will check back in the morning...going nighty night now.
  3. Link? ← I doubt there is a link...but if you knew Colin (as well as you can know him by reading his posts and observing his dedication to this community) I doubt you would ask for one. Colin usually doesn't post something he isn't fairly sure about. Even if it is a leak and he can't actually state where he knows it from.
  4. He isn't talking about the patch...that is not how we will get them. He is talking bout a seperate addon with new MP mode, etc.
  5. 7/10 If we had at least one other mode for MP, a few smaller maps, dedicated server files, and modding out of the box, it would have gotten a 9 from me. If they would have gone with more traditional graphics settings on top of that (AA option), it would get a 10.
  6. If this is true...I suggest you go get the game Rug! I can't imagine why they wouldn't release them. It wouldn't make any sense...unless they had some kind of exclusivity contract with GameSpy...but then that would just be stupid...wait...it is UBI...yikes...I don't want to think about that. LOL I really believe they are coming to us Rug...GET THE GAME ALREADY! If you truly want this game to evolve and become what we really need for MP…GET THE GAME! To me it is worth the chance…I NEED IT! If they screw us over this time around I am sure many of us will never buy a UBI game again.
  7. No thats fine, its just that it is at the top of the list and ongoing. ← so, you know that GRiN 're working on D.S.files? ← Yes he does...but then so does everyone who frequents these forums and has kept up with the dev's postings, etc. THEY ARE COMING!!! That being said, Colin probably does know more than us, for good reason
  8. Cool...good to hear something is actually out there. As for the GameSpy servers...how do you access them? Do you have to pay a subscription?
  9. If I remember correctly, while they had the gun in the Xbox360 version, your access to it was limited. You could only use it on one or two of the missions.
  10. Sweet...good work Reb...already digging in...good to see!!!
  11. Good idea...IF spawns are going to be static (other than spawn on leader) then there should be at least one spawn point per node that is connected to supply line. This way the spawns at least change as nodes change...in other words you have multiple spawn points to choose from, say if one is being camped.
  12. 1) your hardware is sick? Or the game is sick? 2) what is off the hook? The way it runs on your server? 3) play on his own? So if he has it installed on the server and running in 'Dedicated Server' mode, he can't play the game on another system?
  13. One other thing I noticed...Spawn camping WILL BE AN ISSUE in Domination. As far as I could tell, on the server I played, there was ONE spawn area. You could choose to spend points and spawn on the leader (people were not doing this much), but other than that there is only one spawn per side. It took me all of 5 minutes to find the enemies spawn point and camp it (this is not my usual tactic and I hate spawn camping...just wanted to see how easy it was). They all spawned in a very small area and it was VERY easy to take them out as they spawned. I despise respawns and if there is no true random spawns this will become an instant issue. Yes, it is good there is an option (spawn on leader) but the cost will discourage people from using this much, as you could run out of points VERY FAST. The well organized teams will no doubt use this option as much as possible, but the average pickup team will have a hard time keeping enough points available to do this much. It only takes one or two teammates to shutdown the spawn point while the rest takes nodes out.
  14. 1. Dedicated Server Files (need these to even realize the potential of Domination) 2. More MP modes with a priority on TvT Deathmatch (LMS) 3. More official MP maps in various sizes 3. Robust mod tools 4. Known bug fixes EDIT: Ooops...I just noticed Colin asked us not to mention dedicated server file...but I can't do that as it is now obvious that this is VERY IMPORTANT. Sorry Can I ask why we shouldn't mention them?
  15. I got a call saying my pre-order copy from EB would be available after 12:00 noon today (S. California). I didn't want to wait so I got mine on Direct2Drive last night.
  16. It doesn't tell you this, but it looks like most cases are that the nickname is already in use. I tried my existing account...didn't work...created a new one...didn't work...created one I knew for sure wouldn't exist...worked.
  17. I don't think you are able to use regular GameSpy accounts...at least mine would not work. I created a new one, but with a common nickname, and while it let me create it, it still didn't work. So I created yet a another one, with a nickname I knew for sure wouldn't already be in the system, and it worked like a charm. I think you MUST CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT and if it doesn't work, it is most likely because the name is already used, even though it doesn't say that. Why they did it this way, I have no clue…may just be a bug. Also, you will probably have to contact UBI for any kind of technical support…I know that sucks. http://www.ubi.com/us/support/default.aspx
  18. My guess is that GRIN won't be 'supporting' the game either, I think it is UBI you need to contact if you need technical support: http://www.ubi.com/us/support/default.aspx
  19. I have not used air support yet...but as with the 360 version...I am almost certain it is only available in certain missions.
  20. http://fpsdedicated.com/ This is where I do my buisness in regards to renting servers (U.S.) and they are VERY good peeps. They work with you and are very friendly and have good support. This is what they have to say about GR:AW and this is what ALL of them will have to say about it:
  21. After seeing that UBI is going to back the MP additions and after all the debate over the Domination mode, I decided I would back GRIN and buy the game. So far I am VERY impressed with the SP game. I have only had a little time to play it, and I only just gathered my team. However, I am even more impressed than I was when I played the demo. The jump into the game ROCKED! The very first thing I did was jump on MP to join a Domination game...these are the things I noticed: 1. The GameSpy login needs help. I can easily see someone getting very frustrated very fast with this interface. Reading the forums I was prepared. I attempted to login with my original GameSpy account, to no avail. I then created a new account, which didn't work (I later figured that I was using an existing nickname no thanks to the interface). When I was finally able to create a new account with an unique nickname, I was able to login. 2. As I feared, Domination isn't for the pickup games. It is ok for it, but that is the best I can give it. For a clan on comms, or a group of gamers that have played together for some time, it will rock, although they will slaughter the unorganized team. But for fun pickup games, it just doesn't work. There is no good way to organize your team and there are few people that even try with people they don't know. There was much lag involved, as feared without dedicated servers. Because of the lag it is difficult to measure how well things work in MP. However, with dedicated server files, mods, and MP expansion, I totally see it’s potential. So any who...I'm in it for GRIN and I love the possibilities for this game’s future. I have no doubt if good mod tools are released and expansion of the MP goes forward this game will rock for the ages. One last thing...THIS IS NOT ANOTHER LETDOWN...PERIOD!!!
  22. GRIN knows what we want...and what we want is TvT Deathmatch.
  23. I don't think dedicated server files will EVER be part of a patch. This is what Bo said before: My guess is that once they are done they will be available via a download, separate from any official patch.
  24. Interesting...some of the reasons I didn't think this mode would work good for non-competitive pickup games looks to be valid. Tactical is a good thing, especially in matching situations on ladders etc. But if you just want to get into a pickup game with people you don't usually play with, this mode is not going to work well. It just doesn't seem possible to get people to work together on the fly. Everyone just wants to have fun killing folks. Well it looks like it is a good thing they are going to add at least one more basic mode for MP, but it looks to me like they are going to need to do more than that, maybe a few modes and some more maps that work well with those modes. It is still early though, and thanks for the info!
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