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  1. To all...I posted a message to siranthony for my unexcusable conduct lastnight which included him. I just guess reading, complaint after complaint gets under ones skin and i see that sir anthony wasn't complaining


    No need to apologize, that what forums are for,LOL Speak your mind brother. I know is frustrating reading all the negative, but in reality the game came up short of expectations. Like I said before, I would rather have Grin holding the game 3-6 months and completed the game than releasing it now. But thats just my opinion. All I can say is that I miss all the Team vs Team play on TCZ. Meeting all the good players around the world and making new friends. Gr did that. I have friends that I would never have meet with out GR, guys that have come to my house and visit from other states, because we play GR for so many years together and we feel like "BROTHERS". Next week I'm going up to Ocala, Fla to meet 2 other team members, go shooting(real guns) and have a BBQ. Yes GR was more than a game, thats why everyone is a little disapointed. I hope with all the patches we can come close to what we were expecting. Time will tell. So lets just get alone and wait a little more(up tp 6 months for me,LOL). Playing Graw I see a lot of potential, hearing on how good GRAW is on XBOX 360 , makes me drool. We migth a winner on our hands, is up to GRIN to take us there

  2. I disagree with you, this is not what we wanted. I would rather wait 3-4 more months and get the complete game, than getting the game we got . I wait 5 years for graw, a few more months would not kill me. GR was the best game ever in my mind. I never finish the single player game, not in GR, DS or IT. I just play a few missions to get use to the game. MP was were all the fun was. Most of the guys here, that had play the game as long as I play the game, were MP players, team vs team LMS. When GR came out, I could not wait to get home from work to get glue to the PC to play LMS. Graw, do not have this control over me. Our team, [30+] is as discorauge as many teams here, we wanted LMS, Team vs Team so we could compete vs other teams again and have the same fun doin it all over again. Maybe in the future this game will be what GR was and I hope and pray that it will become that , fun and adictive, but for now, in my book GRAW is a failure that can be fix, let hope they fixed. For now, my $50 bucks are sitting next to my PC, barely used

  3. GRAW is hardware-wise among the most demanding games i know, but it's also (along with oblivion) the most beautiful game i've seen, surpassing HL2 and BF2 by miles

    Someone is on drugs here!!!!!!!! This game have no color at ALL!!!!!!!. It looks nice, but please don't compare the graphics on this game to HL2

  4. I think the save games are not compatible with the patch.

    Try starting a new campaing and if it work, just delete the old save missions.

    Mine crash is I try to continue with my old missions, but if I start a new campaing the game work.

    XFilter gave me the heads up. He was having the same problem with old save missions, but new campaing work for him also

    [Merged into existing thread]

  5. Guys no need to reinstall game, Save games on single player are not compatible with the patch!!!!. My game was crashing and I started a new mission and it work. XFilter had the same problem and he game me the info, his game is working also after deleting all save games

  6. Way to revive a thread...

    Croatia imported the XD as the HS2000 ages before Springfield licensed the design, and for a lot cheaper.  I still have some old magazines circa 2000~ that call it the HS2000.  I believe the Croatians still make it for Springfield, the latter just charges higher prices for the end product to make a profit.  Probably the only thing Springfield has had a hand in of the current flock is the new .45 model.

    Yep, thats what the instructor told me. The croatinas are building the gun for Springfield, and he said that thats is a great choice for weapons. He said with all the features and good materials thats a great gun to own and looking at www.gunbroker.com , they can be find for a very good price, If you trust buying guns in the internet,LOL

  7. Springfield has their new XD pistol.

    Looks pretty much like a Glock but made by Springfield Armoury

    (in calibers 9mm/.40S&W/.357) Its price range is about $380-$490

    I know what I'm saving my money up for. :D

    Zantar. I took the CWL class yesterday and the instructor, and old guy, had an XD thats is 20 years old. Way before SA bought the design. The gun was made in Croatia and I believe, still been made in Croatia For Springfield. He said he had put over 40,000 rounds with no misfires. He open the gun and showed us a part that was cracked and worn out and the gun still fired. The gun looks very similar to the new one, so the desing has not change. The thing he like the most is all the features. If you look at your picture there is a little pin behind the cartridge ejector that is a "Loaded Chamber" indicator also behind you can see another little pin sticking out, that tell you the gun is ready to be fired. Also it has 2 fire safetys. If you look at the triger and the grip they both have safety features. He said that the croatins took what was good on differents guns and packaged into their gun. So don't think this is a Springfild- Armoury new wonder gun, this gun is been around for a while and they where smart enough to bring it to the USA and sell a ton of them.

  8. Just remember one thing, They show everyone GR2 and mentioned a PC version but never deliver. I got my PC mag and in the "Game release meter" I still see no GR3 mention. But they still cranking Xbox GR titles out. And on the Xbox mag, said that the Summit Strike looks more like a sequel than just an expansion pack. In my opinion.. the bottom line is this... Until I see the game at the stores, Ubi is just all talk and no walk. Is going to take them almost 5 years to do a sequel for GR Pc, but they can crank out and Xbox version every 6 months. Now, I read the realease date to be around Christmas. I have seen no adverticement of the PC game on magazines, and that should be done at least 3 months before release. That means GR3 will not be out maybe till summer 2006? I hope not.

  9. I have never unistalled GR, and still play it and match every week on the combat zone. There is no game out there better than GR. The only thing that have slow down, GR is that is an old game. I know if Ubi would have give us at leat 2 extra expansions, Base on the artic (ala frostbite) and 1 on the middle east (Pakistan and surrounding areas) many people would still play GR. Nothing keep a game going better that new contents. But no, they decided to go the Xbox route and forgott about us. Why GR3 is going to be base in Mexico and Summit strike is on Pakistan. Where is the tread to US in Mexico????? What do you think we would like to do better? going after Mexico, or go after the real tread in Pakistan. Definetlly we got screw once more.

  10. Well they gave the Xbox people GR2, cancelled for us. Told us GR3 was for PC and is coming on Xbox first and yesterday My son got his Xbox mag and guess what???? they just realesed a new GR game for xBox Called GR2-Summit Strike. I guess they can't called GR3, so they just added a name. Taking place in Pakistan, were the real bad guys are and are going to send us to MEXICO where there is no real tread. THIS BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine.....going after Mexicans, when we can be going (in game) after the real bad guys.

    IM PIST, Why not give us a good expansion pack like that wile we wait all this time for GR3!!!!!!

  11. My vote.... Game play and realism... We are ghost's Too many planes and vehicules will alert the enemy. Vehicules are nice on full war scale, but Ghost are a selected few, silent and deadly. How about knifes, were you can kill your enemy and no one knows were you are. How many times have you come across a guy behind him in multiplay, just to kill him and get kill cus everyone else know were you are. Also... GR1 plays very good on almost any PC. I want to keep that, not like Rainbow3.... good game, but laggy. If many things are included, we will need a pentium 10 to run the game as smooth as GR1 runs

  12. Cobblers, Have you ever love a game so much that you always want to play it everytime you have a chance?(Wife will hate you, girlfriend will too and the kids forget about it), only to have some kids ruining your fun by TK you and cheating and OHHHHHHHH the winning. Peps that only win by cheating.I bet many of you have the same problem ,I had that same problem... solution..30+ . This is a group of guys that just want to have fun the rigth way.. no cheating, no Tk's and no winning.

    Everytime some one play in one of our server they go away happy and come back for more. Every week I see a post of someone that play with us for the first time and goes away happy and have only good things to say about the way we play. You should find us and come play with us.. Every one is welcome no matter the age, all we ask is that the person act in a mature way and NO FOUL LANGUAGE, lol (sometimes our kids are playing under our names)

    se we have to keep this a place for the family to enjoy, a place were your kids and my kids can go to have fun and you know they will not learn something you wont teach your kids.

    There are many mature oriented teams out there were you always will find a good time. Some of them are =Sealz=, =FC= , Alpha Squad, OFC and of course 30+.

  13. Thx for mission 2 Chavez. Try to play with a computer controled guy(since there is no demo pack with silence weapon) and he gave us away all the time,LOL. I got so mad at him that have to kill him,lol. Thx again Alpha Squad. Great tourney. I just wish that it was 4 times a year instead of 1 time a year(got a hint Chavez, LOL). Cant wait for the last Mission, Reading the briefing, looks like suicide. Thx again AlphaSquad

  14. Due to a Formal Email Request from a Team Leader / Superior on Retlaw's Team ( WickedWeasel ) - I have deleted the content of this Particular Post as it had supposedly gone against this Team's Charter and will - If not already having been Dealt with - Be handled in another Forum, other than "GR.net"...


    Sincerely and Respectfully to ALL Parties Involved,

    SOTOMac Global Mod - "GR.net".

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