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  1. Retlaw' date='Jul 28 2007, 04:35 PM' post='482019']

    I have to disagree with you some. For me GRAW 1 was a big NO,NO. Was a waste of money and the reason our 30+ team loose some valuable members. GRAW2 on the other hand is way better that GRAW1 and I'm happy I bought it. I personally bought 3 copies so far. One for me and the other 2 for members of our clan that are serving this country overseas(Rabbi and Sinister). If this game was the first one, instead of the first GRAW, Grin would be consider a top notch game developer. I which some things would have been keep from G1, like the weapon customization, premade kits suck, but this is just my opinion.

    I respect your position Retlaw. But did you make this call before version 1.35 or after? I thought the initial release of GRAW1 was stunted, bt I thought 1.35 was a classic and still play it today ...

    but independant of our feelings about GRAW1, I want people to consider that by buying GRAW1, we made it to GRAW2. in the minds og some, they paid $100 for GRAW2. Not in my mind, but in the mind of some. It took GRAW1 to get to GRAW2. And now we have something that given enough sales, might get supported to a level that makes it a wonderful thing for a long time to come. it starts with mod tools. then some hard coded patches.

    Would i have paid $100 for GRAW2? No comment. But I didn't have to. I got a ton of value out of GRAW1 in route to GRAW2. I'm sorry you didn't. But GRiN's support on GRAW1 was nothing short of spectacular.

    The problem with this was that many people stop playing the game before any patches. We have 3 guys that where so pist that they never play the game again and 2 of those still not play GR1 or had bought GR2. I think GRIN made a big blunder releasing G1 when they did. After the patch the game was better but not a great game or a must have game. G2 on the other hand, is good from the get go, but still is not as good as the original. The problem here is this, there is an original game that was the game of the year and it was greatly modable. If grin is smart, they will support modders and concentrate on expansion packs with new maps, weapons and game types. They will still make money and the support will keep players coming back. I bought the 2 expansion pack for the original and would had bought a third one if they released. What will keep the game going is maps, mods and great support from the developer. I hope we get all 3.

  2. Those requirements actually looks a bit low for any modern game with graphics at the level of GRAW/GRAW2... We'll see how well it runs even on those recommended specs when it's released.

    The graphics of GRAW were not the best. The foliage sucked big time. The graphics of AA and (old engine) looked better than GRAW. :hmm:

  3. If we can have all we have been asking for in the game... but it takes 3+ months longer than expected to make...

    Who cares?

    The longer it takes the more testing and things are added in.

    A demo isnt that important atm because it runs a completely differant way to the consoles, we saw that with GRAW-360 and GRAW-PC, the 2 were dramatically differant..

    Simply, if you want your extras, wait it out.

    My point exactly. I want a great game from the get go, that play like GR or as close with all the bells and whistles from [GR] and what ever Grin want to add. If I need to wait till July or even December, so be it. GAMEPLAY Is A MUST!!!!

  4. Well from what I've always heard, it has been console game info before PC game info. I think it might have to do with the fact that all those people actually wait in lines for hours and hours in the worst weather just to get a console. You don't see us PC gamers waiting in lines for a new videocard or processor. Cause we have the patience to wait until the stuff is available and order it off newegg or tigerdirect or some other website. But that's my input on things. Whether it's accurate or not, I'm not really sure.

    So you are saying that PC gamers are normal people and console players are crazy people? :hmm: I think you are a carpenter, you just hit the nail in the head :devil::devil:


  5. This are the other questions on the interview:

    1-PCG: Where does GRAW2 pick up the story that began in GRAW

    GRAW2: The action in Graw2 takes place shortly after the events in GRAW and will revolve around the us border. The Ghosts leave Mexico after saving the US and Mexican presidents and return to their normal training at fort Bliss Texas, but are call back to Mexico. Etc. ( so the game will stay in Mexico, at the border. After seen the 2 border policeman sentence to jail a couple weeks ago, The Ghosts should run for cover :lol: )

    2- PCG: What has been done to improve your squad's AI?

    GRAW2: AI was clearly one of the objectives of the team, as tactical and recon gameplay relies on a highly coordinated tactical team to succeed. Tha main change lies in the order system(ROE), where "recon" and "assault" stances have been added. The goal is to make sure your Ghost will act the way you want and not ruin your tactical strategy. The recon stance allows you to command your Ghosts not to attack a larger, heavily armed enemy unless you direct them to do so. But if attacked, they will react.

    2- PCG: How many missions are planned for GRAW2, and what locations will be feature?

    GRAW2: (my short version) 11 missions are planned all around the Mexico/US border, will include rural zones, deserts, mountains and small towns. 15-20 hours on single player time

    I hope the fix the way their foliage look. The trees, grass and other "flora" where really lacking in GRAW. In my opinion they didn't say much. The game might look just like the original(which was lacking color)since mostly the same location was chosen. The funny part from the interview is how the answers separated GRIN/UBI from the game. All answers started as "GRAW2". I'm hoping the 12v12 is what the [GR] group was expecting, so the new GRAW fans see what the GR "Experts" where talking about. I hope they add all the content of the XBOX 360(Game modes) to the PC version, because a member of our clan told me that the 360 version was so much better than the PC version, just allowed the mod community do their "thing".

  6. It will depend on the demo/PCGamer/game sites reviews. I just hope they really listen to the Old Ghost Recon fans and give us a real "Sequel". Also me buying the game right away will depend on system requirements. My system is not D10 ready. I had to pass on R3 Vegas, because I don't have the $$ to update my graphic card. If reviews/Demo are great(good don't cut it after dropping the ball the way they did) I will upgrade the video card. If they come out with a half bake game, not a real sequel with all the atributes that made GR great, the same way they did with GRAW, it will be the final nail in the coffin for GR?GRAW.

  7. Just got my PC gamer and this is what UBI/GRIN had to say......They acknowledge that they mess up!!!!!!! :wall:

    And that they are going to do right by the series in the sequel. Grin and UBI plan to restore GRAW to glory.

    The article is very short, so no much info is given. The question that must of us are interested in, is about Multiplayer:

    PCG: What defferentiates the multiplayer in GRAW2 from the similar games out now?

    GRAW2: G2 featuresan exclusive "recon versus assault" mode where up to 12 ghost face up to 12 mexican renegades. The ghosts have their skill in stealth, tactics, quick strike capabilities and anti-air capabilities. The mexicans have atonishing overall firepower.

    PCG: Do you plan to change the save checkpoint system?

    GRAW2: yes in G2 you can save anywhere assuming you are not directly in a combat situation. After listening to fans :o , we feel like this is one of those improvements that makes the game user-friendly while keeping it challengin.

    I don't know if they are saying that they will fix the multiplayer disaster they made, or just continue with the same pattern(we have 12v12 now, nothing new). We will have to wait till the game comes out to see if they really listen to the fans. There are a few more question, but I'm not a fast writter or consider the question of any importance to us.

    BTW this is the PCGAMER #159 March 2007, page 48H

  8. What could I say that hasn't already been said? :whack: Sounds to me like this game still isn't worth buying. :maybe:

    Wrong, if you are a coop only player maybe yes(depending if GRIN decide to add the old GR coop mode), If you play T vs T , firefight, seige, HH and domination the game is worth every cent. Because must people are not happy with the Coop outcome, doesn't mean the game is bad. Coop old style is just a part of the game. BTW the single player version ia very good too

  9. guns dont kill people, forums do!


    and we havent "released" anything, not this spring and not today, we develop the game, we dont release it!:)

    LOL, that's why I said that you guys did a great job and should be proud of it. I know you guys work for "somebodie" than wants the cashiola yesterday. When I said that you guys released the game, I ment scrubi, I mean UBI!!!!!

    BTW, I love real guns, is my new hobbie now

  10. But a word of advice, My favorite game company is Valve, cus they only release games when they are done. I would have preffer that GRAW came out for Christmas 2006 than when it came out. Don't get me wrong, GRAW in my opinion is a very good game and you guys should be proud of it.

    if they had waited any longer people would have been complaing about how it wasn't released yet. there was already a huge out cry of people constantly demanding it be released. They release it with a promise to support it and people still complain. They've done a great job supporting it, and people still complain. GRiN just can't win it seems.

    Let me see , if you go to buy a car and pay full price, would you go home with the tires only, since I'm going to send you the rest of the car little by little?

    if you buy a movie on DVD, will you want to go home with half the movie and download the rest later?

    If you buy a PC, would you go home without the memmory, since they are going to ship the memmory later?

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!! You know what is dooming Pc gaming????? Publishers releasing the games before they are done and them realesing lots of patches to fix the games! Now days 95% of game publishers do this, is not acceptable, and thats the bottom line. If you expect to receive half of what you pay for, I would love to have you as a coustumer :wall::wall::wall::wall:

  11. After readin this long post ,all I can say is, GRAW is as good as the old GR when it comes to T vs T, maybe a little more tweaking, but nothing major. But when it comes to Mission coop, is not even close. Firefight is great , recon needs work. Willy about this coment :

    "you havent noticed a trend of the more info and what not we give out the more you want? if we give you a finger you want the whole hand and if the hand doesnt taste the way you want it to its an outrage"

    The biggest mistake Grin made was releasing the game incomplete. Our expectations were always the same, never changed, so saying the more we got the more we wanted, are not correct. In my opinion GRAW is a great game and is the only one I'm playing now. I commend you guys (GRIN) for the way you guys hang around here and try to help and inform the community. Would I like to see GRAW Mission mode be like GR? hell yes. I get tire real quick of games like BF2 that are just run and gun, with little tactics. If GRAW mission mode can be fix, this will be the best tactical/Simulation game around, bar none. Thanks GRIN for all your help and letting us participate in the development. But a word of advice, My favorite game company is Valve, cus they only release games when they are done. I would have preffer that GRAW came out for Christmas 2006 than when it came out. Don't get me wrong, GRAW in my opinion is a very good game and you guys should be proud of it.

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