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  1. ´ How can u try something if they dont include it. I dont care about singleplayer, nor do I care about coop. I play games online to compete on ladders. Comprende? A big part of the GR fanbase, or the entire Tom Clancy game franchise, only play the game(s) in multiplayer. The only reason I compared it too LD is because UBI probably lost quite a few consumers because their demo was a complete disaster (and the game too for that matter). Maybe there is flaws in the MP part of GRAW, and thats why they didnt include it. That is pure speculation from me, but I cant find any other reason ...
  2. MP was included in Lockdown too ... well you get my point.
  3. My guess is that mp isnt working at all, and thats why they only release a singleplayer and coop (on LAN!) demo ... As I said, im getting really worried ...
  4. Only coop as mp .... ######. This is absurd. Sadly Im getting the feeling we competetive mp players are getting screwed by GRIN big time. No tdm/lms, very little info on mp, and now only coop in demo. Do they even care about "us"? I get the lockdown feeling again ... sp and coop game, nothing else. ... and not only that. coop can only be played on lan. lool
  5. It doesnt matter how similiar they look. Communication and use of the tactical map will help you. And how to win a match by tk? The other team can tk too you know ...
  6. Not to moan or anything, but ... Friendly fire is an factor while playing competitive ladder games. I for one, dont want any "aid" in spotting my teammates, learning to know where they are is part of the game. Many matches can be lost (or won!) by teamkilling. Lets add autoaim while you're at it, so we dont need to aim either (ok, that was sarcasm, nothing else!) Just my two cents.
  7. This is what happens when you let kids stay up too late.
  8. *yawn* I can agree that any mp game needs a team deathmatch mode and one objective mode. Now ... GRAW doesnt have it, but Bo tells us they are gonna support this game, and might add TDM, LMS or PMS or what you call it, in a later stage. If that doesnt suit you, dont buy the game untill it has the requested mode after a patch or two. Now that is what I call simple. I will on the other hand, buy the game and have some fun while I'm waiting
  9. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=33010 Search and thou shall find
  10. ... to be a huge success, what is the chances we will have to call GRIN "UBI Stockholm Studios"? God forbid that, but it seems to happen all around. EA and DICE for example, and so on. Money talks ... Having said that, I might add that GRIN is the sole reason I will buy another Ubisoft product again. Dont make me regret it, and stay Swedish ######! Du gamla du fria ...
  11. Any game without a standalone dedicated server is more or less doomed from the beginning today ... I hope GRIN is not even considering shipping the game without a stand alone server.
  12. http://www.viperlair.com/articles/archive/...rials/fps.shtml Think that one explains it quite well.
  13. The 30 fps limit to the human eye theory has been so utterly destroyed the last 10 years I'm surprised people still belive it Lets just say ... its not true. You soooooo can tell the difference between 30 fps and 60 for example. When you start to hit the 75hz range (or FPS) the limits of the eyes start to show ...
  14. If only the world would be as black and white as a benchmark test make it look like If I would buy a card TODAY, it would be a 7900GT 256MB. Which pretty much wipes the floor with any 6800 you can think of. And it doesnt cost that much. And you would see huge differences in quality and speed. And above that, it doesnt consume as much power as the old 6800, and therfor doesnt generate so much heat. Well, I could go on for quite a while. Point is anyway, buying a 6800 today if you have the cash, based only on those charts, you are probably doing a really bad mistake
  15. Good post and everything. BUT. You are kinda out in the blue asking the devs to stick with the game as is, BEFORE you even played it, just seen a few screens and movies. Of course the devs has to listen to the players after the release to tweak the gameplay a bit. In most Clancy game there is two different kind of fans. Those who like to play singleplayer and coop. And those who play competative on ladders. The latter is the bigger one I belive. Now, those two doesnt always mix that well. One side want slower pace and the other maybe want a bit faster. Just to give one example. What we have in common is that we WANT a realistic tactical shooter, but TOO much realism screws competetive online play over. I for one havent played more than the first SP map on ANY Clancy game, and I own them all. I just hope GRIN can satisfy both camps.
  16. I think a few of the ppl in this topic need to get laid
  17. Never played a game with a better netcode than GR1. I dont think it will come a game with such good netcode in the near future. It was actually so good my clan (vU) was able to hold #1 on both TCZ (Mainly NA clans) and CB (Only Euro clans) at the same time
  18. In most cases its easy to spot a XBOX screen from a PC screen. Just look at the aspect ratio ... 16/9 and its XBOX ... 4/3 its PC. Doesnt always have to be like that, but I'd say 99 out of 100 times its correct
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