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  1. As the topic title stated, has there been any offical word on true stand alone dedicated server files / support? I've been gone awhile while FWF played around with GRAW, left and picked up Vegas (now in a holding pattern awaiting a patch to see if it will become truly matchable) and reverted back to AA. I've read through the posts, did a search, but found no official word on whether GRAW2 will have SADS. If not, I doubt we as a clan will shell out for it. Most of us did for GRAW, liked the game play, but bailed when the MP side wasn't patched up quickly enough to allow us to match on TWL. Any ideas or input from GRiN? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hiya Roco! Yeah but my mobo was stock with mem clock at 666mHz so turning off any mem acceleration wouldn't have helped as it wasn't accelerated! I can see where the effect would be the same though...
  3. I haven't been around in a while but with the upcoming AW2, I figured I'd peek back in... I think I've permanantly fixed the 'screech of death'! Haven't had it in > 4 months and I used to get this on all newer games randomly. Searching Creative's site, I found the problem is with the their cards and the nForce older mobo chipset. No amount of driver updating helped. I finally underclocked (yes, underclocked) my memory from 666mHz to 600 mHz and I haven't had the problem once since. I've got 2 gig DDR 2 and underclocked it in the BIOS. So if you have an nForce mobo, try underclocking you system memory. Hope this helps (and I hope AW2 rocks)! Edit: I've noticed no performance degradation with this change, no change in FPS, no change in load times, ect.....
  4. I love it but find that my clanmates have regressed to Ravenshield... When no clan mates on our comms, I usually pub in GR:AW...
  5. I'm fairly sure you can run graphics on high but it will take an .xml edit thats easily done. Go to www.tweakguides.com and read the GRAW guide and it will walk you through it. I've got the 7800GTX 256mb and with the xml edits can get 30-40 fps at max settings with only a slightly faster CPU.
  6. Hey Papa, how far were you able to get the draw distance out to finally?
  7. Great Idea, Angel! FWF has been going through the same issues now that we have folks who are playing. Currently the BDA site's link to their "mother of all hangovers" map pack is broken and some of our members are getting sick of auto d/l the maps, dropping out of the game, restarting, and missing the round...
  8. I patched to the 1.30, played a good bit, didn't crash at all and had a blast but I didn't notice the "thud" that was talked about in the past ala [GR] for player death. I seem to remember Desmond mentioned that the dull thud didn't make it into the prior release and that it was slated for this MP3. I do hear the groans that were included... Desmond22, did we get your death thud in 1.30?
  9. Alive, like Steve Austin. "We can rebuild him, we have the technology"... I'm pleased how the vanilla game has progressed these past few months and can't wait for MP3.
  10. I always assumed that the MR-C magazine included something integral in the firing mechanism akin to the chamber / breech and therefore when the magazine was removed there was no round in the chamber...
  11. Wink Wink, Nudge, Nudge, Rabbi... I could be wrong but you post really makes me happy! Thanks as those of us not in the beta (I was too lazy to get in on it, damnit) do suffer from an information vacuum...
  12. I love my Medusa Speedlink 5.1 headphones with integral mic but I'm afraid you being an audiophile, Desmond, to make a strong recommendation! http://www.medusa-usa.com/medusa-51-home-e...75e8fa1b1ab81cd
  13. Desmond, music is currently featured in some modded RvS maps just to add some flavor. One map called Chutes and Ladders has a very "spy vs spy" type music clip that actually seems to heighten the combat stress at one of the choke points. While Chutes is a really "arcade-y" type map, its fun for a change. I've also heard music in other modded maps; one is a James Bond themed map and has some Bond music... Just a small FYI.
  14. Don't let age get you down. I'm in the over 40 crowd and can keep up with the 'young bucks' out there. Granted I have bought some technology to help my old fingers and ears out a bit (a Zboard keyboard (www.zboard.com) and a good 5.1 surround headset (many exist but I use the Speedlink Medusa's)). Hop on and enjoy the ride!
  15. Great game, do buy, but realize that the MP community is very split on how its panning out. I love it, my clan doesn't yet (still waiting on the dedicated server files; GRiN has provided all the other fixes that we were waiting for - search through the boards and you'll find flame after flame about what is / was missing). Do get the memory upgrade! I've been able to get all graphics to max with the addition of another gig and its gorgeous and very immersive. You can search the boards for the .xml edit to get high level graphics if you don't have the top end graphics card needed... Oh, and the cocaine addicted monkey usually makes sense (as do the of the others that have responded!) and as you can see, the dev's (as denoted by the GRiN tags) actually hang out here and actually listen to the comments from the community!
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