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  1. found this 1 http://www.legitreviews.com/article/628/1/
  2. my english is so bad you dont want me on ts btw sounds good tinker
  3. go to yahoo it works for me d/l it in 53 min 1 hour ago
  4. pro-GamingLeagues.com was using the same or i be wrong
  5. Lightspeed ..great job,when i have my new pc am going to dl the trr.
  6. What you are talking about at first is good old Coop. For that, you need a solid SP experience to produce that for MP. As far as TvT goes (the second part of your statements), GRIN tried that with Domination and the community revolted as they wanted regular TvT where all you do is shoot the other person/team. For the third part I quoted, GRIN did as I already stated. It's a shame that no one liked it. All we want is gr back and that is not a shame
  7. Papa6, don't you think that this poll is a bit premature, should'nt we wait till after the next map pack is out? At least then yo uwill have a better guide. true
  8. A lot of people mention this but it has never happend to me However, I don't want it to happen so please GRIN, fix it. GRIN_THORMO, this is your terretory. Anyway, I have another problem... well not really a problem but it happens all the time after the latest patch. The game "crash" when I quit the game. I get 2 crash reports (or w/e it's called) when I quit the game. I think Oblivion had similar crashes. It doesn't affect gameplay but it's anoying same here
  9. chainbreaker game GR1.its the best game ever age :49
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