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  1. Yeah, yeah...I know some guys got theirs shipped out. I find it hilarious however that two of my buddies got theirs shipped and they ordered it on Friday and Sunday. I ordered mine Feb. 15th! I am steaming mad about this... ← I actually didn't order till friday night either
  2. Mar 7, 2006 2:22 AM Departed FedEx location INDIANAPOLIS, IN Scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Hope you get yours soon!
  3. Awesome, those crosshairs had me concerned I hope the crosshairs still serve as an accurate judgement of your accuracy though. By that I mean all your bullets should fall within the spread of your crosshairs.
  4. I've noticed watching the videos that the cross hairs don't spread as much during runnng and quick movement, which indicates the guns are more accurate for run and gunning. In the past gr games, accuracy went down the tubes when you tried to run and shoot. You can easily tell that the crosshairs were much more sensitive to movement. Do you think they've changed the gun accuracy to be more run and gun and less tactical? Has anyone else noticed this? Anyone that has played the game, can you comment?
  5. 16 player coop is for 360. ← Wait, when was that announced? I thought it was still 4 there. ← 16 player co-op on Xbox 360 has been known for a while... read any of the co-op previews. I'm not sure about the PC version though, everything is still largely in the dark from what I know.
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