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  1. I run the un-installer too, but it asks me an ID before to continue..
  2. @GRIN: how can I remove graw2 beta if i've lost key? sorry for a topic here, but nobody answer me from graw2 beta team. Thank you!
  3. One feature to add: kit's choice saved also if new match starts. Often I like to set every kit for each class to switch them quickly.
  4. Too bad if it will not be modified in the final release... If not final release, I hope into next patch...
  5. No wound model is the one important lack.
  6. I agree to who mentioned injury model. That could be a "strong feature" in GRAW2 making gameplay more simulative.
  7. I think\hope that it's going to be available on p2p some hours after fileplanet release.
  8. I dont know how this beta test 'd be helpful, cause it's a desert.
  9. @ all who're waiting email from Ubisoft: I write to Ubisoft asking my key and link to download, with a copy of invitation mail. They answer to me in one day, and now I've beta.
  10. I got same problem yesterday. You have to install it directly from ageia folder into GRAW2 beta folder.
  11. I've just receive link and key. Simply answering to the mail Ubisoft sent to me asking "where is my beta copy?". nice.
  12. So, no public beta tomorrow ? bUbi denies himself....nothing new.
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