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  1. Clan Matches would be about 308503580325803258 times easier to manage & keep track of if there was an In-Game Squad Option. Hint Hint Serellan!
  2. It's been great for me. No lag at all, never even once. Strange... ← Like wise, and i've had 16 Player Games with NO problem what so ever.
  3. Broke the Top 100 in Solo Elimination. #90 Yesssss. Btw, anyone here actually play Team games as a TEAM? Everytime I join one or play one. No one wants to talk, or they want to all play One Man Army. Hell, one game was so out of focus that both teams where just running around shooting each other...and their own team mates, so what did I do? Sneak around the mindless chaos & capture the flag. It was probably the easiest thing i've done in GRAW so far. P.S. If anyone actually plays Games as a Team, Send me a Friend Request. I'd love to get in on the more Tactical side of GRAW frequently.
  4. If so, does it include pictures, stats, class bonuses, etc. of all the weapons in SP & MP? Does it include overhead views of the MP Maps? Such as the one seen here ( http://media.teamxbox.com/games/ss/1157/fu.../1142031230.jpg )
  5. On Second thought, just send me a FR or leave your GamerTag here and i'll send you a FR. 12-16 player matches. I host games regularly daily, Out for the night though.
  6. Send me a Friend Request. Will be on till around 11:30.
  7. I live in the US & Get it today at 11am. Thank You Gamestop.
  8. http://boards.ign.com/Message.aspx?topic=1...start=111540252
  9. Damn, oh well. Gave up as well. Microsoft better release "The Outfit" Demo later on tonight though, I want something else besides PDZ to hold me over till GRAW next Weds.
  10. Well, the good thing about it is that when someone moves while it's on it creates a blur motion effect and basically creates a stretched shadow of the target being looked at through the NV. Plus, you can throw a Smoke Nade & the Night/Thermal vision wouldn't be able to see through it.
  11. hahaha, touche'. but yeah, he's legit with the GRAW info though. If you frequent the IGN boards he's always answering questions that don't violate his NDA & all of that. I believe he worked on POP before GRAW.
  12. Well, looks like it's in Microsoft's Hands now. ← "It's in Microsofts hands now"..............ouch! Don't get 2 excited yet... ←
  13. Like wise, supposedly he posts on other boards so i'm not that skeptical plus it's officially a week before the game is supposed to drop. Hopefully, if not I give up and i'll just wait till the Game drops.
  14. Well, looks like it's in Microsoft's Hands now.
  15. http://forum.teamxbox.com/showpost.php?p=6...9&postcount=108 Post from the Ubisoft Employee, and to verify he's an actual employee. IGN has system where they make Employee's of Companies VIP's after they receive proof that they actually work for the company(Believe it's an E-mail from the Company i.e. "whatever@ubisoft.com"). UID: 978655 IGN Boards Admin Stuff: (visible to admins only) Boards Username: PRINCE_NineOne1 840 posts Boards Title: Ubisoft VIP First Name: Prince Last Name: NineOne1 City, State: san mateo, CA Country: USA Company: UBISOFT Job Title: SUGGESTION SPONGE Website URL: http://www.princeofpersiagame.com Online Gaming Name: -=NineOne1=- Xbox Live Gamer Tag: NineOne1 Gender: Male IGN Boards Profile Added: 2/4/2004 11:56:32 AM
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