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  1. Too bad UBI doesn't have the game location in SE Asia. Korea is, and has been a trouble spot in the world, where as Russia is only a pain in the ..... toe nail. wombat, I was there from 78-79 and assigned to the WSD at Camp Long. I was the go between NCO with the FROKA units in the area. We were the only unit there in country that was allowed to wear our name tag with yellow letters and the words both in English and Korean sewed on it. Neat times. Miss them.
  2. The time I served was from 1976 and finished up in 1984. A year in Korea and three years in Germany, plus a stint in Lousiana and Colorado were the closest I got to a war but we trained for it. It wasn't long after I got out that the Berlin Wall fell along with the USSR. I never played with the goodies that you grunt type got to play with. To me and my artillery buddies they were nothing more than names being bandied about. Playing Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six was as close to any battles that I got into. Loved the original game of Ghost Recon and all it's add on's. It made up for my lack of infantry training and I felt like the game gave some realizum that I could only imagine. I did not have that feel with GRAW, but I did enjoy playing with the new weapons. I guess time will tell as to what weapons will be featured in the new game.
  3. Of course, that stands to reason. Being military myself, my son is not, I should have realized that, but I was not infantry, but artillery. We fire a bigger bullet. The heaviest small arms weapon I ever fired was the M16. I did get the opportunity to shoot blanks through the M60 while in advanced NCO training. We non infantry type called it the 60 cal, even though that's not the caliber.
  4. I got my game guru son to look at the promo video today. He was very impressed with what he saw and thinks that the game will have great potential. The only question he had was whether my computer could handle it without another upgrade. He also would like to see another promo video using something other than live action, to see how the graphics would actually be. Ghost Recon as we knew it is now a thing of the past. I'll miss being able to control a squad like in the original game, but I guess that the future is now and most of the newer games will have a futuristic bent to it. My son liked the cloaking devise concept. It's not something he was aware of being worked on by our military. He was also impressed by the use of the drone used by the enemy. He was wondering why the sniper did a stomach shot on the target, at least that's the impression he got from the angle of the camera. The general thought on this game was to see how it comes out and then go from there.
  5. I don't make very many posts here, but I do stop by and read most of what is there. I viewed the video that was posted and came away with mixed feelings. One part of me says "Cool", but the other side of me says "?" I'm not up on all the weapons that are used; I leave that to you other guys, but from what I saw there is a possibility that the game might (the magic word is "might") be worth getting. I'm going to let my game playing son watch the video and see what he says. I've been a fan of Ghost Recon ever since it came out and have been following this forum about any and all updates on this new game. I kind of liked GRAW and GRAW2, but I felt that it just wasn't like the original series. When UBI brought out the GRAW series I had to upgrade my computer and I'm afraid that this will happen again with the new game when it comes out. I'm not much on the sci-fi sort of games and prefer to play something that is more modern. I liked playing the new COD Modern Warefare because of the time line that it took place. But if UBI prefers to place their new game far into the future, I'm not sure I want to be a part of the series, and will continue to play the original. I'll keep dropping in to see what else you all have to say about the game and will make up my mind from that.
  6. You mean I missed one? Actually I found the hardest thing for me was the tanks. Yes, I lost people and even the UN forces, but the tanks were killers for me and I must have died a dozen times before I finally got one. Then I did a whoopie dance and lost my demo man with the second tank in the process.
  7. I have always wondered why I haven't seen any new books out by Clancy. Now I know why.
  8. Thank you Whiteknight and Hammer for your responses. I was able to download the desktop screen, but am unable to open it. My computer expert is out of town for a couple of days and I'll have him look into why it won't open for me. I even had the one picked out that Hammer did, but alas, not to be tonight.
  9. I have been a fan of Ghost Recon ever since it came out. I have on my desktop a picture from COD4 and I am getting bored with it. Can any one steer me towards a site that would have both screen savers and desktop pictures? I just popped the game back into the 'puter and started playing again. Love it.
  10. I go to the UBI forum maybe (there's that magic word, Maybe) once a week, if I think of it. This forum is more informative than the UBI one and a heck of a lot friendlier. Where else in the world can you go to a forum that covers all the games by that franchise? Where else is there a forum that throws in a section of humor and up to date military information? Many thanks go to Rocky and his gang that make this site one of the best on the internet.
  11. All good things come to those who wait. I know that I am not the most patient person on earth (at least thats what my doctor keeps telling me), but I lurked in the background and played COD and COD4 waiting for this good event to take place. Now I can put them aside and play some good games again. I might even go with the MP this time (I'm mostly SP type person).
  12. I have just upgraded my video card to a new model. When I try to play GRAW2, the grass, trees and some rocks look like they are set in boxes. I have tried to make changes in the options and even downloaded drivers for the new card with no luck. What can I do to make things look more real. My system is: ATI Radeon X1050 256mb Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.0Hz with HT Technology Hard Drive - 160GB I'm not sure what else you would need to see for specs I have run a systems check to see if everything is compatable with the game and everything checks out fine. Other than this problem, I can play the game fine. Before the upgrade I was able to see a tree and know that it was a tree. Now it looks like a popcicle with holes in it.
  13. From my understanding of the term, it mean you are "ready for anything" that happens. Recluse gave some good examples, like the high powered rifle ment for an elephant that is used for a furry rodent. If you have the training; the weapons; the proper leadership, you are ready for bear.
  14. I just got the game today and hurried home to stick it in my 'puter. After downloading it I ran a sample to see how it worked. So the question is: is there sound during the movie before you start the game? I get the picture of GRIN and the clip with the team, but there was no sound. After that was finished a box came up and said that my sound card was recognized. I had some things to do and shut down the game and came back later and watched the intro. Again, no sound, but when the game started I had sound. Is this common? or is it my sound card? The game runs great and I have really enjoyed what I have done so far.
  15. I stopped at my local Circuit City today and the clerk had never heard of GRAW2. I was also told that they have no idea when, or what games come in until they arrive. If my memory is correct, GRAW didn't get on the shelves in my local Circuit City for three weeks after it was released.
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