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  1. I'm just wondering has anyone figured this out yet? I've figured out how to switch characters in full crosscom view and how to tell markman to snipe in full view but not how to give the order on the fly. Anyone have any ideas? Yeah, you have to go into recon mode and make sure the enemy is at a distance. Hover the reticule over the target and the marksman symbol should appear. Press up on the dpad to snipe.
  2. http://www.gamersyde.com/leech_3555_en.html Here's the GRAW 2 segment only in glorious HD. Enjoy.
  3. Remember, satchel charges are in the game. So, theoretically, one could place one near the wounded player, but out of his PoV, so he can't warn potential rescuers before they get blown to high heaven.
  4. 44 views and no comments? That was some prime footage!
  5. I have to say, while the demo put me off on the SP, this has resparked my interest. Multiple teams! http://www.gamersyde.com/stream_3551_en.html And the graphics were disappointing a bit in the demo, but WOW. Some of the stuff they show is absolutely amazing.
  6. I don't think I'll be buying GRAW2. I too yearn for an [GR] style game.
  7. Nice info. I hope they get the reload animations fixed this time. That was pretty much the only thing I HATED about GRAW. P.S. Hah, I see you Serellan!
  8. NOTE to the GRAW2 team. For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE put proper reload animations in this time. I know they're not in the demo, but the full game should have magazines that actually come out of the guns.
  9. 1. Look at GRAW for the PC, repeat features on the Xbox 360 (open HUGE maps like the PC version, tac map, better squad control, full weapon mods, better AI and physics, etc.) 2. At least some breaching action. Oh wow, that covered all my needs. Don't kiddify the console version please. That is all.
  10. I think it really sucks that the PC version is the true version while the 360 gets the shaft. Sure it's nice, but it could have been so much more (which is what the PC version is). I hope UBI fixes this for GR4... PLEASE ALLOW FULL-WEAPON CUSTOMIZATION, FULL SQUAD TAC MAP CONTROL, AND BETTER AI AND PHYSICS PLEASE!
  11. well its been said that the HDR lighting has been toned down a bit for PC, which is good. in real sunlight the ghosts wouldn't appear washed out like they do in your last screen (at least not to your eyes, perhaps to a camera lens). dunno what to say about the windows, i'll have to go back and look at them. if they are as you say, hopefully they are still tweaking the less important materials (like car windows) since we haven't seen any screens from the current build. edit: i just noticed in the last screen that you can see the selector switch on the weapon model and actually make out the fire modes. i wonder if it moves? wouldn't that be over the top and wonderfully satisfying ← How is that over the top? I would expect AT LEAST that level of detail considering America's Army has done it since the beginning.
  12. The point is that the 360 version has explosions that look almost as good as the PPU enhanced ones W/O a PPU, so why doesn't the explosion on the left look more like the gif above?
  13. Okay I just figured out what was bothering me. The windows aren't reflecting the environments! Say it ain't so Bo! The other thing is that the lighting on the models looks... flat. On the ghosts especially. At least compared to this: Is it because you are using differently "structured" models for the ghosts, or is the lighting purposefully that way?
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