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  1. Had the same problem. The fix was: clean the disk, belive it or not
  2. a week ago I said to myself that I would wait 1 more week for the patch... uninstalling GRAW...That was my moment of Zen
  3. although it's for the investor relations, it's the only email i could find after hours and hours of searching. if someone knows of a better one, please share that here. then we can hit it up with emails. we can get more of a response from alot of emails than just one collaborated effort. What would be a better department to send an email to? I've managed to find several ubisoft email addresses and could probably help get a petition to the proper area. Send it to all of them. I think that a mass email, signed by everyone would get the attention of someone for sure. Someone could start a thread, and everyone would post his own email address in there, and one generic email would be sent with all email addresses bellow. I'm hoping and praying ubi wont ruin the R6 franchise with Vegas, since I have high hopes for it.
  4. It was worth it, but sadly not it wasn't enough! Good try though!
  5. theres nothing like a good stat to prove the popularity of a game gj man
  6. I'm ordering from the UK.. 505 will publish it in the UK and the release date is JAN 07 nothing is confirmed in NA
  7. Papa, is not just GRAW that requires (required) people to upgrade... now SCDA and R6Vegas will demand that everyone has a shader model 3 card.. scratch me out cause I have a x850 XT that I thought would last for at least 1 year... not! So... count me out UBI, k?thx
  8. unfortunately this game is dieing quickly.. well... way faster then I expected. Sadly though, I'm pretty much done with this game, my next step will be uninstall... I'll just wait and see if the next patch saves the day, which I doubt! "If the facts do not conform to the theory, they must be disposed of." GL Grin, I'm sure you guys would've made a kick ass game if Ubi wasn't involved. For the past few days I've been looking for another game, looks like Armed Assault and R6:V are good candidates (I know,Vegas has UBI label - will play the demo first and see if it is a new GRAW)
  9. Good luck playing a shooter with a gamepad. But you are right, and it's sad that console Devs try to get the max out of the console hardware by making good game engines and with a solid code along with it. Thats why PS2 and XBOX have a life span of 5+ years. During that time, with the same system, games keep improving. For PC (and this is not just Ubi) they just raise the "ideal" specs, when there should be no reason to upgrade your graphic card every other year. Very sad indeed. Money rules!
  10. luckily I don't crash much, and I love playing the game. btw: nice stats ROCCO hehe
  11. ooh this is sweet... it's close
  12. if you get a time line of when the problem occurs (+/-) you could do a sniffer trace off the Cisco and analyze it to see if the problem is on your end.
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