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  1. Also in Sept: America's Army: True Soldiers
  2. That's how COD2 was, which is fine with me. It's not a tactical shooter, although it's immersive. It's cinematic, so they'll take more liberties.
  3. I thought the M8 was dead? Anyway, I'd love to have a Tavor in there. Old faithful G36 too.
  4. AA is only MP? I know they mentioned co-op and I thought there was SP again like in ROAS? Fine with me, I went to MP in ROAS and never looked back. LOL Strike Force Red Cell is next year too, but not much info on it. Might not be what I'm hoping it will be. http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/821/821229.html Also, Operation Flashpoint next year. http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/901/901428.html Good news on AA SP: "Play in single players mode and take on roles such as Rifleman, Grenadier, Automatic Rifleman and Sniper. Or, play in multiplayer mode using the Xbox LIVE gaming service Clan support to compete online." Probably like ROAS was with SP. Training missions then a few actual missions.
  5. Yeah, there wouldn't be much point in a PC version of this game when the other PC versions are free.
  6. I'm sure there's a reason for the US only thing. Not just someone trying to cut the rest of the world out of it.
  7. Hey, ease up on the negative waves! Think positive.
  8. Ok, a few questions, in case "someone" from RSE might want to send us a little memo on AA. Based on my experience from Rise of a Soldier, Xbox. -Will the dot reticule be in the final release? If so, toggle it off as a host option? -Is exertion/exhaustion still a factor? From running etc, affecting aiming or even death from overexertion after being injured. Also limiting run time? -In the MP lobby, will there be role slots to fill, or does everyone choose on their own what role type they want to fill? IE will there be 1 slot for team leader, 1 for sniper, 2 for grenadier (whatever the mission demands) -Will the MP game type be as in ROAS, actual mission simulations? IE: blow up the black hawk, save the pilot, or other multiple objective missions? -Will there be the proximity voice like in ROAS where another language is substitued when you would hear the enemy? -Will the gun be lowered when moving at speed? Unable to crouch-walk at speed for any real distance due to pack weight? -Will we be able to customize any weapons, like the M4? -What other gametypes will there be? Saw that mentioned in the article. -Can the host turn off kill notifications? -Will ROE be addressed? As in, unable to kill downed enemies? -Expect DLC in the future? I know, early to ask, but I've gotta. Ok, a biggie: will the host be able to change map and game type from the lobby? There will be a lobby, right? Sept seemed so soon just a few days ago, now it seems like forever! Can't wait to get my paws on this thing!
  9. I heard that, I'm still stoked about it! Got a lot of questions I want to ask about it, but I'm expecting something really good. Glad it was RSE that got to work on it. ...and there IS a reticule of sorts, a white dot. Not much, but it's enough to change the game a LOT with shooting from the hip like every other shooter. Maybe it's just there while the game is being developed though. ROAS did not have that and it was one of the big details that made it so nice.
  10. I like running in AA, but it was done right on the black box: it took into account exertion and recouping from it. Good system, I hope that's in here as well. I wonder if the first aid part of GRAW 2 came from this? I do like the way that's done in GRAW2. Add someone that trains as a medic to do a better job with the first aid and you've got a system for AA.
  11. I think the Xbox version had 8 maps. They kept us pretty busy. Would be nice to have word about future DLC being planned.
  12. I *actually* got the shakes when I heard about this. LOL It's HUGE. My only issue is with the white dot on the screen (see the video and last few screenshots). I hope that isn't in the final version. ROAS didn't have that, forcing you to use iron sites/scope to fire accurately, which contributed immensely to the realism.
  13. I think the Army would still have a lot of input, but I trust the RSE guys.
  14. Isn't GRAW2 sometimes called GR4? It doesn't sound like he was talking about a GR game at all. Come on Serellan, spill it! Saw you in here yesterday.
  15. Well, not on the 360 yet at least. AA on the black box was incredible. Just think how good it would have been if it was patched and supported... With other rumors of AA coming, I'd love to see that it came from RSE.
  16. PLEASE???? Even if not this, still anxiously awaiting info.
  17. Here are the control instructions: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 GAMEPLAY CONTROLS: Directional Pad Up/Down = Give Order. Left/Right = Select Speaker. Left Thumbstick Move. Change Stance. Stand/Crouch/Prone. Right Thumbstick Aim/View. Change Scope Level. Click Right Thumbstick Switch to Scope Mode (When Handling Weapon Equipped with Scope) A Button Reload Weapon. Rate of Fire Menu (Hold). B Button Select Previous Weapon. Weapon Menu (Hold). X Button Toggle E.N.V.G On/Off Y Button Contextual Action. Emergency Medical Intervention. Use Fixed Turrets. Open Container. Place Demo Charge. Pick Up Weapons. Left Bumper Switch Assault. Recon Mode. Right Bumper Switch. Camera. Command Full View. Left Trigger Precise Aiming Mode. Hold Breath. Start Button Pause Menu Right Trigger Shoot. Use Satchel. Back Button Tactical Map
  18. Stand over them and you'll be prompted to heal them. Hit Y to do it. You can't do it when prone is the big catch.
  19. Yes, you can roll when prone. I think it's Y and the direction you want to roll. Clambering is also done with the Y button when possible. I know in MP you're prompted for it, can't remember about SP. Leaning is done with the left bumper button and right stick the direction you want to lean. Let go of the buttons, it'll hold that lean. Tap left button again to release.
  20. Offtopic: What else do you know about AA Cons! LOL That link came from him, BTW. It's true, this game is a lot better than the last GRAW, but it still isn't really sticking well. I'm still playing it and enjoying it (MP that is) but I'd love it if SP was less Hollywood and back to normal like in the games prior to GRAW.
  21. There could be another tactical shooter on the horizon, much more on the realistic side too. http://www.cduniverse.com/search/xx/games/...icas+Army+2.htm Not all info comes from the internet though, gotta keep that in mind.
  22. Any more info on this situation? Would be nice to know what's going to happen with GR and Rainbow. Any chance RSE will continue working on GR? Ubi Paris taking on a different game is good news IMO.
  23. Of course I don't get a shot off, you're running at light speed with that M107! Even though there are no names over the opposing teams' heads, you still hear your team say "Ick's coming from the east, in about C7, no C6, no 4...dammit that fugger's fast!" You just KNOW when it's him.
  24. You should use whatever you have confidence in, of course. For me, I'm playing better without them. The silenced rifles don't seem to have the range oftentimes too, which was more of a handicap for me than the tracers/sound of the regular rifles.
  25. I stopped worrying about the silenced rifles, unless worried about muzzle flash. The silenced rifles can still be heard at a long distance, and with a surround sound set up, you can pinpoint the shooters direction even better than the on-screen flashes for the loud rifles. That's what I count on more than the flashes, so I assume others do too. Not much point to silenced on a well lit map. For SP, I use the silenced MP5 a good bit. The scoping in is so slow in SP that it's pretty annoying to use. I just left trigger it and use the MP5 a lot.
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