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  1. I was merely answering your question: "What do we know about the GRAW2 Legacy edition?" Didn't realize I had to verify your address, know your region code and analyze the economics of your situation. Wouldn't have contributed if that was the case. Disregard the info I posted if it's useless to you, but I'm sure others will see your thread title and come in here looking for that very information.
  2. 1-It's UK only 2-It's just GRAW2 and all dlc. No point buying if you already have all this. (like other games have done to get new buyers so they don't have a ton of DLC to get after buying the game for the first time.) 3-The DLC is on a disk that loads it onto your HD, so there's no drive space saved by getting this.
  3. I know some guys that use a monitor and they really like it. For me, I use my 26" LCD tv as my PC monitor and gaming tv. These days you might find a decent LCD PC monitor pretty cheap. PC monitors are essentially HD tv's, but capable of higher resolutions. For instance, my 720P LCD tv is 1360x768. CRT is a regular tv-tube style monitor (just to be sure you're on the same page). You could probably find a 17" LCD monitor for $200 or less for a decent brand. Then you need the VGA adapter for the 360, which I think is $30 or so. Should look really nice, and from what I'm told, the VGA hookup is superior for watching DVD's off of your 360. Look at this, 19" Dell, has VGA and DVI input. $199 You could use for your PC and for your 360, but need a sound system (no speakers built in of course) http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1195598242744
  4. I started out with my 360 on an SDTV. GRAW, to me, didn't look any better than GR2SS did. SS looked about as good as any game would with the limitations of SDTV. However, if it makes you feel any better, backwards compatible games look much WORSE on a HDTV than a 360 game does on a SDTV. So if you play a lot of black box games, they'd look rough in hi-def since they just weren't made for that resolution.
  5. I'd settle for a patch that would make targeting and movement feel good again like it did in GR2SS. Movement and targeting could be tightened up with a patch, I'd assume. If that could be fixed, I know a LOT of people would hop right back on this game with a huge smile on their faces. Doesn't have to be "faster" just not so sloppy and out of control. Can't ask for 1st person, that's not patch material, but surely targeting could be sobered up, and preferably movement too.
  6. I believe we're at 60 now with the DLC that came out yesterday. No need to worry about the Legacy edition, that's just UK and doesn't have any content you can't download now.
  7. Has happened to me a few times, and also in AA:TS, not sure why. Bought a new router, bought a new modem and it happened again I think but then my 360 died. Maybe that was the weakest link. LOL Just got it back and no drops last night. Need to try AA:TS again.
  8. That's what I wanted to hear. Going to the top of the netflix list.
  9. Thanks for the point on this, works very well! I'm using my wireless 360 controller and the USB adapter. Nice to play from the couch too. Just never could get used to k/m for FPS games, and pulling a trigger in a shooter just brings me into the game so much more than clicking a mouse. Have been messing with that application in some other games too, it's got a lot of options. I'll probably be buying the key to keep it the way things are going. $20 is a bit pricey, but I think it'll be worth it unless I find another one, as functional, for less.
  10. Oh take it easy. I'm wondering if the 400 is UK, 800 is US, due to exchange rates. I think members reporting 400 are UK. Sure wouldn't mind 400 though!
  11. From what I've read about AA:TS so far, it sounds even better than ROAS. Upgrading my internet just to be able to host True Soldier rooms.
  12. I don't think online petitions are worth much, they're more statement of the author than anything else. Good sales figures for America's Army True Soldier, [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising], Rogue Warrior, ArmA 2, Ground Branch will speak MUCH louder than any petition. A forum petition represents a few fans. Sales figures for the games that GR should be can't be faked and represents an actual market. ESPECIALLY America's Army, since it's what GR could have easily been. So, buy AA:TS or GR may die.
  13. I don't think RSE has made any bad calls, in fact, they may be the only thing keeping GR a good title, but Ubi has made bad calls in choosing the direction to take GR. MP is still good, but it's simply gotten old and repetitious, needing to be updated. SP needs to go back to a more militant feel, not playing a role in a movie. The "24" style of conflict and storyline is really NOT good in these games (GR & Rainbow, that is). MP needs to have actual objectives, not flares to defend. Controls in SP need to be tight and quick as in previous games, not slow and frustrating like in GRAW 1/2--and MP movement needs a better feel as well, although it has been better than SP in the last 2 games. Movement in SP & MP simply feels sloppy and annoying. GR is going to have to fight to stay on top in 2008. ArmA 2, [Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising], Rogue Warrior, Warhound and possibly Ground Branch are to come out--all heavy hitters in realistic shooter gaming. We're no longer going to be limited to GR & Rainbow, so both games need to step up or risk getting lost among some potentially very strong titles. It would be a shame to see these old favorites just fade away. We need "GR" without the "AW". Get back to basics, not gadgets, and improve gameplay. That means an open realistic feel in SP and a MP that adds realism and mimics true special forces missions, not game types that all feel like training missions. The communities are dying off because the game is going the wrong direction and stagnating. I still like it, but it's simply not the top gaming choice it was for me when GR2SS was out. Ubi doesn't need to try to force this new game style down our throats anymore. Time to cut losses, change direction and get back on track with a great game. I hope they do that, and soon.
  14. My understanding is that's for balance between players. GR isn't supposed to be a twitch/reflex shooter, so that keeps players on equal footing. I support that, although a LITTLE bit of sensitivity control would be nice--just a lot less than other games. However, there is NO excuse for the horribly sluggish and frustratingly slow controls in the SP campaign. Played through barely using the scope in the SP since it was so disgustingly slow--as with other controls. Seems to be a half second delay any time you wanted to do something. That's the main thing that keeps me from playing the SP--it's aggravating as all hell.
  15. I'll delete Ick from my list and do this during lunch.
  16. I can host! (about 3 people...no booms...pistols only...stay in a tight group...don't move too fast...)
  17. I don't know if there's a mouse/keyboard adapter for the 360, but I doubt it. Even the one for the Xbox didn't work like a regular mouse from what I've heard, being limited in speed. The GR games want to keep everyone on a level playing field, so there aren't even sensitivity controls in the options. GRAW SP game controls are so sluggish that the game is practically unplayable IMO. Like a PC without enough memory. MP is a little better.
  18. Probably is US only since it's to be released here only. It's the same trailer that was released when the game was announced. You can find it on www.gametrailers.com
  19. Good poll Paladin. Glad to see the direction the voting is going. Seems that most of us are on the same page.
  20. Not sure what you mean my battle simulator, but if this is one of the early missions where you take out the transport trucks on the bridge, look underneath the bridge in a building down there. There could be 2 guys in there, until they're taken out you can't move on IIRC.
  21. Support realism by buying America's Army: True Soldiers. Nothing speaks to publishers like SALES.
  22. You know, MOST of us came from PC's. Even me with my ancient PC. Consoles didn't start at the 360, so I'm answering too. o What reasons did you have for purchasing the XBOX 360? XBOX. My PC was getting too old to play games and I'd already gotten tired of driver issues, learning how to set up a game properly for performance vs graphics and a batch of cheaters in MS Combat Flight Sim had already killed off online gaming for me. I've have an Atari 2600, Sega Genesis and PS1, none of which required "homework" to get a game to work. However, the main driving factor was cost. I had a killer PC when it was new. It got old FAST. I upgraded what I could, but it got to the point that if I wanted to game on it that I was simply going to have to buy another one. For gaming, that was going to be pricey--I know it's possible to "build a gaming PC for $500" but it's not realistic for everyone, like me. And then I knew I'd still have my PC gaming headaches...have to continue to upgrade...it just wasn't worth it. The Xbox was there, it was practically a gaming PC...had a lot of good games (still does)...problem solved. Games were CUSTOM MADE for that hardware, to maximize that hardware---not for some unknown level of PC gaming hardware. No worries that it wouldn't work. The console would be good for a few years with no upgrading and at less start up cost. Perfect. o Was the purchase worth it? Should you have tried XBOX 360 sooner? Yes, although I wasn't online for a year or so. I wish I'd gotten the Xbox at release though, and gotten online earlier too. o Do you see PC vs. Console debates differently now? If so, how? My views are stronger towards console than they were years ago, with the development of that hardware and bringing Live into the mix. To me, new consoles are simply gaming computers with matched hardware now. o Have you tried XBOX 360 ranked and public matches? How are they different than PC? I'll abstain since I had limited exposure to online PC games---and it wasn't good. o Is the average player on XBOX 360 what you expected? No, when I first got online. Playing Halo2 it was MUCH worse than I expected. Having played PC games onilne some before, i was used to cheaters, but now the cheaters had comms to be even more obnoxious, even if they couldn't cheat as effectively. I doubt there's much difference, just that with the 360 you HEAR everyone whereas with a PC not everyone uses voice comms. o Have you been able to find mature adult gamers online? Obviously, at 2Old and similar sites. Also I've had good public rooms in GR, Rainbow, AA and similar games that at least somewhat appeal to an older audience. Plenty of bad eggs out there, but with the games that I like, there are a lot of other adults like me playing them too. o Are your XBOX friends characteristically different from PC friends? If so, how? n/a o Are you finding that you can have the same kind of game experience on the XBOX 360 that you had in PC gaming? If not, how does it differ? By game experience, I assume that means overall. PC's were frustrating, with needing to upgrade hardware, locate game patches, driver updates and then to find a game server that was working properly...With Live, I haven't had technical issues other than setting up a router. PC games offer more games that fit my taste of games, but it just isn't worth it. o Please comment on the convenience (or inconvenience) of the 360. I never liked keyboard and mouse, but I did like my force feedback flight stick (actual force feedback, not just vibration) which is a type of controller, obviously. I ended up trying out controllers. The Xbox offered the best controller I've ever seen, lending itself perfectly to shooters with it's triggers and the vibration feature adds a LOT to a game. Plug and play, just drop a game in. No hardware to buy, no drivers, just an occasional game update. I have yet to find a game that wouldn't play just dropping it in though, unlike some PC games. Much more convenient to use and quicker to get to gaming. o With crossover titles like the Ghost Recon series…..are tactics, camaraderie, and fun different on the 360? n/a to me, didn't play PC games like this o Do you miss the availability of “mods†and user content? Hell no. Mods are about 2" away from being cheats. There is no guarantee that whatever the "mod" is fits with the intent of the game developer. Such as the F16 with sidewinders that I ran into in MS Combat Flight Sim---a WWII game. I don't trust user content at all. o If you have purchased download content, how do you feel about the purchase? Was it worth it? Are you comfortable with pay-for content added to games in this way? Love it, have been happy with it so far. Even bought DLC for COD2 when it was just a gamefly rental. It's like "mod content" but it comes from a reliable source (the developer) and will fit with the intent of the game. I don't expect it to be free, and it's worth it to me for security and quality purposes to be buying from the developer instead of some nameless hacker creating game content (with unknown content) for free. o If you find that you rarely play the PC any more, what do you miss about PC gaming? (other than the people that didn’t switch) There aren't nearly enough "serious fun" games on the console. I LOVED the Mech Assault games. They were about big robot tanks, but it was taken seriously and treated as a sim of something that doesn't exist. I miss that. Clearly the PC has more realistic shooters as well--such as America's Army, which is on it's 5th version now I believe. There are other titles too that we're missing out on with the console. What we do have is very good, but we need game developers to recognize that there IS a market for these "serious fun" games on the console. GR and Rainbow combine realism with a good dash of arcade. Plenty of arcade games. I need more on the other end of the spectrum, with less arcade. o How would you describe the level of cheating and glitching on the 360? Please compare it to the level of cheating and glitching you find on PC games. From my limited experience on the PC, I can still see that cheating on the Xbox and 360 is a fraction of what it is on the PC. However, you're more likely to run into people DOING IT in public rooms if there is room for a glitch to be exploited. Fortunately, most are not "trumping" cheats, but simple wall glitches and such, not cheats along the line of what I've heard with PC games where the game might be wide open to manipulation. o For “shooters†specifically, please provide conclusions on controlling your character with the controller instead of keyboard/mouse. Keyboard/mouse is not only clumsy to me, but uncomfortable. Feels like I'm at work due to the input devices, but also the need to sit at the computer. Movement is confined, unlike a controller where you can move freely--even if wired. Hands on a controller are turned at a more natural angle, making grasping for longer times more comfortable. I have not seen a keyboard/mouse combo that offered any type of vibration or force feedback feature, which adds dimension to games. I can use a keyboard with the 360 for sending text messages, but use the controller---a custom built gaming input device--for games. Also important to note that keyboard/mouse vs controller is NOT merely a PC vs console discussion. There are hundreds of controllers for PC games, since many PC gamers prefer that. The 360 controller itself can be used this way. The Xbox/360 controller is built for shooters, IMO, by using triggers, not just buttons, which makes playing a shooter on the console feel very natural. I prefer the Xbox controller to the 360, but both add tremendously to the gaming experience--more so than keyboard/mouse would or even another controller for that matter. o Do you still play a lot of PC games? No. I will sometimes put in some older games that I have, and recently bought some original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games. However, I can't get the Ghost Recon games to work now, after formatting my HD and reloading upated drivers, due to some unknown graphic/video issues. Go figure. :
  23. "o Do you still play a lot of PC games? No. I would only buy a tactical shooter that either was not on 360, like maybe the game from Blackwood, if it isn' on 360, or if the game is very different from the 360 like GRAW 2. I wish there were more squad tactical games, I am looking forward to Rogue Warrior and maybe [OFP: DR]." Don't forget America's Army: True Soldiers 9/26 Kurtz.
  24. Thank you for the head's up! Will watch for info on the contents.
  25. Yeah, Rogue Warrior is supposedly April '08. I thought COD4 was set for first of Nov?
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