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  1. 1. Will your ghosts go prone/crouch if you yourself prones or crouches? 2. I know you've said the animations look good, how good exactly? (an example would be appreciated) 3. Will the ghosts scan for targets while moving out? Ex. You command your ghosts to move down the street, and while they're doing that they are scanning around the buildings, rooftops, etc. for targets instead of just running down the street and they spot something 45 degrees to the left of them without even looking that way... It's not really anything I'd die for but it would be a cool little touch.
  2. What are you thanking GRIN for, they didn't have to do with anything on the 360 version. Unless you're thanking for developing a top notch PC game that will redeem the GR series
  3. The advanced warfighter... I need something to keep me into [GR] until GRAW comes out
  4. yea.... when can you comment on mp?
  5. i wanna know what song it is too
  6. It will have an effect just as it did in GR1(from what I know..) I also think you bleed or something like that. I remember Bo saying something about being able to stop bleeding teammates.
  7. This past 2 hours I have been speculating on buying the Xbox 360 on Ebay for $300. Pretty much to play GRAW early and then leave it in the dust for the next 5 years because I'll be playing it on the PC. I was 3.5/4 quarters of the way to doing it... Then I said to myself, "###### is wrong with me? Am I that desperate to play GRAW?! You deserve to be burned for being so impatient and not waiting a couple more months." Am i really THAT desperate to play GRAW!? my god.... ...demo?
  8. Ok I kind of agree... It really is ugly and I hope that it's just a map or something like that. Sorry if my opinion is really biased to some of you but I do not really like the wireframe thing.
  9. same here i prefer the real time one... i hope they did not change it
  10. gameplay in pc version is far more urban combat city fighting tactical . and yes rolling and diving are present
  11. eh i kinda liked the hdr lighting... will it still have those bright spots and stuff bo?
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