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  1. That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in any game... I can't wait 29 more days
  2. Specs have been available for a good 7 months
  3. imho, I believe we have a game of the year.
  4. Theres a thing that records your heartbeat, like what they use in hospitals.
  5. You're killin me... Theres a command button fools. Just point your crosshair there and they'll move there, attack, etc.
  6. I'm going to have dreams of the trailer or something. The night before 360 version came out I dreamed I was playing it... I didn't buy a 360 of course , waiting for good ole PC version.
  7. 3dge... Aren't you on my xfire list Edit:actually you are
  8. Hey Bo! first of all i <3 you. Now the thing is that I'm certain theres more areas with daylight, but the clips seemed to be all... darkish, like at dawn and dusk. I'm sure theres more light, right? :\ Edit: correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like the footage was taken from just 1 level?
  9. 360 doesn't have Ageia Physics
  10. ppppsh... anyways i want to read the preview HURRY UP!!!11!1ELEVEN
  11. No comments on MP are allowed from Bo edit: or the demo
  12. can you please stop bragging about your XBox and go to the console forums... It's getting quite annoying
  13. I also kind of suspected it... Thats just how much faith I have in GRIN
  14. Good Lord have my babies... You bring tears to my eyes Bo, PLEASE keep up the good work!!! You're going to have 1000 game of the year awards; I can see it right now...
  15. awesome hurry up with the next mission
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