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  1. I think these new minimum specs just booed away some customers...
  2. I hope you don't vote for forcing people to stop completely to be able to fire the weapon? That would be kind of über hardcore. What would be next? Forcing people to kneel before raising their guns? Hoho. Thats what I was thinking you meant O_O... anyway <3 you sound guy
  3. I can't wait to play MP I really can't it's gonna be so fun when playing with my buddies
  4. Ok desmond I see what you mean now lol. You mean you can't "sprint" while shooting your gun. edit: run n' gun usually means move while you shoot in most games, not shoot while you sprint so I couldn't really get what you were trying to say
  5. Also in the the IGN movies, in the "approaching the president's limo" movie, there is also a quick move to the left while the guy is shooting during the last few secs of the clip. In "moving and attacking", between 1:05 and 1:17 he is also moving while gunning. I don't really see what your saying :\ http://media.pc.ign.com/media/736/736230/vids_1.html And in the very first PC trailer during the part where they are showing the full cross-com view there are ghosts moving while shooting
  6. eeeeh I'm gonna watch the trailer again... Edit: At about 56 seconds in the new trailer the guy is hitting a metal thing and is definately running while gunning
  7. This has been discussed and clarified to its fullest in this thread. ← Thats still only MP right, because in the trailers I see you can do it in SP
  8. Wait... you can't shoot your gun while your moving?! Not that I run and gun but thats pretty harsh if we can't O_O edit: well in MP... I know you can in SP --- unless you were being sarcastic kekeke
  9. Thanks GRIN, I know you won't let us down!
  10. O wow nice find Moezter... I didnt know Ubi even released that O_O
  11. Was pretty good but the guy playing played it like an action game
  12. GRIN bedhead is reading this topic and he's shaking his head... No matter what I'll be playing GRAW MP ^^, because I know GRIN will get the job done.
  13. How much longer until it's done uploading somewhere O_O
  14. The guy says he was at an E3 like Swedish event and said that you were there. He also states that you said the demo would be released within 15 days.... It sounds pretty damn fishy but just wanted to make sure http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/tomclanc...9903&pid=926946
  15. this has been known for quite a long time guys..
  16. http://i-live.multiplay.co.uk/download.php?id=60 I don't know whats going on because I have no sound until later today when I get my new sound card kekekeke
  17. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/tomclanc...tml?sid=6147676 Nothing new really...
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