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  1. can someone tell me how to install the shadow mod? I have GRAW 1.05 and the shadow mod 1.3, but cant make it work. I unpacked the files into the mod folder and then I ran the shadow mod bat file in the GRAW 2 main directory.
  2. The first post was very well put Krise, and you pretty much nailed it. I agree on the most part.
  3. I don't think they are warping through the floor. I think they only have a very short lifespan. So maybe it can be modded. Agent Smith would most likely know judging by his previous work. If they are warping all that needs to be done is finding the XML for the casing model and setting it up for collision. Probably wouldn't be good for the performance though. Although I do agree that it would be awesome to look at the aftermath of a fierce firefight with all the empty mags, bullet impact decals, and empty casings and go: "Woah." I second that, it would be very cool.
  4. Amazing!! Great stuff! You adding alot to the game by adding these weapons imo. Thank you for that. GRIN should hire you!
  5. wow, very nice work SnowFella. Its so nice to see your dedication to this project. Keep it up! : )
  6. Could anyone make a small youtube clip of the suit in action..I mean the way its affected by physics.
  7. how about implementing bullet penetration for the next version?
  8. ya, when I was just a small kid, my dad told me the stories about the mysterious Ghillie suit just before I went to bed....didnt close an eye those nights.. If you are all alone one night, just you, close your eyes and listen carefully...yes, you might be lucky and hear it...the Ghillie suit.
  9. It means it's now running in software mode. That means people without PhysX cards will be able to see the PhysX effects at the cost of performance hits. There is one PhysX effect in the Regular version that I didn't catch, it's the concrete/asphalt impact. It kicks up little 3D flakes and you can move them around. Thats ###### awesome man!
  10. i second that! I can't as I haven't seen it myself. Only a few at the office has. I can't even play on high textures at the office. Can't you ask those few who have seen it to post some SS/give you some SS? Myabe a video or two I give you a thumbsup or a smiley face if you do that. its like the mysterious Ghillie suit...no one has seen it..but we all know its there somewhere.. kinda spooky..... *hides under bed*
  11. Hmm..is that really a valid reason?`To handicap some scripting because "QA has to be minimalized"? I understand that you are under time constrictions, but other games seems to manage.
  12. Hah, funny stuff, bet there is way more in there..
  13. I'll have that as a separate version, and it'll be a "hack", so to speak. oh yearh, awesome : )
  14. Hahah, great idea BO/GRIN, I was wondering, will you post a picture of the final poster when its done - for us to see? (btw, I will upload a pic when I get my copy : ) )
  15. Cool man : ) How is it shaping up? got any new screens?
  16. Perhaps GRIN could shed some light on the Icon issue?
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